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Open-E GmbH is a leading provider of NAS Software solutions. The Open-E NAS Software is a professional NAS-Software, which offers system builders the opportunity to build high performance NAS-solutions. Through its simple architecture – in principal, it is a flash memory with IDE interface and Open-E NAS as its operating system – Open-E NAS is one of the simplest ways of building a cost-effective NAS server. It increases available storage for a small investment and makes the backup and the restore processes more efficient. Open-E sells through a worldwide distribution of partners, who have established themselves as the leaders in the storage and networking market. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Puchheim, near by Munich, Germany. For more information, visit

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the Problem with Write IOPS

the "play it again Sam" syndrome
Editor:- Flash SSD "random write IOPS" are now similar to "read IOPS" in many of the fastest SSDs.

So why are they such a poor predictor of application performance?

And why are users still buying RAM SSDs which cost 9x more than SLC? - even when the IOPS specs look similar.
the problem with flash SSD  write IOPS This article tells you why the specs got faster - but the applications didn't. And why competing SSDs with apparently identical benchmark results can perform completely differently. the article

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