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Founded over 20 years ago, AnalysysMason is the world's premier adviser in telecoms, IT and media. From offices in Cambridge, London, Glasgow, Madrid, Milan, Paris, San Francisco and Washington DC, Analysys staff provide strategy and systems consultancy, conferences, information services and start-up support to the companies that are creating the networked economy.

  • editor's comments:- Analysys was the subject of a news story we ran in 2001 - related to a market report they had published about the SAN / WAN markets.

    I looked at their site again in January 2009 - and the content seems extremely UK-centric. I recommend an interesting article - IPTV struggling in the UK - but I couldn't find anything closely related to storage.
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SSDs Pass HDDs in Storage Density
2009 may well be remembered as the year that flash SSDs surpassed HDDs in storage capacity in the same form factor.

I'm not talking about itsy bitsy 1 inch and smaller drives here. I'm talking about the hard core 2.5" form factor.

That's the size which once seemed to offer the best hopes for hard disk makers staying in business - in applications like disk to disk backup, entertainment bulk storage etc.

In January 2009 - pureSilicon started sampling a 2.5" MLC SSD - with 1TB capacity in a 9.5mm high form factor.

Price wasn't mentioned. I expect it will cost a lot. But nowhere near as much as the 1st terabyte SSDs cost - when they appeared in 2002 - at a cool $2 million.

So you may well ask - when will SSDs cost less than HDDs for the same capacity?

In some high-performance grades (15K RPM server drives) - I expect to see that happen this year - in smaller capacities like 100GB. Looking Ahead to the 2009 SSD Market

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