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the Fastest Growing Storage Companies (2008)

AccelStor NeoSapphire  all-flash array
1U enterprise flash arrays
InfiniBand or 10GbE iSCSI or 16G FC
NeoSapphire series - from AccelStor
top 3 companies had over 300% annual revenue growth

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Megabyte picking winners was
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Editor:- It gives me great pleasure to introduce the 6th annual edition of's list of the Fastest Growing Storage Companies. Many storage companies are now reporting revenue growth rates of 20%, or 25%. But that wasn't enough to get you into the top 10 list for this year. 34% revenue growth was the minimum entry requirement.

If you're looking for successful companies to buy from, or successful companies to partner with these are the companies you cannot ignore.

Unlike previous years where most of the high growth was concentrated in a few market segments - this year there was good revenue growth reported in a wide range of storage segments.

Squeak! - the fastest growing storage companies in 2007/8

Companies are listed in alphabetic order - (source -

company year on year
period main product category
Alacritech 100% year iSCSI
BluePoint Data Storage 140% quarter online backup and storage
Compellent 124% quarter NAS
Coraid 370% year NAS
ExaGrid Systems 337% year Disk to disk backup
FalconStor Software 34% year Backup software
Hynix Semiconductor 48% quarter Flash
Incentra Solutions 56% 9 months Storage Services
Inotera Memories 44% quarter RAM
Intransa 100% year iSCSI
Network Appliance 36% 9 months NAS
ONStor 157% quarter NAS
PMC-Sierra 34% quarter chips
RELDATA 300% year iSCSI
SanDisk 41% year Flash
Silicon Image 39% year Storage processors
STEC 38% 9 months Solid State Disks
Texas Memory Systems 80% year Solid State Disks
Transcend Information 166% month Solid State Disks
Voltaire 194% quarter (Q207) InfiniBand
Western Digital 46% quarter ended Dec 07 Hard disk drives
notes - If you think your company also qualifies for inclusion in the above list contact the publisher by email.

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Who makes the fastest SSDs?

Speed isn't everything, and it comes at a price.
But if you do need the speediest SSD (chip, card, module or rackmount) then wading through the web sites of hundreds of SSD oems to shortlist products slows you down.

And the SSD search problem will get even worse as we head towards a market with over 1,000 SSD oems.
the fastest SSDs  sorted by interface and form factor - click to read article ... Relax - I've done the research. And this whizzy wish list is updated daily from storage news and direct contacts from oems. the article,
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SSD Data Recovery Concepts
It's hard enough understanding the design of any single SSD. And there are so many different designs in the market.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like at the other end of the SSD supply chain - when a user has a damaged SSD which contains priceless data with no usable backup?
broken barrel image - click to read this data recovery article If so - this article - written by Jeremy Brock, President, A+ Perfect Computers - who is one of a rare new breed of SSD recovery experts will give you some idea. read the article
Don't believe everything SSD companies tell you about the past, present or future of the SSD market.
Survivor's Guide to Enterprise SSDs

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