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Network Storage Solutions Introduces uSTOR-II NAS Appliance

ISPCON Booth # 2276, San Jose, CA and Chantilly, VA- November 7, 2000 - Network Storage Solutions (NSS) today announced the addition of uSTOR-IITM (pronounced "micro-store"), to its award-winning line of storage solutions.

uSTOR-II's redundant power supplies, enhanced performance, scalability, ease-of-use, compact modular 2-rack mount unit packaging and 5 minute installation make it an attractive storage platform for a variety of intensive data access environments, such as ISP's, streaming media providers, CAD/CAM/CAE, graphics, oil and gas, and other application spaces requiring rapid access to increasingly large amounts of information.

uSTOR-II is the latest NAS module for Network Storage Solutions's award-winning ThunderboltTM NAS systems. Powered by the company's SPANStor multi-protocol NAS kernel, uSTOR-II supports over two Terabytes of highly reliable SCSI RAID storage in a cost-effective package. NSS's network processing technology offers uSTOR-II users investment protection because it uses industry standard hardware that can be easily upgraded to remain current with new technologies. It ships standard with a 800MHz Pentium-III with 66Mhz 64-bit PCI support, 256MB of memory, and an internal multi-channel RAID controller. A uSTOR-II powered Thunderbolt with 730GB of storage has a list price of $49,595. ...NSS profile

SGI Announces High-Performance RAID Subsystem

DALLAS, Texas, SuperComputing 2000, Nov. 7, 2000 - SGI today launched the SGI Total Performance 9400 (TP9400) RAID storage array, a full-fiber storage solution that offers the highest throughput RAID storage subsystem in its class.

The TP9400 complements the existing line of SGI storage products, which range from internal PCI-based RAID to multiple-terabyte, enterprise-class storage solutions. SGI storage products are designed to address the needs of a wide range of scientific, technical, analytical and creative users in government, defense, manufacturing, science, broadband communication and entertainment environments.

With the TP9400, customers can easily scale both performance and capacity while the subsystem remains online and totally available to applications. Engineered with four front-end and two back-end Fibre Channel buses per controller, the TP9400 can sustain industry-leading throughputs of up to 350MB per second read and 260MB per second write.

The system can be dedicated to a single server or shared among numerous computing platforms through direct Fibre Channel attachment or as part of a storage area network. Modular base units provide flexibility in form and function, accommodating more than 8TB of data in a single unit and 16TB of data in a double unit. In addition, the TP9400 provides superior online storage management tools usually associated with enterprise-class solution, and is the ideal solution for bandwidth-intensive applications. ...SGI profile

SYRED Data Systems Announces its first Network Attached Storage (NAS) full 64-bit!

Howell, NJ — November 7, 2000 — Syred Data Systems today announced the introduction of NetRackTM.

NetRack is the world's first NAS solution operating with integral 64-bit Software and Hardware. This is significant because the NetRack solution will provide network-attached devices like workstations and Servers with unparalleled performance and scalability. It will be available for evaluation in December 2000. ...Syred Data Systems profile

American Megatrends Inc. Announces Ultra160 Low Profile PCI RAID for 1U and 2U Servers

ATLANTA, November 7, 2000 - American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) today announced its first Ultra160 PCI SCSI low profile RAID controller, the MegaRAID® Express 550.

Targeted for 1U and 2U servers, the Express 550 MD2 size RAID controller allows information technology managers to save expensive rack space, reduce co-location costs and increase the available space for RAID storage, routers and other types of adapters. The Express 550 entry-level PCI RAID controller supports upto 40 logical drives per controller and 15 physical drives per logical array.

''The low profile form factor available with the Express 550 Ultra160 PCI SCSI RAID controller meets our customers' needs for physically smaller dedicated task servers, such as web, email, firewalls and caching engines,'' said Siamak Iranpour, AMI director of RAID sales. ''In addition to enabling small rackable servers, the low profile board delivers increased value to workstations and network attached storage (NAS) devices that have little space for add-in options.'' ...AMI profile

ExaDrive Networks Announces 1.9 Terabyte FC RAID in 3U Rackmount Form Factor

Westborough, Mass. - NOVEMBER 7, 2000 - ExaDrive Networks LLC has announced a breakthrough for the rapidly growing data storage industry with the introduction of a series of high-performance RAID disk arrays featuring significantly greater capacity and extremely high data transfer rates at substantially lower price points than traditional industry offerings.
ExaDrive Networks - RAID
The new storage product manufacturer has unveiled its first product for the emerging SAN market - the XA24-0000 Diamond Array, a SAN-ready Fibre Channel to ATA storage array that boasts a capacity of 1.9 Terabytes in a 3U, hot-swappable, fully-redundant package designed to accommodate all storage array applications, ranging from multimedia through enterprise class performance.
According to ExaDrive President George Raniuk, "Our Diamond Array is half the price of traditional SCSI/FC storage arrays, while providing double the storage capacity of current industry solutions."

Traditional solutions utilized expensive SCSI/FC disk drives that, unlike ATA disk drives, generate tremendous thermal issues, mandating no more than 12 disk drives maximum within a single enclosure. The ExaDrive storage array utilizes 24 disk drives in a single 19-inch, 3u chassis. ExaDrive Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Symons states, "with storage arrays, the name of the game is spindle count -- ExaDrive's storage arrays offer the highest spindle count in a single package available across the industry." ExaDrive Networks is targeting Tier One strategic OEMs with first units currently in evaluation. Symons stated that the first revenue shipments (FRS) will begin the first week of December, 2000 with a steep production ramp planned for the first quarter of 2001 to meeting exploding demand. ...ExaDrive Networks profile

ADVA Reports Strong Momentum in 3rd Quarter 2000 Sales

Martinsried/Munich, Germany; Ramsey/New Jersey, USA. November 7, 2000. ADVA Optical Networking today announced continuing strong momentum in quarterly sales for the third quarter 2000, which ended September 30, 2000.

Sales for the third quarter 2000 reached a record 19.9 million Euro (17.6 million USD), an increase of 193% over the same period of the prior year (Q3 1999: 6.8 million Euro / 6.0 million USD). Pro forma net profit totaled -0.5 million Euro (-0.4 million USD) in the third quarter 2000, compared to 0.2 million Euro (0.2 million USD) during the same period of the prior year.

The strong third quarter sales were the result of continued high demand for ADVA's Fiber Service Platform (FSP)-II product, further penetration of ADVA's Fortune 1,000 enterprise customer target group, growing sales to service provider customers and the addition of new sales channels. FSP-II was the top-selling product during the first nine months of 2000. Sales in both the Europe/Middle East/Africa ("EMEA") region and the Americas were strong during the first nine months of 2000, reaching 49% and 48% of sales, respectively. Sales in the EMEA region were particularly strong during the third quarter of 2000, reflecting growing demand by service providers. Sales in Asia-Pacific totaled 3%. ...ADVA profile

Genroco to Show Optical 10 Gigabit Network at SC2000

Dallas, Texas, November 6-9, 2000 - GENROCO, Inc. announced today that it will be showing its new GSN-6466 PCI Gigabyte Systems Network (GSN) optical Network Interface Card (NIC) and the new TSX-8864 8 Port GSN Switch with optical GSN modules at the SC2000 Supercomputing Conference and Exhibition here this week.

GSN is the world's fastest network with full duplex data transfers of 8 gigabits per second. The GENROCO exhibit at SC2000 (booth 856) demonstrates both copper and optical GSN connections between the Company's GSN switch, Compaq, Sun, IBM, and SGI UNIX computer platforms, and GENROCO GSN bridges to Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, HIPPI, and OC48 networks.

"This is one of the most comprehensive, high performance networks ever shown at SC2000," stated Don Woelz, GENROCO V.P. of Marketing. The GSN-6466 is the first GSN NIC available for PCI-based machines. With support for Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and Linux operating systems, the GSN-6466 provides users with flexibility and the highest performance, standards-based network connection commercially available today. ...Genroco profile

OTG Software Certifies DiskXtender with Brocade SilkWorm Fibre Channel Switches

BETHESDA, MD, November 6, 2000 – OTG Software, Inc. today announced that OTG's DiskXtender storage product is now interoperable with Brocade SilkWorm™ Fibre Channel fabric switches.

Working with SilkWorm switches, OTG can now offer seamless, integrated SAN solutions that allow transparent access to application data stored in the SAN environment in order to maximize functionality for data management and access.

The Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches connect servers to storage devices through a SAN, creating a highly reliable and scalable environment for storage applications. OTG's DiskXtender transparently sees and communicates with these switches, enabling DiskXtender to be deployed into truly scaleable enterprise SAN solutions. Working with Brocade switches, DiskXtender provides support for automated server consolidation while maintaining transparent access for applications, enabling centralized data management and migration from a LAN-based environment to a SAN environment. ...Brocade profile, ...OTG Software profile

Mylex Announces Channel Failover Solution for SAN-Ready RAID Controllers

FREMONT, Calif., November 6, 2000 — Mylex today announced it has extended data protection beyond the system and controller level by offering PATHpilot™ for intelligent data protection against path, cable, hub and switch failures.

Designed for the Mylex SANArray™ family of external RAID controllers, PATHpilot is a SAN-ready performance and data access enhancement software utility that helps protect the data between the controller and connected devices. PATHpilot is designed to ensure the availability of the path between the servers and storage subsystems. Its features include data path failover, automatic failback, manual path switching, load balancing, path monitoring and path failure logging, all of which help prevent data loss and degradation between the server and storage units. system.

To provide a redundant, high-performance controller, Mylex has incorporated PATHpilot with its existing fault tolerance features, which include pinging, cache coherency, clustering and dual-active configuration, as well as SANmapping™, Global Array Manager and Immediate RAID Availability. Mylex's SANmapping technology gives system managers the ability to designate the specific drive set that each server can access. SANmapping greatly increases the level of flexibility in setting up heterogeneous SANs and clusters. This creates an affinity between logical disks and servers, preventing one server from corrupting another server's data. Mylex's Global Array Manager™ software enables the RAID system to be configured, managed and monitored remotely from anywhere on the network. SANArray controllers can operate in a dual-active configuration, in which each controller monitors the status of the other. This active-active configuration allows servers to continue processing I/O requests in the event of a controller failure. In addition, by mirroring the controller memories, any cached write data that has not been made permanent on a disk is immediately written to a disk after the partner assumes the workload.

Mylex's proprietary cache coherency technology is designed to ensure that users have access to the most recent data, even if the server chooses an alternate path to access the information. A server may access the same data through either controller in a dual-active configuration without the risk of the controller returning stale cached data. Mylex offers other fault tolerance features such as transparent disk drive rebuild, transparent failover, hot-drive swapping support, drive roaming during power-off, online RAID expansion and clustering support for Microsoft Windows 2000. ...Mylex profile

BiTMICRO Emerges as a Technology Leader with the World's First True Hot Swappable Solid-State Storage Solution

FREMONT, Calif. - November 6, 2000 - BiTMICRO NETWORKS Inc. today announced the release of its E-Disk SCW35 which is the world's first true hot swappable solid-state storage solution.

The E-Disk SCW35 is BiTMICRO's latest answer to the increasing multi-industry demand for enhanced solid-state disk storage solutions providing optimum performance, reliability and uptime. Designed and configured to meet Level 4 Hot Swap criteria, the SCW35 can be inserted and removed from a server, RAID system or a JBOD environment without powering down. At this level, the removal or insertion of the E-Disk can be implemented even while the affected bus may have active ongoing I/O processes.

"Our SCW35 is implemented with the Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 ANSI standard interface that combines the hot swappable feature never before seen in a solid-state storage solution and the industry leading characteristics of our previous E-Disk product lines," said Tom Griffin, BiTMICRO's Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "This product is ideal for enterprise hot files and mission critical applications, allowing its users to remove and replace a drive without incurring the cost and inconvenience of idling down the affected bus or shutting down the system," Griffin added.

The E-Disk SCW35 features unmatched I/0 performance with a fast access time of less than 0.049 milliseconds and random sustained and burst read and write transfer rates of more than 34 MBytes/sec and 40 MBytes/sec respectively. The lightweight SCW35 offers a non-volatile solid-state flash storage capacity ranging from 256 MBytes up to 18.6 GBytes in a 3.5-inch standard form factor with low-power consumption requirements.

The E-Disks are solid-state flash disk drive plug-and-play solutions that have been tested on all major platforms. E-Disks are fully compatible with Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, MacOS, and LynxOS. Other supported operating systems include AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, NetBSD, OS/2, QNX, VxWorks, SCO Unixware and OpenServer, Solaris X86 and Tru64. The E-Disk SCW35 is a drop-in replacement for any standard single-ended SCSI 3.5-inch hard drive, flash disk or solid-state disk drive with an 80-pin SCA-2 connector. ...BiTMICRO NETWORKS profile

See also:- SCSI SSDs, 3.5" SSDs

Mouse Site Helps Find Storage Sales Jobs for Real People in the UK

Bristol & Baughurst UK - November 6, 2000 -, a web-based IT recruitment company and announced today that they are collaborating on developing a portal for sales recruitment in the UK.

The storage market is one of the fastest growing segments of the computer market with many companies reporting annualized revenue growth levels of 60% and above. Although the Internet is one of the factors that has driven this growth, storage vendors still need to recruit real people with specialized knowledge of storage systems in order to avoid getting left behind the market growth curve.

Sales people looking for jobs can bookmark the UK Jobs Page on and be just one click away from finding most of what they need to help their career success, including current job listings, market data including news and lists of vendors, and career enhancement information such as how to write press releases, lists of organizations which supply training courses and news about sales, CRM and marketing. VARS and vendors which need to recruit storage sales people can use the services of confident in the knowledge that their job listings will get exposure on one of the world's leading storage portals in addition to getting the benefits of a market focused recruitment company.

HP Plans Next-generation Archival Storage Systems Based on Adoption of Sony Ultra Density Optical Technology

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 2, 2000 - Hewlett-Packard Company today announced that it intends to integrate Sony's Ultra Density Optical (UDO) disk technology into HP's optical jukebox products for expected delivery to the high-performance corporate and enterprise document management and archiving markets in late 2002.

Currently in development at Sony, the UDO technology will continue to leverage the highly reliable, ISO-standard 5.25-inch cartridge used by the optical industry for the past 10 years. The initial 40 GB per cartridge capacity for the technology will be achieved through the use of a violet laser and advanced optics, and will be available in both rewritable and WORM (write once, read many) formats. HP intends to work with Sony to actively promote this format. The product roadmap for HP's next-generation archival storage systems is anticipated to follow a similar capacity growth plan that has ensured the success of the 5.25-inch optical products over the last decade. HP plans to deliver UDO technology-based jukeboxes, with potential capacities approaching 10-terabytes (TB) in a single cabinet, within the next 30 months. Based on the projected integration schedule, HP anticipates that its next-generation archival storage systems will follow the launch of HP's 9.1 GB-based (14x) magneto-optical drives and jukeboxes expected to ship early next year.

"Customers are constantly looking for higher storage capacities and faster retrieval times," said Nora Denzel, vice president and general manager, HP Storage Organization. "From what Sony has shown us to date, we are confident that Ultra Density Optical will be a new technology for a new century. With this promising technology, HP is continuing its leadership in delivering archival storage solutions capable of meeting the exploding storage capacity needs of the most information-intensive industries."

According to a Dataquest/Gartner Group report on optical jukebox/library systems market share for 1999, HP was number one in the market, shipping 53 percent of all 5.25-inch optical jukeboxes worldwide and accounting for 60 percent of all revenue derived from these systems. ...HP profile

Editor's note:- HP has been successfully leveraging optoelectronics technologies from Japan for nearly twenty years. That's how the original LaserJet printer was born.

Brocade and Dot Hill Announce OEM Partnership to Deliver Complete Fabric-based Solutions for Storage Area Networks

SAN JOSE, Calif. and CARLSBAD, Calif.—November 1, 2000— Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. and Dot Hill Systems Corp. announced today an OEM partnership between the two companies.

Dot Hill will use the Brocade SilkWorm® 2800 Fibre Channel fabric switches as the networking foundation for the Dot Hill SANnet™ storage area network (SAN) solution to provide e-business and carrier-class customers with a superior fabric-based data storage environment that is reliable, scalable, and flexible. Dot Hill has already begun shipment of the first of its SANnet solutions based on the Brocade branded products. ...Brocade profile ...Dot Hill profile

Roadmap Announced for Plasmon 12-inch TrueWORMTM Optical Format to Allow 240 GB Media by 2005

Minneapolis, MN, November 1, 2000 - Plasmon has announced the roadmap for 12-inch optical TrueWORM technology products that would extend capacity of its drives and media from the current 30GB to 240 GB per disc by the year 2005.

Simultaneously, FileNET announced its commitment to support the future products planned through its Panagon software and OSAR libraries. Plasmon, the leading provider of removable data storage products, plans to release the next generation 60 GB drives and single layer media by mid-2002, move to 120 GB and dual layer media by the end of 2003 and 240 GB by mid-2005.

"FileNET has agreed to support Plasmon's roadmap because our business focuses on customers who are concerned that their e-content and critical data are stored safely and can be accessed quickly and easily. TrueWORM technology combines unalterability of data, which meets data security requirements, with the highest near-line speed and capacity at the lowest possible cost per megabyte," said John Greene, senior product manager for FileNET.

The technology supporting these large capacity gains is based on implementing violet lasers. Due to the shorter wave length of violet lasers as compared to red lasers used with DVD and CD optical recording today, there is a 2.6 X improvement in areal density -- narrowing the gap between the media's pits and lands. Plasmon is also developing dual layer media, which will bring the second major capacity gain. By 2005 Plasmon will reduce the thickness of the cover layer on the glass substrate from 1.2 mm to 0.1 mm and incorporate a process that uses dual actuator lenses to allow backward read compatibility, which is used in DVD-ROM drives to read CD-ROM media."

"These capacity gains will dramatically lower the cost per megabyte and provide massive amounts of near-line data under-head. The capacity range from the smallest six platter Autoloader to 141 platter library will be from 1.4 TB (terabytes) to more than 33 TB," said John Drollinger, Plasmon director, large format optical products. ...Plasmon profile

BakBone's NetVault, Seagate's Viper 200 LTO Tape Drive Produce New Performance Benchmarks for Tape Backup.

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 1, 2000 - BakBone Software and Seagate Technology today announced the results of benchmarking tests, setting a new, quantifiable standard for tape-based data backup.

The tests, conducted at BakBone's SAN Interoperability Lab in San Diego, used BakBone's NetVault™ storage management software, running on Seagate's Viper 200 Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tape drive. The tests produced a sustained transfer rate of 15.55 megabytes per second on native type data, and a sustained transfer rate of 29.25 megabytes per second on compressed data. In both cases, the transfers were accomplished with a steady stream of data, and no "shoeshining," the constant stopping and restarting of a tape drive, which can dramatically lower effective throughput, as well as shorten its physical life. Both sets of tests produced results above 90 per cent of the theoretical maximum throughput for the Viper 200, the companies said, and provide further proof of LTO's viability in the commercial marketplace to help companies handle their growing data storage requirements, as well as NetVault's ability to easily manage the process. The BakBone benchmark tests were run on a Sun SPARC Ultra60 dual processor machine, running Solaris 2.6. NetVault software was used with the Seagate LTO Viper Ultrium. The test backed up 19-gigabyte (uncompressed) and 11-gigabyte (pre-compressed) files. ...BakBone Software profile, ...Seagate Technology profile

EMC Announces Acquisition of CrosStor Software, Inc.

Hopkinton, MA - Wednesday, November 1, 2000 EMC Corporation announced today that it has acquired privately held CrosStor Software, Inc. in a pooling-of-interests transaction.

EMC issued approximately $300 million in stock at the closing of this transaction in exchange for all of CrosStor's outstanding capital stock. CrosStor is a leader in high-performance software for networked storage systems. The acquisition will enhance EMC's portfolio of networked storage technology and expertise.

Joe Tucci, EMC's President and Chief Operating Officer, said, "The networking of storage is one of today's most important IT trends, one that underlines both the increasingly strategic role of intelligent storage and the peripheralization of traditional general-purpose servers. EMC has led this trend from its outset, and more than 25% of the storage we sell is now connected directly to a network. CrosStor brings EMC some of the world's most advanced software technology for networked storage as well as an impressive and deep team of experienced developers with rich heritage in open systems. We look forward to welcoming CrosStor to the EMC family." ...EMC profile

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