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Sunnyvale, California, November 14, 2000 – Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., was launched today, bringing together resources and expertise of subsidiaries and leveraging the global R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Technology Solutions will work with its partners to deliver enterprise and e-business customers new server and storage solutions for high-availability open systems environments. The Fujitsu Technology Solutions product line consists of the following: -
  • Advanced storage systems with unique functionality
  • Network storage for agile data transfer
  • Integrated media content system for streaming media over the Internet
  • Open systems UNIX servers powered by SPARC64 processors for the Solaris operating environment
  • Intel Architecture-based servers with industry-leading technology

Fujitsu Technology Solutions brings with it Fujitsu's deep experience in resilient technology; Amdahl's heritage in large-scale enterprise systems for compute-intensive 24x7 environments; and an impressive customer base established in North America by Amdahl, including world-leading companies in the finance, communications, manufacturing, e-business, retail, and other compute-intensive industries. ...Fujitsu Technology Solutions profile

Dortmund, Germany - November 14, 2000 – Leading DVD-RAM drive manufacturers and OEMs including Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba and NEC, have committed to bundle the VOB UDF file system InstantWrite with their latest generation of DVD-RAM drives. InstantWrite is currently the only full functional DVD-RAM file system, which offers access through one drive letter. Users can save every kind of data simply by dragging and dropping or directly from their application. InstantWrite is 100% integrated into Windows and supports all interfaces like ATAPI, SCSI, USB and Firewire. Due to special caching systems InstantWrite is the fastest system on the market today. ...VOB profile

LAS VEGAS - Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group and Maxtor Corporation will demonstrate the full capabilities of the IEEE-1394 interface at the fall COMDEX tradeshow this week by showing how to connect more than a terabyte of external storage to a consumer PC quickly and easily. With consumers now storing home videos, digital photos and games on their computers, the need for additional, scalable storage is rising. Adding more storage capacity usually involves adding to or upgrading the internal hard drive, which requires disassembling the PC and taking on the task of physically installing a new hard drive. The joint demonstration will show how the 1394 interface allows the end user to save up to an hour of time over traditional methods of installing additional storage by making the process as simple as plugging a lamp into a wall. IEEE-1394 - provides connections between PCs, peripherals and other consumer electronic devices at speeds of up to 400 Mbit/s.

"Powered by Lucent's 1394 technology, Maxtor's External Storage unit used with any 1394-equipped PC creates a reliable data port," said Ted Deffenbaugh, Maxtor's vice president of consumer electronics. "Maxtor estimates that 25 percent of consumers would increase the storage of their home PC, but consider upgrading just too difficult. Lucent and Maxtor are working together to solve this issue." ...Lucent profile, ...Maxtor profile

Redmond, WA and Billerica, MA - November 13, 2000 - Eastman Software, a leading e-Business software solutions provider and Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) today announced an OEM agreement to provide Eastman Software's customers and partners with a comprehensive range of storage options and features. Under the agreement, Eastman Software will include AMASS for Windows® NT and AMASS for UNIX as an optional advanced component of its leading Workflow and Imaging solutions for the financial and government markets.

Using AMASS, Eastman Software's customers, currently utilizing Eastman Software's Enterprise Imaging and Workflow, Enterprise ReportsNow and Imaging Server Series products, gain a comprehensive range of storage options and features; support for industry leading optical devices and tape drives; the ability to expand storage capacity indefinitely; and efficient data management. ...ADIC profile, ...Eastman Software profile

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, November 13, 2000 - StorLogic, Inc. today announced the introduction of their StorCom.e NAS 5000 appliance at their off-site suite during Comdex/Fall 2000. The new StorCom.e NAS 5000 appliance is a next-generation multimedia NAS appliance including industry-leading support for the widest array of multimedia peripherals, StorLogic's exclusive TurboCache® and Virtual File System (VFS) technologies, and Universal Data Format (UDF). StorLogic developed the StorCom.e NAS 5000 appliance to meet the increasing needs of companies who network CD/DVD data and require absolute heterogeneous client connectivity and data access, high-speed access to that online data and support for the latest CD and DVD peripherals.

StorLogic's VFS technology augments traditional file system functionality by eliminating the A-Z drive assignment barrier for CD/DVD, hard disk and other storage peripherals. Utilizing Virtual Roots, or sub-directories, to store and organize attached storage peripherals; one or more Virtual Roots may be defined so there is no limit to the number of devices grouped under each Virtual Root. StorLogic's TurboCache technology mirrors CD/DVD disk images to hard disk for high-speed access while increasing the reliability and management of networked CD/DVD images and data. The system stores mapped-in mirrored images to disk and are automatically restored upon system reboot. UDF, an industry standard file system, provides support for the latest generation of multimedia peripherals such as CD-R/W, DVD-ROM, DVD-R and DVD-RAM, including 4.7GB DVD-RAM devices. In addition to providing traditional file and data manipulation across optical media, UDF also allows data and media to be accessed by network clients running a variety of OS platforms. ...StorLogic profile

CHERRY HILL, N.J.- Nov. 13, 2000 - Front Porch Digital Inc. and EMTEC Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding calling for EMTEC to sell and distribute Front Porch Digital's proprietary digital media products and professional services around the world. The companies made the announcement jointly at COMDEX in Las Vegas. EMTEC, formerly known as BASF Magnetics, would be able to significantly increase its value-added revenues through its professional sales operation, which markets data, video, and audio media to Fortune Global 500 companies. Front Porch Digital would be able to rapidly grow its existing and future product and service offerings using its proprietary technology, which enables the migration of information to the latest digital formats regardless of media type or data format, in addition to already expanding its service delivery capabilities through the Media Services operation recently acquired from Storage Technology Corp. (NYSE: STK). Other revenue and profit sharing and marketing details will be articulated in a final Strategic Marketing Agreement. Both companies expect the relationship, once fully developed, to significantly increase annualized revenues.

"The demand for data media services and solutions continues to grow as digital technology evolves,"' said Peter Faulhaber, Group Vice President, EMTEC. "Although 85% of all information is currently stored in an analog format, such as paper or microfiche, we believe that soon all information will require digital storage. So, we have aligned ourselves with Front Porch Digital, a company that has performed conversions of over 20 million tapes and optical disks for 600 customers worldwide, to address our customer's demand for digitization." ...EMTEC profile, ...Front Porch Digital profile

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., November 13, 2000 - StorageApps today announced the completion of a $50 million strategic financing round led by Bowman Capital. The investment comes from a group of investors and customers, including Bessemer Trust, Bowman Capital, Dell Ventures, Enron Broadband Services, LSI Logic Storage Systems, and StorageNetworks, Inc. This round brings the total invested in StorageApps for the year to $75 million and adds to the current list of strategic partners that includes The Blackstone Group and Soros.

"We are delighted with the commitment demonstrated by the investment of our strategic partners in StorageApps and are pleased to have many of them as customers, too," said Dan Petrozzo, president and chief operating officer of StorageApps. ...StorageApps profile

UK, 13th November 2000 - UK storage distributor, Hammer plc. have commissioned the building of an in-house demonstration suite, The SAN Lab, due for completion by the end of 2000. This suite will offer Hammer's resellers on-site training from their vendors and Hammer's technical staff, providing the opportunity to increase and share expertise and experience. It will also allow Hammer's technical partners to demonstrate new products, offer proof of concept of the solutions, and carry out testing, without having to invest in a facility of their own. ...Hammer profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Nov. 13 - Seagate Technology today announced the Barracuda 180 - the world's first disc drive to store a massive 180 Gigabytes -- the largest single-drive capacity in the world. This 180-Gigabyte drive can store the equivalent of a stack of text documents that is virtually three times the height of the Empire State Building. The Barracuda 180 satisfies the requirements of large critical storage applications such as data warehousing, e-commerce, data mining, and audio/video. The Barracuda 180 also delivers a record low cost-per-gigabyte with the largest capacity ever offered on a single drive. The Barracuda 180 will ship to the distribution channel in volume during the first quarter of 2001. ...Seagate Technology profile

Westlake Village, Calif., November 13, 2000 - CaminoSoft Corp. proudly announced the release of its pioneer data management appliance, T-Rex. Utilizing smart data migration technology, T-Rex offers transparent virtual storage that is unlimited and stores files in a high-speed, high capacity RAID-5 fast cache array that is scalable to 12TB. T-Rex represents one of the industry's first and foremost fully integrated, single source data storage solutions. This innovation will be unveiled at the Novell Pavilion during the Comdex/Fall show and is expected to ship in December 2000.

When combined with its various platform-specific Server Migration Agents such as Novell NetWare and Microsoft NT/Windows 2000, T-Rex provides an infinite enterprise repository for seldom-used data files. The CaminoSoft Data Migration Server element, an advanced executive routine running in the embedded T-Rex server, constantly monitors the status of the cache. When a pre-determined watermark is reached, files are transparently and automatically migrated to the T-Rex's integrated, mirrored set of removable storage media. Migrated file location data is retained in T-Rex's file system, enabling identification and retrieval of files from removed media. ...CaminoSoft profile

San Diego, CA - November 13, 2000 - Prisa Networks Inc is introducing the VisualSAN Network Management Suite, which provides service level management and performance management for SANs, at COMDEX/Fall 2000 in Las Vegas. Prisa has developed the software specifically for OEMs, including suppliers of SAN storage management, NAS, SAN virtualization, tape backup, and SAN server clustering solutions.

VisualSAN Network Manager provides improved service level management of SANs through graphical visualization, event correlation, and alert generation. The software automatically discovers, manages, and monitors multi-vendor SAN devices, including switches, hubs, routers, host bus adapters, and storage systems. It automatically generates a graphical topology map depicting the SAN network elements, servers, storage systems, SCSI logical units, and their interconnects. The Event Manager logs events, provides for event correlation and filtering, and activates alert notification (such as SNMP trap, e-mail, or page) based on user-defined policies. Device-specific management tools, such as Brocade's WebTools, can be launched from the topology map by simply pointing and clicking the mouse on the device's icon within the topology view.

VisualSAN Performance Manager is an add-on application within the VisualSAN Suite that seamlessly integrates with VisualSAN Network Manager. VisualSAN Performance Manager monitors real-time performance of SANs and renders this data in an intuitive visual format with alert generation. Performance data that is collected can be used for historical and trending analysis, enabling systems administrators to identify and predict performance hotspots and to plan their networks for optimized performance. OEMs and SSPs can integrate their SAN management applications by taking advantage of the VisualSAN Software Development Kit and SAN Data API (SANDAPI), which consists of a well-documented and well-maintained API's to the SAN network element and event database. OEMs can utilize SANDAPI to further automate their higher-level SAN applications, including tape backup, Storage Resource Management (SRM), and SAN virtualization. The look-and-feel of the VisualSAN Graphical User Interface can be easily modified by OEMs to their own style and icons. Also, it can be easily extended to support internationalization. Since VisualSAN has been developed in Java, it can run on multiple operating systems. At first release, VisualSAN's Management Server will support Windows 2000. ...Prisa profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo. ­ November 9, 2000 ­ Grau Data Storage, Inc. announced today it has signed an agreement with Logicon, a Northrop Grumman Company, to provide service and support maintenance for the company¹s Infinistore Virtual Disk (IVD) Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers and Infinistore Tape Libraries (ITL). Under the agreement, Logicon will provide both round-the-clock help desk technical support and service in the field for Grau customers via a new direct support number, 877-642-GRAU (877-642-4728). These services will be provided by Logicon¹s Commercial Information Services (LCIS) business unit. LCIS has nearly 100 service locations across the U.S. and offers same-day, on-site support. 24-hour help desk support and a 4-hour response time for onsite repairs is now included in the standard warranty for all Infinistore Virtual Disk solutions. ...GRAU Data Storage profile, ...Logicon profile

Minneapolis, MN, November 09, 2000 - ONTRACK Data International Inc. announced today that it has been granted a patent (U.S. 6,145,088) for its Remote Data Recovery™ service. This pioneering technology enables Ontrack experts to remotely connect to a customer's computer system and perform data recovery services, allowing computer users to recover from data loss situations quickly, securely and cost-effectively. From accidental file deletion to computer viruses to software program failures, the Ontrack Remote Data Recovery service enables experts to quickly recover data via the Internet or modem without the hassle of removing the hard drive from the desktop, laptop or server. Within 60-90 minutes of being notified of a data loss, Ontrack staff can identify the problem and provide an estimated cost to retrieve the missing data. Data is then recovered within a matter of hours, while a typical in-lab data recovery can take several days. All communications between the engineer and the user are secure whether they are over the Internet or modem.

Ontrack currently provides Remote Data Recovery service for DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, Linux, Sun Solaris and NetWare. Remote Data Recovery service is available from Ontrack labs around the world. Users must have Internet access or a modem and no obvious hardware problems with their computer to download the Remote Data Recovery communications software. Diagnostic fees for standard Remote Data Recovery services are $100 for desktop operating systems. Actual data recovery costs will vary depending on the individual data loss situation, including those caused by deleted files, viruses, corrupted file structures and software malfunctions. ...Ontrack profile

Richardson, TX, November 9th, 2000 - Anritsu Corporation and SAN Valley Systems announced today that they have teamed to provide end-to-end networking solutions for integrating Fibre Channel-based SAN data and enterprise LAN data over high-speed optical MAN/WAN links up to OC-48 (2.5 Gbps) speed. Remote storage connectivity is essential for applications such as content distribution, volume management and disaster recovery, but until now, users had to use dedicated MAN/WAN links for these remote storage services.

This new capability provides a single SAN and LAN networking solution that shares one OC-48 optical link, greatly lowering costs by sharing the MAN/WAN link and reducing the amount of networking equipment required. The SAN Valley SL1000 IP-SAN Gateway extends Fibre Channel SANs over IP infrastructures by transporting Fibre Channel SAN data across a Gigabit Ethernet network. The SL1000's hardware-based encapsulation technology enables cost-effective, wire-speed performance without the bottlenecks created by software-based architectures. Innovative flow control methodology minimizes jitter and latency for maximum data throughput. The SL1000 manages traffic congestion by using industry-standard QoS (Quality of Service) mechanisms for IP networks.

"The SL1000 is designed and engineered to integrate into multiple network configurations, targeted at service providers, enterprises, and next generation carriers who are implementing remote storage applications," said Rick Walsworth, Vice President of Marketing for SAN Valley Systems. "Anritsu's MultiFlow 5000 is an ideal complement to the SL1000 for customers who want to use their MAN/WAN links for transporting both SAN and LAN data."

"We are pleased to offer this solution with SAN Valley Systems because many of our large enterprise customers want to use our MultiFlow 5000 MAN/WAN OC-48 connectivity for their SAN and LAN data," said Jack Landau, Director of Marketing for Anritsu. "Since Fibre Channel has the same 1 Gbps rate as Gigabit Ethernet, the SL1000 provides an ideal SAN gateway and our full duplex 2.5 Gbps link is perfect for handling both these kinds of traffic."

Anritsu's flagship MultiFlow 5000 switch family incorporates the WAN functions of a router plus wire-speed 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet LAN switching. It provides wire-speed IP, IPX, and AppleTalk routing with Layer 2/3/4 switching, filtering, and server load balancing. The MultiFlow 5000's unique ability to transport native Ethernet traffic -- including the SL1000's SAN data -- at OC-48 rates and support wide area ATM and T1 connectivity makes it one of the most comprehensive Gigabit network solutions available. SAN Valley and Anritsu will show examples of unique integrated IP storage networking and LAN solutions over MAN/WAN links using a common management infrastructure at COMDEX in SAN Valley System's booth L549 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. ...Anritsu profile, ...SAN Valley Systems profile

DALLAS, Texas, November 8, 2000 - Interphase Corporation has signed an agreement with Signal Networking BV, a division of Stebis BV, to open additional distribution channels throughout the Netherlands. Under the contract, Stebis/Signal will distribute Interphase's storage networking solutions including PowerSAN™ Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and SlotOptimizer™ Storage Networking Adapters. Under the terms of the agreement, Stebis/Signal will sell high-performance Interphase adapters to systems integrators and resellers that specialize in storage area networks (SANs) and enterprise-level storage connectivity solutions. Stebis/Signal's 2700 resellers will concentrate on vertical markets including remote access, storage, security and networking. ...Interphase profile, ...Stebis profile

BOXBOROUGH, MA, November 8, 2000 - Eurologic Systems today announced its SANbloc(tm) network storage system, the industry's first 2 gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel-ready network storage system. SANbloc is the first product line in Eurologic's new FLEXIbloc(tm) family of network storage solutions. The SANbloc platform is built on Eurologic's Flexible Storage Architecture (FSA). FSA enables users to quickly and cost-effectively optimize their storage solutions to their changing storage needs, applications and network environments, simply by adding component "building blocks." For example, SANbloc can go from JBOD to RAID within the same subsystem with the simple swap of a module.

"With the overall storage market in a state of constant change, flexible products like SANbloc offer users peace of mind," said Steve Duplessie, Senior Analyst of Enterprise Storage Group. "Customers don't want to be pigeon-holed. So, flexibility is critical," As a result of SANbloc's modular design, OEMs and vertical market solutions providers can offer ease-of-design and economies of scale in configuring, or even re-deploying, solutions customized for their users' unique requirements.

With a dual-active RAID design and support for 15,000 rpm disk drives, SANbloc offers unprecedented performance for both high-throughput and transaction environments at a highly competitive price. A high-availability dual-RAID, 14-drive system can deliver up to 190 MB per second at a price-per-megabyte at less than $0.06. SANbloc offers industry-leading scalability within a dense packaging. Each enclosure supports up to 14 low-profile disk drives, enabling up to 1TB of data - using 73GB disk drives -- within a 3U form factor. Up to eight enclosures can be dynamically added to provide up to 8TB of data in less than five square feet, giving users the ability to "pay as they grow," while conserving valuable space. Through a comprehensive suite of reliability features, SANbloc eliminates any single point of failure, providing continuous data access and protection in even the most rigorous of environments. Key availability features include hot swappable, redundant RAID controllers, port by-pass circuitry and environmental monitoring; redundant power supplies and connections, advanced cooling modules, and battery-protected mirrored write cache; as well as dual-ported Fibre drives and dual channel Fibre loops.

Eurologic is accepting orders for SANbloc now. The system is available in rack-mount and deskside configurations. Entry-level RAID pricing, without disk drives, starts at $10,100. Entry-level JBOD pricing, without disk drives, starts at $3,300. Eurologic will be demonstrating SANbloc at Booth #LN105 at Fall Comdex 2000. ...Eurologic Systems profile

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. And MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – November 08, 2000 – Columbia Data Products (CDP) and VERITAS Software announced today the integration of CDP's high availability Open Transaction Manager (OTM) as the Open File Option for VERITAS Backup Exec™ for NetWare and VERITAS NetBackup™. Providing customers the ability to back up all in-use files, OTM eliminates backup windows and helps users maintain safe and consistent backups. The increased reliance from industries using NetWare operating systems has highlighted the need for safe and efficient handling of open files, making VERITAS Backup Exec for NetWare and VERITAS NetBackup invaluable solutions for protecting information assets. This partnership expands CDP's relationship with VERITAS Software as OTM is already integrated into both VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT and Windows 2000 and VERITAS NetBackup for Windows NT.

OTM's disk/volume-based snapshot technology developed by CDP provides seamless backup of open files and raw operating system transactions. Unlike products that operate strictly on a file basis, OTM allows backup applications to run as a true background operation. With today's emphasis on non-intrusive data management, technologies such as OTM become an obvious choice for customers running 24x7x365 global operations. Because backups can be run at any time without the risk of missing open files or affecting system performance, the need for a specific backup window is now eliminated. The combination of OTM with VERITAS Backup Exec for NetWare and VERITAS NetBackup creates backup solutions featuring the highest performance and reliability available in the Novell NetWare market. ...CDP profile, ...VERITAS profile

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