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editor's notes from Storage History.

This is an archived page which shows details of Diskology's Disk Jockey - 1st launched in 2003 - as featured here on in 2008.

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Disk Jockey - handheld hard disk tool

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Diskology Disk Jockey

Disk Jockey is the world's most versatile hard disk diagnostic and copy tool. Disk Jockey can be used with your Windows or Macintosh computer connected via the high-speed Firewire or USB 2.0 ports or it can be used as a stand alone unit. Disk Jockey lets you mount drives to your desktop, mirror (RAID 1) or span hard disk, copy data between hard disks at lightning speeds, verify, test and erase hard disks.

It's got 7 modes built-in which allow you to do just about anything for less.

  • Fast Disk to Disk Copies
  • Disk Copy Verification
  • Easy Spanning
  • Standalone HD Mode
  • Hard Disk Read Test
  • Mirroring
  • Disk sanitization

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