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Unity Semiconductor - circa 2009

Unity Semiconductor Corp., founded in 2002 is a memory technology company developing an innovative solution for non ]volatile solid state memory to replace NAND in the $20 billion and growing market for flash memory in electronic devices. Unity's memory technology, CMOx., is designed to scale beyond the limitations of legacy transistor technology currently used in NAND flash memory. Devices using CMOx. technology will have higher density, faster performance, lower manufacturing costs and greater data reliability. Unity will provide its technology and production know-how to memory semiconductor companies as part of a broad licensing program and will directly sell specialized CMOx. memory products to the storage markets. Unity is a private company backed by leading venture capitalists and corporate investors, and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For further information please visit

  • editor's comments:- February 2012

    In May 2009 - Unity Semiconductor exited stealth mode and stated its aim to have the lowest manufacturing cost per bit in the non volatile memory industry with a new breakthrough technology called CMOx. The company said it will ship 64Gb devices in volume in 2011.

    But the SSD world still saw a big viability gap between what flash could do in 2011 and what Unity and others could do with their vaunted alternative "flash killer" nv technologies - and after 9 years of developing this stuff - Unity Semiconductor was still promising market disruptions tomorrow.

    It might have ended there - except that in February 2012 - Unity was acquired by Rambus. So now they get a new lease of life, new money and possibly new routes to market - if it the technology ever becomes commercially viable.

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This resource page includes news and articles about low latency, fast flash SSDs which plug into DIMM sockets and transfer data via interfaces which were originally designed for DRAM.
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