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Strategic Research

Strategic Research Corp., formed in 1988, is a full service market research firm specializing in primary customer research, market & business development consulting, publishing, and conferences focused on the datacenter infrastructure fields of storage networking, management, servers, datacenter networking, and systems I/O. Strategic Research's consultants and analysts are leaders in the industry with many years of industry experience. Its President, Michael Peterson, is widely recognized as the leading analyst and advocate in the Network Storage and System I/O field. He has personally formed and lead 6 industry trade associations, most recently founding the Storage Networking Industry Association, SNIA, and acting as President for its first two years. Michael is joined by senior industry veteran Barbara Riordan, VP of Research. The company hosts the annual "Server I/O Conference" in Monterey, CA. which focuses on the Future of Datacenter Infrastructure.

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"Backup is no longer needed - so stop doing it. It'll be replaced by integrated data protection features. "
Michael Peterson , CEO - Strategic Research Corp in his blog - Applying Complexity Theory to IT Practices (Feb 2013)
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