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This is an archived page which shows details of the TapeMaster duplication system ad here on STORAGE search .com as it looked in Q3 2008.

Tape Backup

TapeMaster - tape duplicator

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StorageHeaven TapeMaster

The TapeMaster duplication system by StorageHeaven is designed to produce up to 12 different masters simultaneously or up to four of the same copies of 4mm, 8mm, AIT, DLT, SDLT or LTO from a single source tape.

Each copy is an exact duplicate of the master tape. It provides "one button" intuitive menuing with an easy to read multi-line LCD control panel. Whether the tape was created on a UNIX, NT, MAC, or other platform, the TapeMaster will make perfect copies every time. It doesn't matter to the TapeMaster duplication system what kind of data is on the original master, the duplicator's job is to make sure all the data is transfered accurately from the master to each duplicate copy.

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