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suggestions by - Kevin T Crow, Strategy Specialist, NAND Solutions Group, Intel
Here's an article written by or about Intel

Enterprise-wide Deployment of Notebook PCs with Solid-State Drives

Kevin says he chose this article because "It will give the reader an overview of the benefits experienced by the enterprise after deploying notebooks with solid state drives."

The article is a case study about the productivity benefits of using SSD based notebooks instead of hard drive notebooks inside an enterprise (Intel). Following an internal evaluation Intel found the benefits so "compelling" that it decided to deploy up to 10,000 SSD notebooks to its own employees.

Other SSD article suggestions...

The SSD Relapse: Understanding and Choosing the Best SSD - published by AnandTech

Kevin says "This is the latest in a long series of reviews that compare solid state drives and discusses the technology behind them. Overall the series does a very good job educating the reader on what they need to know when making a solid state drive purchase decision."

Editor:- thanks Kevin for sharing your SSD links.

...1 year later:- September 24, 2010 - I got a follow up email from Kevin T Crow saying he'd like to add these links.

Here's another article written by or about Intel

Kstudy - Same Budget, Better Performance - case study (pdf)

This shows how Intel's 2.5" SSDs accelerated results for a budget constrained distance-learning academic education center whose servers were supporting 7,000 students and their (annual) 48 million logs in real-time. At the busiest times of the day reponse times with the SSD accelerated system were 25x faster than the HDD based servers - whose response times were becoming unacceptably slow - and sometimes failing.

It also discusses how SSDs improved IT staff efficiency - as the student population later quadrupled - and how RAID rebuild times were reduced from 12 hours on the old HDD array to 40 minutes in the new SSD system.

Here's another SSD link...

SNIA has set up a resource page to help users assess total cost of ownership factors for flash SSDs.

It includes a spreadsheet which was developed by Intel and a supporting whitepaper - SSD TCO - An In-Depth Analysis of Many Important Factors (pdf) - written by Esther Spanjer and Dan Le at SMART Modular Technologies.

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