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Classified Advertising on - cost from $5,000 to over $30,000 / year

(we can tell you the right ballpark based on our reader ceiling in your specific product segment - and close matches)
Your ad will be seen by at least 60,000 to 400,000 unique SSD readers / year using the above ad budgets - based on historic data. This is just as small percentage of our SSD readers - which is why we also offer banner advertising .

Our classified advertising (or featured advertorial) programs typically delivers well qualified leads at a cost which is typically 5x cheaper than banner ads and gives better business results than any keyword advertising on search-engines. (We don't run google ads - so you can't reach the same high quality readers anywhere else.. But feedback from our biggest SSD advertisers confirms that our site is the best for advertising enterprise SSDs and embedded industrial / military SSDs and SSD IP.)

Our readers include the world's biggest buyers and specifiers in the enterprise and government markets. Many of our long term advertisers have successfully advertised products with selling prices in the range from controller chips to cards costing over $15K and rackmount SSDs costing over $100,000 per unit.

Pageviews for this type of advertising are unlimited and are priced on an elapsed time basis and by slot (article location) not by pageviews.

We can estimate the monthly or annual pageviews for most ads in advance and quote you a figure for minimum expected pageviews based on our experience of running these web ads for over 15 years.

No design costs! Minimal wasted time! - You don't incur any design costs. We design draft classified ads based on what we see on your website and inputs by email. You can correct or update text, images or links at any time by simply sending us an email.

The entry level ad price for 1 year is $5,000

This consists of 2 parts.

1 - core ad elements - which is calculated as $2,000 of the package). This includes creating and setting up 1 featured product page - plus an ad listing on the main SSD news page. Your company profile is modified to be in the advertiser style - which locks out competing ads. And your company is featured on our home page for 5 days per year.

2 - Your ad is featured in a set of contextually related articles selected from the thousands of SSD article on our site - upto the budget level chosen by you and based on the incremental pricing for each article shown on the right of this page.

When you contact us about advertising - we can suggest a list of articles which we think will work for you. Or you can mix and match from articles we suggest - and articles you may have already seen.

The featured list can also include options to automatically transfer the ad plavements onto future articles (which don't exist at the time of the ad set up) which have the same or better matched subject themes.
Incremental visibility add-ons

These provide incremental increases in visibility - compared to the entry level option. You can be advised of what the average or suggested level is for your own market segment / product type.

Additional targeted pages / articles / directory pages / targeted profiles in which your classified ad runs.

vendor profile pages - $1,000 each (if featured in the top 20 SSD oems list) otherwise $500 each - subject to availability - excludes advertisers.

top 5 articles (excluding home page) $1,500 each

other top 20 SSD most popular articles - $1,000 each.

All other articles - $500 each

Additional featured products - $500 - for each product description page - plus the visibility cost of the articles in which. the extra products appear.

The ad styles can be different on different targeted pages.
ACSL, the publisher of this directory was founded in 1991. We published our first enterprise server directory in 1992. We started selling web advertising in 1996 and in the summer of 1998 for this site - No other online publisher has a better track record at serving the needs of high value enterprise vendors or SSD vendors so successfully, and for so long.

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  • lower cost per lead, than banner ads
  • better reader hit rate than banner ads:- nearly every reader who is interested in your type of product will see something about your company. (With banner ads - the ratio of readers who see the ad in the target group is dependent on the amount of banners you have bought compared to the pageviews of the subject.)
  • unlimited visibility:- unlike a banner ad where your visibility is precisely counted by the impressions you order, the classified ad provides unlimited visibility for the period of the ad
  • better quality communication than a banner:- readers see much more information about your company / products than they can in a banner, and they trust the format. Information within the classified ads includes your company profile, company logo, product information...

    Readers can quickly evaluate if your product is of interest and link to your site or contact you from the ad (the classified ad is the web equivalent of the entries which we started running in the print editions of our directory in 1992 - and has been a proven concept for millions of readers who have used our web directories)
  • less work for you:- we can typically extract the info we need to create your classified ad. If we need more we'lll ask you. You can change the text at any time by sending us an email. There's no set up charge for this service.
  • flexible:- you can add additional products at any time via a simple email. You can also add banner ads to run in addition at any time
  • guaranteed visibility:- we restrict the total number of classified advertisers, which means that as our readership grows you get increased visibility over time. That's in contrast to banner ads where, unless you manage it carefully, your banner is seen by a declining percentage of the readership over time as the readership grows.


We email you an invoice.

You can pay by credit card, check or wire

  • Our long term advertisers have ranged from small startups upto multi billion dollar corporations. Our ad packages range from an entry level around $2,000 a year upto very high visibility for over $20,000.
  • Payment:- You can pay by credit card, check or wire transfer, whichever method works best for your accounting department. FAQs for connected IT marketers

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