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Promise Technology

PROMISE Technology is a recognized global leader with over 25 years of experience in the storage industry. PROMISE has developed its own enterprise-class hardware and software storage architecture, in addition to complete SAN, NAS and Unified storage platform product lines. PROMISE is also committed to providing dynamic storage solutions for vertical markets, including cloud and IT storage solutions, video surveillance storage solutions, rich media storage solutions and much more.

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Promise Tech never made the transition from RAID controller company to SSD company. You can see my probing efforts from many years ago below. Instead nowadays (in 2016) Promise seems to be leveraging its HDD RAID legacy and branding in the consumer, security and cloud storage markets.

editor:- February 2011 - I asked Promise what it's doing in the SSD market and got this useful response from their European Marketing Director - Albrecht Hestermann.

Dear Zsolt,

Thank you very much for your reply and interest in Promise.

You are raising a very important point. The requests from the market for high performance solutions are increasing dramatically due to the fact that IT centers are using more and more server virtualization systems like VMWare, HyperV and XEN. These operating systems are generating a very high load in terms of IOPs, which is always a challenge for a storage vendor to offer the "right" product configuration.

Promise is addressing this and continually assessing the needs of our customers together with our network of educated partners. Our VTrak RAID storage systems (even the Ex10 as well as the new Ex30) can be equipped with SSDs, SAS HDD and SATA HDDs in the same chassis.

Here we have the opportunity to help the customer achieve the best balance using each technology's benefits: for example SSDs as cache, SAS as primary storage and SATA/SAS nearline as archive and online backup. This means we not only meet the requirements of customer's environment but also the demands of their budgets.

I'd be very happy to tell you more about the adoption of SSDs by our customers, as well as talk a little more about our products and technologies. In particular, our new storage virtualization platform VTrak S3000, brings even more flexibility and power into storage environments than just a "simple" RAID storage system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. Thanks and nice regards.


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