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Editor's note from SSD History

The PATA SSD below was featured on in 2005.
It gives you an idea of what products were like then.

Solid state disks

M-Systems 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk

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manufacturer model description.....................................................................
M-Systems 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk M-Systems' Fast Flash Disk (FFD) 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk is a state-of-the-art solid-state disk, based on NAND flash technology, that provides the functionality of a hard disk with no moving parts. FFD 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk is an ideal, rugged storage solution for mission-critical applications that must operate under harsh environmental conditions.

FFD 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk delivers outstanding reliability and enhanced endurance thanks to M-Systems' TrueFFS® technology, which applies dynamic wear-leveling and bad block management. Due to its unique design, FFD 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk provides high-performance sustained read and write rates up to 100MB/s and supports Ultra DMA 0-5, DMA 0-2 and PIO 0-4 transfer modes.

FFD 2.5" Ultra ATA Flash Disk is fully compatible with the ATA-6 interface, and has the same mechanical dimensions and mounting holes of traditional mechanical disks. It is a true drop-in replacement for rotating 2.5" ATA disks with highest reliability. M-Systems' family of FFDs has been providing rugged, mass storage solutions to an expansive range of industries since 1997. In air force, navy and army installations, it has been field-tested inside data recorders, moving maps, sonar, radar, fire control systems, black boxes, data acquisition systems, C4ISR, telemetry systems, rugged laptops and servers.
  • capacity:- from 1GB to 128GB
  • ATA-6: Ultra DMA 0-5 ,DMA 0-2 and PIO 0-4 transfer modes
  • throughput:- 100.0 MBytes/sec burst read/write, 40.0 MBytes/sec sustained read/write
  • security:- Quick security erase in seconds Sanitize confidential data, comply with DoD, NSA , US Air force, Army, Navy and IRIG
  • flash endurance:- 5,000,000 Write/Erase cycles, unlimited Read
  • SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)
  • MIL-STD 810F and and NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • 5 Year Warranty

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