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Netcell is a privately-held fabless semiconductor company that develops host adapter storage acceleration silicon devices for the ATA and SATA host bus adapter, consumer, server, workstation and embedded storage markets. Using a unique patented architecture for writing and reading from multiple disk drives in parallel, Netcell enables a new class of storage product that advances the state-of-the-art for mainstream hard drive storage applications, delivering enterprise-class reliability with better performance, lower cost, and plug-and-play simplicity. Storage products based on Netcell's technology will be aimed at next-generation entertainment PCs and graphics workstations used in media-intensive applications with rigorous performance demands. For more information, please visit www.netcell.com.

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Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
This is the 4th annual edition of this very popular report (published June 2007).

The earlier edition of this article was the most popular storage article viewed by STORAGEsearch.com's readers in the previous year.
the solid state disks buyers guide
The SSD Buyers Guide lists all SSD products commercially available in the market by form factor, interface type and memory technology. It also includes a summary of key milestones in the SSD market in the past year. ...read the article, solid state disks

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