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Editor's notes from storage history.

The page below shows a featured product ad - which ran here on in 2002.

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LSI Logic Storage Systems - MetaStor E-Series

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LSI Logic Storage Systems MetaStor E4600

The MetaStor® E4600 delivers 2-Gbit host connectivity and unprecedented performance that's designed exclusively for the open enterprise.

The multi-pathing architecture of the E4600 controller delivers stellar performance for both throughput (MB/s) and transaction processing (IO/s). So whether it's throughput-intensive applications like video streaming and seismic processing or transaction-hungry applications like databases and OLTP, the E4600 thrives on the rigors of high-performance computing.

  • 2-Gigabit full Fibre Channel storage system for direct attachment to heterogeneous hosts or Storage Area Networks.
  • 2-Gbit connectivity delivers exceptional throughput in dual-path configurations Industry-leading I/O per second performance ideally suited for transaction-based applications and storage consolidation implementations.
  • I/O performance:- Maximum sustained I/O rate from cache 110,000 IOPS. Maximum sustained I/O rate from media: 40,000 IOPS. Sustained throughput from media: 390 MB/s
  • Modular scalability from 90GB to over 40TB meets the most demanding capacity requirements
  • Dynamic storage management, redundant components and online scalability ensure uncompromising data availability
  • Multi-pathing controller architecture optimized for Open Systems environments delivers industry-leading performance that excels at both transaction processing and data throughput applications
  • Eight Fibre Channel host connections provide four redundant path host or SAN attachments
  • Integrated storage consolidation functionality for multi-platform environments. MetaStor systems support AIX, CIFS, HP-UX, http, IRIX, Linux, Mac®OS, NetWare, NFS, Solaris, Windows NT, and Windows 200X.

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