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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE reduces classified ad prices to 1998 levels

Baughurst UK - July 19, 2001 -, the #1 portal for enterprise storage buyers, announced today reductions in classified ad rates for storage manufacturers and VARS back down to the levels they were in 1998, when the site was first launched. The new prices represent a reduction of 50% for a typical manufacturer, and 30% for a typical VAR.

STORAGEsearch publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "EMC is a bellwether for the whole storage industry, and their results yesterday show that the storage market is no longer immune to the recessionary effects which have been hitting most of the IT industry for the past 9 months. These price reductions are intended to help more companies participate in the valuable communications channels offered by our advertising products, and take effect immediately. We'll review them again, when EMC gets back to its historic double digit year on year revenue growth. Our advertising rates were good value for money back in 1998, and three years on, with a readership that's more than ten times larger and still growing, they're exceptional value."

Kerekes continued, "As a dot-com publisher, we've been hit a lot less hard, than most, by the recession. We started this year planning for triple digit revenue growth, and the recession has cut that down to double digits. Despite these factors our profitability has increased this year, and that's enabled us to keep investing in new content and acquiring new readers. As a 9 year old publisher, we repaid our startup costs long ago, and are debt free. That puts us in a much more secure position than most other portal publishers. These advertising price reductions will enable us to develop new relationships with more vendors in the industry, so that when the recession is all over they and we, will emerge stronger."

ACSL, publisher of STORAGEsearch, started selling web advertising in 1996, when it transferred its venerable Sun buyer's guide, the SPARC Product Directory from a printed publication to a web format. STORAGEsearch was spun off as a separate publication in September 1998.


Classified advertising rates

All inquiries and orders to:-

You can pay by Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Check or Wire Transfer.

Pricing examples:-

  • manufacturer ad package for 1 year, with 3 product entries:-

    before reduction, price was:- $3,900

    after reduction, price is:- $1,900

  • US VAR ad package for 1 year with boosted visibility for company profile

    before reduction, price was:- $1,000

    after reduction, price is:- $700

  • UK VAR ad package for 1 year with boosted visibility for company profile

    before reduction, price was:- £1,250

    after reduction, price is:- £750
these mice mean business
These mice mean business.
Classified advertising rates

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