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Firewire (IEEE 1394) Storage

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The companies listed below have included announcements about Firewire in our storage news pages. Other directly attached storage serial interface standards include:- SATA, Serial SCSI (SAS) and USB
Firewire and IEEE 1394 Storage.....................................................
When Apple's FireWire standard started in 1986 - it was a lot faster and cheaper than the alternative serial connections in Intel PCs. And it wasn't till 1996 that USB 1.0 products started to appear in the market (with some overlapping market functionality - but much lower speed).

Firewire may soon become irrelevant to computer users as USB 3.0 (at 5Gbps) gets established in the market.

Adherents of FireWire are trying to extend its life by finding a new home as an embedded Automotive Standard used inside cars.
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Seagate offers consumers 3TB HDD for under $250

Editor:- June 29, 2010 - Seagatetoday announced availability of the 3TB GoFlex (under $250) - an external desktop FireWire / USB 3.0 hard drive.

LaCie Launches Desktop Firewire RAID

Editor:- January 26, 2010 - LaCie launched its "Enterprise" range of desktop RAID systems with eSATA or USB or FireWire connectivity.

"The introduction of LaCie's Enterprise Class product range responds specifically to niche industries such as creative professionals, as well as those in the medical, legal, and accounting fields, who require highly robust and reliable storage solutions to manage their digital assets," said Arnaud Prézelin, LaCie Product Manager for Creative Pro Solutions.

Editor's comments:- this is an "Enterprise" storage system in name only - because it doesn't include redundant data paths or power supplies. It's best to think of it as a stylish, high capacity, consumer DAS.

Digital Video Cameras get 250GB Adapter

Editor:- December 2, 2009 - Maxell announced imminent availability of a new digital video camera adapter ( $1,500) - the iVDR VC102 designed to operate with its Firewire compatible 250GB iVDR EX rugged drive ($289).

Operating off a rechargeable, internal battery, it will operate for up to 90 minutes of nonstop recording. iVDR news

OCZ will show Symwave based USB 3.0 SSD at CES
Editor:- November 24, 2009 - Symwave today announced that its USB 3.0 controller has been designed into a new flash SSD by OCZ - which will be shown at CES in January 2010.

Editor's comments:- Symwave's controller design includes a fully integrated USB 3.0 to SATA controller device (SoC with software) - making it easier to adapt existing designs for SATA SSDs. It's very fast. In September 2009 - Symwave demonstrated 270MB/s R/W throughput for its new USB 3.0 controller.

Lots of companies have already announced USB 3.0 devices - although most won't ship till the new year. But what do you do if want high speed from your USB 2.0 PC?

Some companies, such as Dane-Elec Memory, are marketing USB 3.0 adapters. But another solution - for those who want to get more performance out of legacy USB 2.0 flash memory sticks is to look at USB SuperCharger Software from EasyCo which can apparently speed up writes by 2x to about 5x.

VAIOs get SanDisk SSDs

Editor:- November 3, 2009 - SanDisk announced that its 64GB (9,000 vRPM) pSSD module has been selected as a standard SSD option in Sony's new VAIO X ultra-thin laptop.

Verbatim's 500GB USB HDD

Editor:- July 15, 2009 - Verbatim launched the SureFire range of palm sized Firewire / USB compatible hard drives.

The top of the range, 500GB model, costs about $179.99.

That's about 44% cheaper than a similar 500GB portable drive cost 12 months ago.

OCZ Pitches 2.5" SSDs at Mac Users

Editor:- April 7, 2009 - OCZ today unveiled new 2.5" SATA flash SSDs for MacBooks.

OCZ has also published a list of MacBooks which the company says are compatible.

G-Tech Launches Desktop SSD RAID for Macs

Macworld, San Francisco - January 5, 2009 - G-Technology today announced a new family of external drives based on 2.5" SSD technology.

The G-DRIVE mini SSD has a FireWire and USB interface and costs $599 for 120GB and $1,299 for 250GB.

The G-RAID mini SSD has eSATA, FireWire and USB interfaces and upto 195MB/sec data transfer rates. Price is $2,199 for 500GB. ...G-Tech profile

Oxford Semi Dangles DAS Dongles

MilpitasCalif. - November 4 , 2008 - Oxford Semiconductor today unveiled 2 new DAS security encryption chips.

Aimed at storage oems - the OXUS931SE and OXUFS936DSE feature an embedded hardware encryption engine enabling real time encryption with no loading on the host PC.

The OXUFS936DSE supports FireWire, USB and eSATA interfaces and 2 directly connected SATA disks. In addition, the device offers a range of LCD and LED user interfaces that are supported by the flexible software framework, greatly enhancing its capacity for product differentiation.

The OXUS931SE is aimed at the consumer who needs low cost, single-drive secure storage. In a traditional implementation, the OXUS931SE acts as a high performance bridge from USB2.0 or eSATA ports to a SATA hard disk drive in an external storage box supporting all current PC and Mac platforms. And, because of the OXUS931SE's high performance, it can also be implemented as a internal security dongle between a SATA port on the system motherboard and any internal SATA disk drive without any loss of throughput, for a fast and easy upgrade to a secure information system. ...Oxford Semiconductor profile, storage chips, Storage Security

Firewire SSD aims at Camera Market

NAB, LAS VEGAS- April 14, 2008 - Shining Technology, Inc. launched the CitiDISK SSD aimed at the digital video camera market.

The 32GB unit (140 minutes recording time) has a FireWire interface, weighs 6 ounces and can run for 3 hours using its internal battery. MSRP is $1,800. ...Shining Technology profile
Firewire storage oems

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1394 Trade Association
Firewire and IEEE 1394
Also known by the names:- FireWire (Apple Computer), and
i.LINK. IEEE 1394 is a high speed serial standard used for
connecting external devices such as digital video cameras, and
tape drives to PC's. IEEE 1394 is capable of transferring data at
speeds of up to 800 Mbps, making it the perfect choice for
high-speed data storage. Other FireWire benefits include its
flexible connectivity and the ability to link as many as 63 devices.

...from Megabyte's Storage Dictionary
OEMs Race to Design Their Own SSDs..........
Editor:- disclosed that - in the 2nd quarter of 2009 - search volume for SSD SoCs (systems on a chip and controllers) has overtaken 1" SSDs (includes miniature SSD modules) for the first time.

Guess that confirms my sneaking suspicion that a lot of oems want to design their own SSDs. It used to be very difficult for manufacturers to do this, but it's gotten a lot easier recently.

Although SSD architecture is more complex than RAID systems - what's happening today in the SSD market is similar to the emergence of RAID controller companies in early days of the RAID market. (And that's one of the reasons I chose the same icon for this subject BTW.)

Nearly 20 companies selling SSD controller technology and IP are listed in our directory.

In 5 years' time - designing application specific SSDs for common applications will be as easy as designing a NAS box is today.
SSD SoCs controllers But between now and then - expect to see a lot more confusion and upsets in the SSD market.
top SSD form factors November 2009
based on search volume

1 - PCIe SSDs 3rd month
2 - 2.5" SSDs
3 - 1.8" SSDs
4 - 3.5" SSDs
5 - SSD controller chips
6 - rackmount SSDs
7 - 1.0" SSDs
Data Recovery - the Guide We Hope You'll Never Need
Editor:- as readers know - we like predicting future storage market changes here on and then going back a few years later to see what actually happened.

But sadly, there's one kind of storage event which you can't plan for...

...When disaster strikes and you need a data recovery company.

Our Data Recovery page includes profiles for over 50 companies, articles, guides for both consumer and server data recovery and also news about the market.

In more than decade covering the data recovery market I've learned the experts in this field can fix products ranging from a single drive to every critical disk in an affected area.

Some of the data recovery techniques were originally developed by intelligence agencies (who wanted to be able to read data in RAMs after the power was switched off, and disk drives after they had been wiped). You know what I mean... Spooks. While other technologies stemmed from research by storage oems into factors affecting storage reliability.

Damage can be due to many accidental causes - including physical shock, fire, flood, chemical attack etc.

One thing which may surprise you is it's possible to make things even worse! So it's important to read some of these articles before you try any remedial action yourself - and that includes how you handle and store the affected drives.
Data Recovery Depending on their competency, DR companies can recover data from hard disks, tapes, optical drives and even some flash memory devices and mobile phones.
article - the Dangers of Removable Storage Media by Pointsec
the Dangers of Removable Storage Media - article by Pointsec

In the early James Bond films of the 1960s, viewers were introduced to an array of implausible (at the time) portable high tech spy gadgets. Nowadays we know from our own everyday experience that something the size of a cigarette lighter can actually be a video camera with its own wireless internet access.

The proliferation of miniature high capacity storage devices creates a serious problem for commercial and national security. This article provides an up to date picture of the intrinsic dangers posed by current removable storage technologies. the article, ...Pointsec profile, Security, Removable Storage

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