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Disk Jockey - handheld hard disk tool
Disk Jockey handheld USB / SATA
disk copier / eraser / tester / mirroring tool
from Diskology

optical disk duplicators

CD DVD duplicators
Megabyte found that Spellabyte's magic
potion worked just as well on hardware.
Optical drives
Optical Libraries
Hard disk duplicators
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Sanitization Methods for Cleaning Up Hard Disk Drives
CD DVD duplicator - mentions on
when the socket fits but the datasheet doesn't - BOMs and EOL SSDs
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In 2016 - optical research at Southampton University claimed that 5D glass discs could store data for up to 13.8 billion years.

For more see - the SSD Bookmarks - by Infinidat
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90% of the enterprise SSD companies which you know have no good reasons to survive.
market consolidation - why? how? when?

DRAM latencySetting the scene for NVDIMM wars

The DRAM market's new clothes had long been invisible.

But the SSD market was too preoccupied with lower hanging storage fruit.
latency loving reasons for fading out DRAM
CD & DVD duplication manufacturers (historic)

This list stopped being maintained in 2009.
ACARD Technology

Affordable DVD

AKL Technology


An Chen Computers


Corporate Systems Center

DAT Optic

Fantom Drives


JVC Digital Storage Systems

Kanguru Solutions


Mediatechnics Systems

MF Digital

Microtech Systems

PrimeArray Systems

Primera Technology




Trace Affex

Verity Systems
other related service companies
S & J CD Duplication

SuperDuper Disc
still can't find it? check the acquired, dead & renamed list
TapeMaster - tape duplicator
TapeMaster backup tape duplicator
from StorageHeaven
Nibble Re: CD & DVD duplication equipment

If you've ever tried backing up data onto a CD, using a single CD-RW drive on your PC, you'll realise, that even with the fastest drives, this is not an economic route for producing CD's if you should decide to go into the software publishing business.

Dedicated duplicators work faster, because they require less set-up time, and because they write to many disks in parallel.

So if you're planning on being the next Bill Gates, or just publishing your company catalog for the next mailshot, take a look at the advantages that a dedicated system can offer.

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