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Proware Technology

Proware Technologies Corp., based in Taiwan was founded in 1994. Proware is a leader in the data storage marketplace, and has been developing and supplying high availability, drive ready storage solutions for the channel and OEM's in the Windows & open systems markets. Proware's products provide storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market. For workstations, it's the direct attached DataPlum line of IDE to IDE RAID products. For workstations executing high sustainable throughput and/or availability applications, it's the Firewire to IDE RAID products. For servers it's the direct attached SCSI to SCSI products and its Power series of Fibre Channel products for the high end server and the SAN market. For high data availability and/or business continuous applications, Proware's SCSI to SCSI, Fibre Channel to SCSI and Fibre Channel to Fibre Channel products contain multiple host ports. This allows Proware's storage products to be connected to multiple servers configured for automatic fail such as in small server clusters. Proware also offers high availability auto fail over server (cluster) software that runs on software platforms such as Windows NT, 2000, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and more.

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Strike match... Light fire wire... Then run like hell!
Megabyte thought this looked a lot easier when
Clint Eastwood did it in the movies.
a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup has been reporting on the enterprise D2d market since the concept first began.
This article plots the main events in the market transition from the heady days when tape backup was at its height - through to the situation now where most corporate data is backed up using disk to disk backup. click to read the article - a Short History of  Disk to Disk Backup
In 2007- D2d was the #1 subject viewed by Storage Searchers. the article, Hard disk drives, Backup Software

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