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Established in 1987, Systex has become a major Systems Integrator in the Taiwan and Greater China region. With annual sales of over US$ 250 million, and one thousand employees worldwide, the company boasts over 65% of Taiwan's publicly listed companies as active clients. More than 20 years experience in the storage industry testify to Systex' commitment to customer service and market understanding, which is why the company launched its own brand of ExpreStor network storage products in early 2004. Systex became a publicly traded company in 1995, and was Taiwan's first System Integration company to make this transition. For the future, Systex aims to become a global player in the IT market, both in vertical and horizontal markets.

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read the  SAS article from InfoStore
Serial Attached SCSI - is it worth the wait? - article republished from InfoStore magazine

Here at we've had a magazine page dedicated to SAS since 2001.

SAS products have been shipping to users since 2005 - but the market has been stuck in a prolonged "innovator" phase. As the SAS market is poised to advance to the "early adopter" phase - I thought it would be good to have an article (which is less technical than those we've previously published) to introduce the benefits of this technology to more readers. This article is republished here with the kind permission of InfoStore - Asia's leading storage magazine. the article

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