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The Association of Storage Networking Professionals (ASNP) is a worldwide member organization of storage networking end users. ASNP provides an open forum for members to discuss real-world problems and solutions related to storage networking. Through its regional chapters and annual conference, ASNP offers extensive educational training and networking opportunities. Members also have exclusive access to the association's online portal, which features training and certification resources, newsletters, product reviews, member and vendor directories, and discussion forums. For more information, visit

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ASNP website (circa 2003)

  • editor's comments:- After publishing some good thought provoking articles - ASNP eventually fizzled out into something mushy (called something else) requiring log-ins (which I don't do) and then that fizzled out too. Maybe blogs were a better platform for this type of thing.

    see also:- Where have all the Sun User Groups Gone?
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Megabyte found that talking to other
specialists was a good way to learn
more about storage.
Nowadays you can't expect to understand the worldwide SSD market and realistically predict the likely source and direction of strong influences without having some cognizance of the SSD market in China.
who's who in the SSD market in China?
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