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Cenatek (circa 2007)

Cenatek logo - click to see their ho,e page - as it looked in 2007

Cenatek, Inc. is a leading provider of high speed storage systems with an installed base of over 5,000 customer sites.

The company's storage products leverage patented solid state disk hardware and RAMDisk software technology to set new standards for solid state storage price and performance.

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  • editor's comments:- Cenatek entered the SSD market in July 2001 with the launch of its Rocket Drive - a PCI bus RAM SSD which was designed as a performance accelerator "delivering performance of up to one million transactions per second."

    The product's designer Jason Caulkins - went on to be the CTO of Dataram's enterprise SSD business which shipped the industry's first auto-caching hybrid appliance - the XcelaSAN- in 2009.

    In June 2007 - Cenatek launched the Rocket Drive Micro:- an ExpressCard form-factor, high speed solid state disk designed for use with any ExpressCard equipped laptop or desktop. It can be used with the ReadyBoost feature in Microsoft Vista

    In October 2008 - Dataram re-entered the SSD market with the acquisition of strategic assets from Cenatek whose CEO has joined Dataram to lead the company's return to solid state storage, an area they pioneered almost 40 years ago..
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Editor's comments from SSD market history
The product info below is from the 2003 edition of the SSD Buyers Guide

Cenatek offers solid state disks based on an innovative PCI-based form factor, making our SSD units very cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use. Rocket Drive's entry-level pricing for 1GB capacity boards start at $499 without memory and $1,199 with memory. End-users such as gaming enthusiasts and multimedia editors truly appreciate the affordability of these units.
Cenatek's Rocket Drive
Cenatek'a most popular model is the Rocket Drive with 4GB capacity which is available as a board only for $899, or populated and tested with certified memory for $3,599. Rocket Drive supports Windows 2000/XP/NT, Red Hat Linux 7.3/8.0, FreeBSD, and Solaris 8/UltraSPARC II platforms, and can be found in use today on GIS, financial/trading, and other transaction-intensive database systems.

Professionals using data-intensive applications such as AutoCAD, Oracle, mail managers, and HTML document conversion software also appreciate the scalability and high speed performance of CENATEK's PCI-based solid state disks. Extending the life of existing infrastructure (e.g., not having to upgrade their workstations or servers) translates into cost- and time-saving benefits, in addition to the increase in productivity gained by using Rocket Drive. With an access time of 0.6 microseconds, Rocket Drive has been benchmarked by our customers at over 35,000 I/O operations per second and has provided transfer rates over 5X faster than that of hard disk drives.

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