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How to promote your company and products in

This guide is designed to help you understand the various ways in which you can promote your company in this directory. It's worth it. This web site is used by hundreds of thousands of readers looking for enterprise storage products, and it's one of the top #3 enterprise storage sites on the web.

Promotion method cost notes
add url FREE If your company is a manufacturer, software publisher or focused reseller of STORAGE products, you'll get a link added to your company in the relevant parts of this directory. We check your web site to confirm that your business is related to this market. The average time taken to add these links is 1 to 4 weeks.
Press Release - FAQ's FREE News stories appear in our news page, and one headline each day appears on our home page. We also run selected headlines using banner technology on every page in the web site. We also extract your company profile from the press release and make this information visible to our search-engine as a separate file. So your company can be found later either from the text in your release, or in your profile. We select news stories according to relevance and date. If we only get to see a press release 2 days after the release date, that's too old and we don't use it. We prefer seeing a copy of the press release on your site for tracability and copyright reasons. But if you are emailing the release directly to us, we'll waive that requirement.
articles & white papers FREE If your company is a leader in a subject are which might be of interest to our readers, then contact us to see if we will run an article. We will brand the article with your company logo, and provide links to your site. Articles can be supplied in Word, ASCII text, pdf or html format.
events & trade shows FREE If your company is exhibiting at one of the trade shows listed on our STORAGEsearch site, let us know. We list upto 3 company links alongside each event.
your logo on our home page from $1,000 a year You get 1 business day each month (12 days total in the year guaranteed) featured on our home page. Unlike a banner ad this is seen by everyone who views the page on that day, and not a random selection. We use the first sentence from your company profile on the home page with your logo, so that even readers who don't click to your page get to learn about your company. Also unlike a banner ad, the number of views in unlimited. We also use banner technology to run these logos on various high volume pages on the web site. When readers click on them they get to your profile. This type of advertising is typically ten times more cost effective than banner advertising in lead generation. However, companies who need the maximum amount of visibility also use banner ads.
banner ads pricing depends on quantity purchased at one time As most of our readers are interested in STORAGE products & suppliers, banner ads work better than on less focused computer sites. You can choose run-of-site or page targeted ads or a mixture of both. You decide approximately how many impressions you want to run each month, and how many you want to order at one time to get the best price.
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