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storage history - 2002, February week 2a

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ARMONK, NY - February 11, 2002 - IBM today introduced the first Intel®-based server with game changing memory technology that can effectively double memory and increase performance significantly in memory intensive environments compared with servers with an equal amount of memory. The new IBM eServer xSeries 330 marks the debut of Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) that can help customers deploy fewer servers and save up to 25 percent in total solution costs when compared to comparable servers without MXT.

An IBM Research innovation, MXT uses a fast hardware algorithm which encodes data so that it can be stored in a computer's main memory using half the space it would otherwise need. MXT also incorporates a new level of shared cache designed to efficiently handle data and instructions on a memory controller chip. Frequently accessed data and instructions are automatically stored close to a computer's microprocessors so they can be accessed immediately - improving performance in memory constrained environments. Less frequently accessed data is compressed and stored in memory - helping to increase memory capacity by a factor of two or more.

The IBM eServer x330 with MXT offers customers a highly efficient system for memory constrained environments such as Web serving, caching, firewall, and load balancing. MXT can help customers reduce costs by either purchasing less memory to achieve the same performance, or increase performance by installing the same amount of memory to achieve more memory capacity. Comparable competitive Intel-based systems in memory intensive environments may need up to twice the memory to achieve the same level of memory performance as the IBM eServer x330 with MXT.

"Since memory can comprise thirty to fifty percent of the total cost of most Intel-based server configurations, bringing technology like MXT to the industry standard space is a game changing development," said Susan Whitney, GM, IBM eServer xSeries. "Today, not only are we delivering the first Intel-based servers with MXT, but we're offering customers of all sizes, from small business to large enterprises, technology designed to increase performance and provide real cost savings." ...IBM profile

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Geneva - February 11, 2002 - STMicroelectronics today announced the M58LW032A, a 32-Mbit Flash memory chip that combines all the key features needed to meet the demands of today's increasingly complex digital consumer products. Applications for the M58LW032A include digital consumer products such as set-top boxes, digital video disk players, car navigation systems, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, camcorders and printers. The device is also well suited for use in network routers and related equipment. Like other Flash memory chips, the M58LW032A can store data, but its high performance also allows direct execution of stored code, precluding the need for a separate RAM. In addition to its synchronous read bursts of up to 56MHz, the M58LW032A also performs asynchronous 90ns/25ns page mode read, 90ns random access, and address-latch-controlled read operations. These high speeds, coupled with the M58LW032A's 16-bit data bus, give designers the high data rates they seek.

To meet the low voltages of today's logic circuits, the M58LW032A performs all operations, including programming and erasing, from a 2.7V to 3.6V supply voltage. In addition to these technical specifications, the M58LW032A boasts an impressive list of features and functions designed to simplify the product designer's job. Among these features is a 16-word write-buffer that lets a microprocessor program from one to 16 words in parallel, speeding programming while freeing the processor for other tasks. Another key feature of the M58LW032A is its ability to suspend a programming operation to allow data to be read from any other block. Erase operations can also be suspended for the sake of either reading or programming another block before resuming. The M58LW032A also includes a 128-bit protection register comprising two 64-bit segments. The first segment contains a manufacturer's code, while the second is a user programmable and lockable bit field.

The M58LW032A is rated for more than 100,000 erase and program cycles per block. Samples are available now, with volume quantities scheduled for Q2 2002....STMicroelectronics profile

Atlanta, Georgia - February 11, 2002 – NASBA, the Association of System Builders and Integrators announced today that Intel Corporation has joined the more than 50 NASBA Manufacturer, Distributor, and Affiliate Partners as a Corporate NASBA Partner. NASBA offers Manufacturer, Distributor and Affiliate Partners access to research, marketing services, and the exclusive membership of more than 7,800 system builders and integrators.

"The reseller market is extremely important to Intel and we've been investing in the channel for over 12 years now", said Frank Raimondi, Strategic Channel Alliances Manager, Intel Americas, Inc. "As a result, we recognize the tremendous influence system builders and integrators have over users' purchasing decisions, and we know that we have to keep them up-to-date on Intel's products and programs. This communication, and customer education is something that NASBA can help us and their membership with as we move forward." ...Intel profile, ...NASBA profile

ACTON, Mass. — February 11, 2002 — Pirus Networks today strengthened the company's sales efforts with the appointment of Bill Maxwell as vice president of North American Sales. Reporting directly to Pirus CEO, Rich Napolitano, Bill Maxwell will be responsible for increasing and establishing relationships with customers and distribution channels, including resellers and OEMs for all of North America. Mr. Maxwell formerly was vice president of Sales for IP storage networking provider Nishan Systems.

This appointment represents the expansion of an aggressive sales program supporting the industry's first Storage Utility Switch (PSX-1000). The PSX-1000 is a switch-based, carrier-class platform that represents a new generation of intelligent storage networking systems. This new generation of products supports the convergence of SAN and NAS systems and supports both Fibre- Channel and emerging IP block storage protocols and services. The PSX-1000 simplifies storage system management and reduces total cost of ownership.

"I look forward to leading Pirus in expanding sales and increasing market penetration," said Bill Maxwell, vice president of North American Sales. "What attracted me to Pirus was the experience of the senior management team, the product innovations and the market potential. With the introduction of the Storage Utility Switch, Pirus addresses key pain points that exist in today's SAN environments, such as eliminating the need for duplicate infrastructure when deploying SAN and NAS services, reducing management complexity, and enabling true muti-vendor storage environments." ...Pirus Networks profile

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA and YOKNEAM, ISRAEL - Feb 11, 2002 - Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. announced today it has secured $56 million in its third round of funding. The round, led by Bessemer Venture Partners, includes both existing and new corporate and financial investors. In addition to Bessemer, new investors participating in the round include: Banc of America Securities, China Development Investment Bank, Dell Computer Corp, Gemini Israel Funds, Jerusalem Global Ventures, JNI Corporation, Quanta Computers, Sun Microsystems Inc., Walden Israel Venture Capital and additional corporate and private investors. Previous investors also participating in this round of funding include Intel Capital, Raza Venture Management, Sequoia Capital, US Venture Partners and Vitesse Semiconductor.

Mellanox is pleased to welcome Rob S. Chandra, from Bessemer Venture Partners, as the newest member of the board of directors, joining Irwin Federman (US Venture Partners), Pierre Lamond (Sequoia Capital), Atiq Raza (Raza Venture Management), and Eyal Waldman (Mellanox).

"We are pleased that Mellanox has garnered such strong funding support that will allow us to continue to play a key role in the growing InfiniBand market," said Eyal Waldman, chairman and CEO of Mellanox Technologies, LTD. "To date Mellanox has shipped InfiniBridgeTM and InfiniScale silicon and reference platforms to about 70 companies. These include Fortune 500 companies and top tier OEMs in the server, storage and communication markets. A number of these customers are moving into production today and we expect them to ramp to high volume quantities in the second half of 2002 and in 2003."

The closing of this round of funding brings the total investments in Mellanox to more than $89 million. Mellanox will use these funds to help develop future generations of 10Gb/sec and 30 Gb/sec InfiniBand technology product lines, including the next generation of InfiniBand Blade reference designs, based on a fully redundant InfiniBand 4X (10Gb/s) backplane that supports server, switch, and I/O blades in a single chassis. Such platforms facilitate the development and accelerate the time to market of OEM products based on this reference design. ...Mellanox Technologies profile

PARIS - February 11, 2002 - Overland Data, Inc. announced today that it has been selected by the BBC to provide storage and backup equipment as part of a major overhaul designed to increase the scope of its electronic information and archiving section. The new system went live in December. The BBC's Customer Information & Archives department manages and maintains the Corporation's vast online library of digital photographic images. These archives are accessible to all employees via the BBC global intranet network and play an extremely important role in the preparation of daily news bulletins. Images in the system, for example, are regularly used by the television news teams and by the BBC Web site to illustrate the day's stories.

Originally the system – affectionately known in BBC circles as ELVIS (ELectronic Visual Image Store) – was backed up using a five-slot Quantum DLT 4500 Jukebox with a capacity of around 100 GB. Today, the system has a database of around 300,000 images and this is growing by around 1,000 new photographs every week from sources such as Press Association, Associated Press and AllSport. The database also includes the BBC's own extensive stills archive containing material from the 1920s through to the present day. The existing backup unit was approaching the end of its life cycle and this was hastened by a management decision in early 2001 to enable employees to use the system to access all BBC program information from their desktop. This meant the addition of a further one million computer-based records and a back catalog comprising 1.7 million pages of scripts, live broadcast transcripts and associated documentation for every BBC program over the past five years. On top of this, the system now needs to handle the documentation for all new programs and broadcasts going forward.

With the department's network upgraded to meet the 2 TB of disk storage needed to handle the extra workload it was important to replace the old backup unit with a system that had a proportionate increase in capacity and that could be expanded for future needs. The BBC selected a 26-slot SuperDLT Neo series™ LXN2000 from Overland.

A single module SDLT Neo tape library with a capacity of 2.86GB is directly attached to a Silicon Graphics 300 machine. The unit can be expanded up to 22.88GB and 16 drives if required in the future.

"The Overland unit was recommended to us by the reseller DPS whom we have known for many years," said Dave Bevan, new media support specialist with the BBC. "We particularly liked the build quality and the expansion capability of the unit. Overland's ability to deliver this many slots in a 5U unit is certainly very impressive." ...Overland Data profile

Munich, February 11, 2002 – Infineon Technologies AG today announced the availability of sample quantities of 256-Mbit Reduced Latency DRAM (RLDRAM™) components. Designed specifically for use in high-speed networking and fast cache applications, RLDRAM is an ultra-high speed Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM that combines fast, random access with extremely high bandwidth and high density. High end routers and switches as key building elements of today`s networks can now be equiped with a memory that allows the support of the fast growing data transmission rates.

RLDRAM is offered in two organizations: 8M x 32 and 16M x 16. Operating at clock frequencies up to 300 MHz and using a DDR interface, RLDRAM supports a sustained bandwidth of 2.4 Gbytes/s, while allowing random access within each of its 8 banks. The innovative memory architecture of the components allows ultra-fast random access with row cycle times down to 25ns, compared to standard DRAM row cycle times of 50ns and more. RLDRAM thereby closes the gap between DRAM and fast SRAM.

"RLDRAM offers the most advanced memory solution for data packet buffering, IP-address look-up table and fast cache applications," said Dr. Ernst Strasser, Marketing Director for Graphics Memory and Specialty DRAM Products at Infineon Technologies. "It is an outstanding solution for design of next generation networks, meeting the 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) to 40 Gbps data rates defined for OC-192 and OC-768 systems."

To meet industry requirements for multiple sources of RLDRAM, Infineon and Micron Technology are working together by developing pin- and function compatible products.

"The memory requirements of today's data communications systems have exceeded the performance characteristics of commodity PC DRAMs," said Bob Merritt, Director of Emerging Markets at Semico Research Corporation. "RLDRAM provides a memory solution that will meet the critical performance requirements of broadband system designs, and the cooperative development agreement between two of the largest DRAM manufacturers will assure equipment providers of available capacity to meet demand."

The initial Infineon and Micron RLDRAM product portfolio includes the 256-Mbit components in 8Mx32 and 16Mx16 organizations, which will be available in three speed sorts (300MHz, 250MHz and 200MHz). Infineon's pricing for the current samples, operating at 200MHz, is US$54. ...Infineon Technologies profile

DALLAS, Texas - February 11, 2002 -- Interphase Corporation today announced a partnership with Ciprico Inc as its provider of PCI Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet storage adapters for use in the Horizontal Integration initiative at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR). The 5570 SlotOptimizer combines high-performance LAN and storage technologies onto a single adapter, providing multiple networking connections to optimize the use of limited expansion slots in rack-optimized servers and Internet appliances. Ciprico will utilize the 5570 in field-ready data storage devices to support sophisticated shipboard tactical systems. Interphase was selected in a formal product selection process based on its unique adapter technology and driver set, bringing both Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet onto one platform.

"Ciprico has the experience of working with the military and providing them with high-performance storage solutions," said Interphase President and CEO, Greg Kalush. "Our 5570 is an integral part of the SAN solution for SPAWAR and we are excited to work with Ciprico on this and future projects."

"Ciprico is committed to providing our military customers, such as SPAWAR, a complete and thoroughly-tested system solution," noted Rich Vignes, Ciprico's Director of Marketing. "Providing our part of the solution is just the beginning of the project for us. We work with industry leading partners, such as Interphase, to assure interoperability for each customer application. These efforts are part of our strategy to deliver highly-available storage solutions which support the Navy's initiative for Horizontal Integration." ...Ciprico profile, ...Interphase profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- February 11, 2002 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced VERITAS ServPoint™, a family of storage software that eases migration to intelligent, networked storage and provides an open and scalable alternative to proprietary storage appliances. VERITAS ServPoint software solutions - for NAS and SAN environments - leverage VERITAS Software's proven storage management technologies to transform industry-standard hardware components into open, enterprise-class appliances that simplify storage administration and lower the total cost of storage ownership.

Storage appliances provide an easy-to-use, dedicated solution for provisioning, managing and serving storage throughout the network. The NAS appliance market is expected to grow from 1.9 billion in 2002 to 4.8 billion in 2005, according to Gartner. The growth reflects the movement of software intelligence further into storage networks, as the continuous access and availability of information increases in importance to organizations.

Unlike existing appliance point-products that lock customers into proprietary hardware, VERITAS ServPoint is a family of open appliance software solutions that enable customers to consolidate and re-purpose existing hardware into networked storage appliances. Moreover, the ability of VERITAS ServPoint to extend core VERITAS software technology results in a competitive advantage by providing integrated high availability, storage virtualization and data protection solutions from the company's broad range of proven, industry-leading storage software products. VERITAS ServPoint appliance software is the first product family supported by VERITAS Software's Advanced Product Team, a new field organization dedicated to helping customers adopt newer technologies.

"There is a point at which adding hardware does not keep pace with growing storage requirements of the enterprise," said Howard Silver, vice president, appliance software division, VERITAS Software. "Our VERITAS ServPoint appliance software allows companies to take advantage of the shift from direct-attached to networked storage - with proven, trusted technologies and no proprietary tradeoffs. The scalable, unifying architecture of VERITAS ServPoint serves storage from the workgroup to the enterprise when and where it's needed."

Pricing for VERITAS ServPoint NAS software, which serves storage at the file level, begins at $3,000 USD. For customers wishing to serve disk/block-level storage, VERITAS ServPoint SAN software is available immediately, beginning at $25,000 USD. ...VERITAS Software profile

San Jose, CA - February 11, 2002 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc today announced that the company has become a Brocade Fabric Access Partner. With this alliance, TrueSAN gains access to the Brocade Fabric Access API (application programming interface), Brocade development support, and the extensive Brocade SAN interoperability labs. As a Fabric Access partner, TrueSAN can deliver advanced SAN management technology for Brocade SilkWorm® fabric switches and will also cooperate with Brocade on solution testing and qualification. ...Brocade profile, ...TrueSAN Networks profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - February 8, 2002 ­ Nexsan Technologies today announced it has signed four high-end systems integrators:- Cambridge Computer Services,Fusion Data Management, RedBridge Technologies, and USI Corporation, who will offer the company's full line of InifiniSAN network storage and disk to disk (D2D) backup solutions..

"The distribution strategy we've set in motion with these partnerships is a key part of our highly efficient business model and one of the reasons we are able to deliver enterprise-class features and reliability at a low cost," said Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan executive vice president. "Rather than relying on a direct sales force or an extensive network of field offices, we are assembling an exceptional network of systems integrators so we can achieve market dominance while maintaining essential manufacturing and service business components."

"Cambridge Computer is pleased to add Nexsan to the product line," said Jacob Farmer, CTO of Cambridge Computer. "Nexsan provides us with reliable storage at new low price point, creating opportunities for storage applications that have traditionally been cost prohibitive for many of our clients. Suddenly it is possible for these clients to consider storing all of their data on line, replicating data off site, and even using disk for certain backup applications. Nexsan's product line also makes enterprise-class storage accessible for low-end clients who have a lot of data but not a lot of money."

"Specializing as we do in high-availability, high-performance storage solutions, it is refreshing to work with Nexsan," said Scott McEndree at FusionDM. "The Nexsan product line is truly innovative and makes it possible for Fusion Data Management to provide the same ³Glasshouse² features and functionality that are absolutely a necessity, whenever time to data and data availability, are a direct contributor to revenues."

"Our customers are using Nexsan in almost all of our solutions," said Mike Chapman VP of Sales at RedBridge. "For Example: HSM, data staging, back ups, primary storage, secondary storage, replication, and disaster recovery. Nexsan¹s price point combined with their enterprise class functionality allows our customers to better control overall costs. Nexsan is one of the most impressive products on our line card."

"Maximizing the value of IT investments can be a considerable challenge to a company facing increasing storage needs," said Mark Tuggle, VP of Sales at USI Corp. "The Nexsan approach combines our integration expertise with their uniquely engineered, cost-effective solutions to provide exceptional value for our customers." ...Cambridge Computer Services profile, ...Fusion Data Management profile, ...Nexsan Technologies profile, ...RedBridge Technologies profile, ...USI profile

Germany - February 8, 2002 - Exabyte Corporation will present their current range of native Fibre Channel tape libraries at CeBIT 2002. With two different tape technologies, MammothTapeT and LTO, Exabyte's Fibre Channel libraries provide enhanced performance and reliability offering the customer choice, depending upon their requirements. Company representatives will be available to discuss the recent merger with Ecrix and Exabyte's new value line of tape storage products using the VXA technology. Exabyte will be demonstrating its Fibre Channel offerings at the following booths:
  • Hall 21, Booth D05: The 430M Fibre Channel will be taking part in a 'live' SAN demonstration at the LSK Storage GmbH booth. The SAN environment will include the Exabyte 430M Fibre Channel, a Windows 2000 Server, the Netvault 6.5 software from BakBone, a Qlogic 2100 PCI - Fibre Channel HBA and a Vixel Rapport 2006 Fibre Channel HUB.
  • Hall 3, Booth B39: The X80 MammothTapeT Library with a native Fibre Channel interface will be present at the VERITAS Software GmbH stand.
  • Hall 8, Booth B03: Exabyte is demonstrating its LTO technology with the 221L with Fibre Channel interface at the stand of Cristie Data Products GmbH.
...CeBIT, ...Exabyte profile
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fibre channel HBAs
Fibre-channel adapter cards on
Megabyte found that Fibre-channel was a really quick way of getting around.

Editor's intro:- the recent announcement by the Affordable SAN Initiative to get SAN entry costs below $50,000 help to clarify the difference between SAN and NAS. At the high end, a NAS box from MTI Technology or Auspex overlaps with a SAN system from LSI Logic Storage Systems, and the issues get blurred. It's at the low end that NAS really comes into its own. We don't all have money to burn, and this user case study is a helpful and interesting reminder that the biggest and fastest box is not always the best solution.

Guest nibble

Jiffy Lube Drives Toward Success with NAS

by Sean Porcher, Director of Operations
Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube, Inc.

Navigating the Network Infrastructure

With more than 2,000 service centers located in 49 states, Jiffy Lube International, Inc. is the largest franchising organization in the fast oil change and fluid maintenance industry. Specifically, our operation, Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube, encompasses all of the Jiffy Lube outlets in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. When customers come to us, they already have an expectation of the Jiffy Lube experience: quick, dependable, and inclusive service for a low price. In order to provide our customers with this exceptional experience at our service centers, it is important to begin at the roots: Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube's corporate office in Arroyo Grande, California. The corporate office acts as the "nerve center," and is responsible for overseeing the operations of all the service centers, including inventory management, customer service issues, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. Our data storage requirements are significant due to a growing customer base and extensive inventory management system. This data must then be made available to all our service locations. For example, we store customer and inventory information here at the corporate office and update it on a nightly basis. Each of our service centers must be able to access this information 24 hours, seven days a week, so they have the critical data they need for their day to day operations. To conduct this coordinated effort, Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube required a network infrastructure that could store large amounts of data and make it continuously accessible to all the service centers.

Meeting the Challenges of the Information Highway

When considering the options available to meet our storage requirements, we were looking for the same qualities that characterized the Jiffy Lube operation: cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and speed. With oil and labor prices constantly rising in our industry, the prospect of replacing our servers and workstations on a frequent basis was extremely unappealing and made no business sense. We wanted to implement a solution that could easily and cost-effectively scale along with our operation. Expanding the servers was another possibility. However, since Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube encompasses quite a few service centers, adding servers would have been a very expensive proposition. Our lack of high-end technical knowledge and an IT person made this option even less attractive. Without a network administrator to manage our infrastructure for us, the quality of simplicity became very important. We wanted a solution that was out of the box, plug and play, regardless of user experience level. Lastly, we needed to improve the speed of our network, enabling faster data sharing between our corporate office and our service centers. The qualities of network-attached storage fit ideally with our needs. We evaluated NAS products from several different vendors with a focus on the above criteria, as well as reliability and performance. After a thorough competitive analysis, we selected the POPnetserver 2000 from the FIA Storage Systems Group , a San Clemente-based supplier of NAS systems.

Mapping out the Benefits of NAS

When we were first informed of the ease of installation of NAS appliances, we were skeptical. However, the system proved to be extremely simple to install and use, even for the computer novices in our office. Our POPnetserver 2000 was configured with two 30GB hard drives for a total capacity of 60GB, and expandable to a third drive. The POPnetserver 2000's overall storage capacity is 240GB in the same 1U enclosure. In 15 minutes and two mouse clicks, I had the system up and running. The accompanying POPassist software, a Windows-based user interface for system administration, allowed me to quickly and easily configure the device. The software also provided us with the ability to remotely monitor and manage our storage resources in real time. The POPnetserver is currently being used across all Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube's departments. In addition to providing high capacity storage for numerous workstations, we are also using the POPnetserver to run our extensive inventory management system and accounting database.

Since implementing NAS, we have benefited from enhanced network performance and highly efficient file serving. The POPnetserver has improved the speed and functionality of our entire local network. Before the installation of the system, we often experienced slowdowns in data availability. This was due to the fact that a large amount of data was being shared from workstation to workstation, and we had insufficient storage capacity on our server to handle it. Since NAS systems relocate storage onto its own independent platform and separate file sharing from application serving, this freed up file server bandwidth and reduced the overhead on our existing application servers. Once we had a NAS system in place, the speed of our network increased drastically, saving us up to two hours a day in network wait time. And for a cost of approximately 1.5 cents per megabyte of network-attached storage, the system's value proposition was strong.

As far as reliability was concerned, we were able to rely on several features to ensure the integrity and accessibility of our data. Our POPnetserver was configured for RAID 1, also known as mirroring. This allowed the second set of drives to duplicate the first set for maximum data protection. We have peace of mind because we are ensured that our critical customer and inventory data is always secure. With a price of $895, this POPnetserver's price-to-performance ratio was better than any other NAS system we evaluated. In competing NAS products, RAID would have cost Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube upwards of $1,500.

A Smart Investment for the Road Ahead

The POPnetserver 2000 NAS system was an excellent investment for Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube. We no longer experience the downtime, frustration, and lost productivity and profitability that results from insufficient data storage. In addition, its high performance and reliability have truly contributed to increased data integrity for our company. NAS provides us with the file sharing capabilities we need to ensure that all our service centers have an open information pipeline to the corporate office, 24 hours, seven days a week. As our storage requirements continue to grow alongside our business, POPnetserver will be our first choice for future data storage needs.

About the Author

Sean Porcher is the Director of Operations for Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube, Inc.., (PCJL) based in Arroyo Grande, CA. He brings over six years of management experience to the company, where he is responsible for the operation and performance of PCJL and all its service centers. Mr. Porcher holds a B.S. Degree in Business Administration and International Management, and an MBA in General Management, both from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Mr. Porcher can be reached by phone at (805) 489-5779 or via e-mail at

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