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Adtron SSDs Provide Reliable Data Storage for Pipeline Integrity Inspection

Editor:- July 20, 2001 - Extreme environmental conditions in the North Sea prompted PII Group, a world leader in pipeline inspection equipment, to choose Adtron's high reliability SCSI Flash Drive for data storage in their specially designed pipeline inspection equipment (known as a "pig" in the industry).

This pig measures the quality of the pipeline that connects the Statoil North Sea well to a refinery in Holland. Adtron's S35PC drive provides 9.6 GBytes of storage and is able to withstand extreme environments, shock, and vibration without loss of data. Its functions include loading the operating system and application, and recording pipeline measurements.
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SSD Myths and Legends - "write endurance"
Nibble Re: Shopping Days Till Christmas
Did you realise there are less than 160 shopping days till next Christmas?

The reason I mention this, so early in the year, is that in previous years the seasonal craze for Playstations, plastic characters from movies like Toy Story, or fads like Pokemon has meant that demand outstripped supply, and many would-be purchasers were left empty handed. And you know how embarrassing it can be explaining why you had to make a last minute subtitution. So, if you've got your eyes set on a nice tasty storage company to acquire it's better to get in early before all the best ones have gone.

We notice a lot of things here at the mouse site, which are too dull for most of you to worry about, but when we start to see patterns, we'll try and let you know.

Now here's an interesting calculation for you, if you're planning to close the year with some more assets under your corporate belt. I think "assets" sounds so much better than "scalps" in a mergers and acquisitions context, don't you? At the time of writing, about 5 storage companies every week are being acquired, change their name or go out of business. I expect this trend to accelerate, because the market conditions in the US mean that the whole IT market is a lot more competitive than it used to be, with everyone chasing after an endangered species, called "customers". Also banks and venture capitalists have been feeling the squeeze themselves, and are not so likely to let a company trade on for another 3 months or so in the hope that "things will get better". If you also factor into this calculation that around a third of the venture capital backed storage startups funded since January 2000, will probably have to be acquired or do IPO's to keep their investors happy, then my estimate is that over 130 storage companies will have disappeared from the shopping cart between now and Christmas, so now's the time to start looking at them, while they're still fresh.

What sort of companies are available? Well storage software companies, RAID companies and VARS seem to head the list, based on historic spending patterns. But really the selection is as wide as the whole industry, and includes semiconductor companies, adapter card companies, fibre-channel switch makers...

No product category is imune.

Now the storage market is in a lot better shape than the PC market. You'd have to be nuts to buy a PC company right now, and we assume that most of them will be left on the shelf and probably end up being recycled as cheap DVD players or buried in the ground as landfill.

You may be thinking:- this is not the thing for you. And who buys all this stuff anyway?

Well companies, which have bought a lot of storage companies recently include:- INRANGE Technologies, LSI Logic and Sun Microsystems. But even staid old EMC has bought a couple. Companies which are profitable and have a lot of cash are the most likely shoppers. You can't use your credit card for this kind of transaction.

If your company may be on the block shortly, you can take a look at who's been buying what in our acquired companies list. Remember they might not want two the same. And if you're planning a bit of empire building before the recession ends and prices go up again now's the time to start looking, before the rush.
And for the rest of us, who are more interested in buying a disk drive than a disk drive company? It will just have to remain a spectator sport.

But the end result will be better products from suppliers who will still be around in the long term. And that benefits everyone.
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Why should you care what happens in an SSD when the power goes down?

This important design feature - which barely rates a mention in most SSD datasheets and press releases - has a strong impact on SSD data integrity and operational reliability.

This article will help you understand why some SSDs which (work perfectly well in one type of application) might fail in others... even when the changes in the operational environment appear to be negligible.
image shows Megabyte's hot air balloon - click to read the article SSD power down architectures and acharacteristics If you thought endurance was the end of the SSD reliability story - think again. the article
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Venture capital
"The North Sea is a particularly hazardous location, and we require robust pipeline inspection equipment to be able to handle the conditions and to provide high quality and accurate data collection. We have utilized Adtron as a technology partner on this project in order to ensure the integrity of the inspection and also to deal with the rigorous inspection conditions," commented Paul Robson, Principal Engineer with PII Group North Sea Business Division. news image - Adtron Flash Drive in the North Sea
"Adtron was able to provide PII with a reliable, high capacity Flash drive that can survive the rough ride through the long distance pipeline in the North Sea. Shock, vibration and temperature extremes make this environment impossible for traditional hard disk or tape devices. The high cost of lost data during an inspection run makes a possible loss of data too great a financial risk," stated Alan Fitzgerald, President of Adtron.

Adtron's S35PC SCSI Flash Drive emulates a SCSI disk drive or DAT (tape) drive using Flash, and replaces disks and tapes for reliable storage in harsh environments.

ADIC Expects Slowdown in Growth

Editor:- July 19, 2001 - ADIC today announced that sales for the 3rd quarter ending July 31, 2001 are likely to grow 10 to 15% from the same period last year to $81-$85 million versus earlier estimates of $100 million for the period.

Revenue growth rates are adjusted to reflect combined results for ADIC and its Pathlight Technology subsidiary in both years. Annual sales growth is expected to be 23-29 percent for the quarter when compared to actual ADIC results as originally reported for third period of fiscal 2000.

"Although ADIC continues to grow at rates significantly faster than most of our peers, we are definitely feeling the effects of customers delaying purchases as a result of the economic slowdown in both the U.S. and Europe. The effect has been about equally noticeable in our branded and OEM businesses which we expect will retain approximately similar proportions of our overall business as they had in the immediately preceding quarter," according to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter van Oppen.

See also:- tape libraries, VTL, cloud

StorageNetworks Announces Second-Quarter Results

Editor:- July 19, 2001 - StorageNetworks today announced revenues for the second quarter ended June 30, 2001 of $33.4 million, a 23% increase over revenues of $27.1 million in the first quarter of 2001 and a 318% increase over revenues of $8.0 million in the second quarter of 2000.

The company reported an EBITDA loss (net loss before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and non-cash stock compensation) of $18.2 million, an 18% improvement over a EBITDA loss of $22.1 million in the first quarter of 2001.

"I am pleased with our second quarter results in terms of revenue growth, gross margin improvement, EBITDA loss, and net loss per share," stated Peter Bell, StorageNetworks' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "During the quarter, we continued to execute on our strategy -- to make our software the industry standard for data storage management. Our recently announced STORfusion service gained traction through partnerships with Fujitsu and Pihana. This offering allows our partners to offer our proprietary software, processes, and global monitoring as storage management services."

New customers for StorageNetworks STORmanage and fully managed PACS offerings include Cisco, Enron, Martha Stewart, American Greetings and Saksdirect, the Saks Fifth Avenue online initiative.

"Despite this quarter's strong financial performance, signing of key new customers, immediate traction of our newest service offering STORfusion, and the interest our services are receiving in enterprise companies, we are disappointed at the speed of which new bookings are occurring," continued Bell. "We recognize that the challenging macroeconomic environment has caused a worldwide slowdown in information technology spending. Today, companies are taking longer to make purchasing decisions because of this challenging economic environment."

"As a result of lengthened sales cycles, a reduction in our backlog, and the longer turn-on times from contract signing to when we begin recognizing revenue within existing enterprise accounts, we are reducing our revenue guidance for the year. We are projecting that revenues for 2001 will be between $120M and $127M," continued Bell. The company also announced that it was undergoing a cost reduction program. The company will reduce its headcount by approximately 220 employees primarily in its sales, delivery and support organizations. reduces ad prices

Editor:- July 19, 2001 -, the #1 portal for enterprise storage buyers, announced today reductions in classified ad rates for storage manufacturers and VARS back down to the levels they were in 1998, when the site was first launched.

The new prices represent a reduction of 50% for a typical manufacturer, and 30% for a typical VAR.

StorageSearch publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "EMC is a bellwether for the whole storage industry, and their results yesterday show that the storage market is no longer immune to the recessionary effects which have been hitting most of the IT industry for the past 9 months. These price reductions are intended to help more companies participate in the valuable communications channels offered by our advertising products, and take effect immediately. We'll review them again, when EMC gets back to its historic high levels of year on year revenue growth. Our advertising rates were good value for money back in 1998, and three years on, with a readership that's more than ten times larger and still growing, they're exceptional value."

Novell Launches NetDevice Family

Editor:- July 18, 2001 — Novell today announced availability of the Novell® NetDevice™ NAS, the first appliance in the Novell NetDevice family of specialized server appliances.

These Novell soft appliances - which are shipped as software only and offer customers flexibility to use their choice of new or existing compatible hardware - are designed to provide customers the power and functionality they need without paying for features they don't need. The Novell NetDevice NAS is a NAS appliance that delivers the entire Novell portfolio of robust file system technologies, with unparalleled security, manageability and reliability features. As appliances, Novell's NetDevice servers can be plugged into any network, regardless of platform, to help companies solve pressing eBusiness challenges today, without expensive and complex system upgrades.

"The ever-increasing IT requirements of organizations, along with continued pressure to curb IT budgets, have companies searching for ways to cost-effectively simplify their IT infrastructure," said Jeff Hawkins, vice president of Novell's storage business team. "The Novell NetDevice family of special-purpose server appliances will lower total cost of ownership while providing the reliable and secure networking technology Novell is known for, all while offering customers freedom to choose the hardware they want, including hardware they already have. With data growing exponentially, storage is a growing issue for companies large and small. The Novell NetDevice NAS helps solve the storage challenge without breaking the bank."

Built on proven Novell NetWare® technology, the Novell NetDevice NAS is designed to help companies store, find and retrieve data when and where end users need it, regardless of the platform the company is running. With Novell's proven ease-of-management features, this new appliance is particularly compelling for the branch office, workgroup and department markets, where IT resources are at a premium. In fact, the Novell NetDevice NAS is an ideal solution for additional storage in these markets. The automatic imaging process of the Novell NetDevice appliance allows administrators to fully deploy a system and grant access to thousands of users in about 20 minutes, as simply booting from the Novell NetDevice NAS compact disc automatically images and configures the system. Novell will work with key hardware partners such as Compaq, Dell, IBM, HP and other vendors to certify popular systems to run the Novell NetDevice NAS.

Pricing and Availability The Novell NetDevice NAS storage appliance will be available the end of August through Novell authorized resellers and solution providers starting at $1,799.

Editor's comments:- Novell has been trying to break out of the network operating systems market, which it dominates, for a very long time. And you've got to give the company from Utah credit for trying. Earlier failed attempts included going head to head with Microsoft in the wordprocessor market, when it bought Wordperfect (which it later sold). Novell also tried, and failed, to take on Sun, IBM and DEC when it bought the Unix trademarks and source code from AT&T.

We've already had another software giant, VA Linux Systems, enter and exit the NAS business recently. And that other operating system giant, Sun Microsystems, which already had a very successful hardware server business, discovered that success in storage does not flow automatically from new product announcements. The devil is in the details, and all those tricky messy support issues which come from heterogeneous environments. Novell is certainly strong in that area. But will users buy their products? It will take more than a press release to convince the market they're committed. But history shows they'll give it their best good shot.

BlueArc Delivers First Customer Shipments

Editor:- July 18, 2001 - startup BlueArc today announced its first customer shipments amd June sales of the Si7500 Storage Systems to Juniper Networks, Inc., Extreme Networks, Inc. and Altera Corporation meeting BlueArc's commitment to ship product in the second quarter of 2001.

The Si7500 Storage System has been tested and proven to run at gigabit rates, far beyond the throughput available from any competitive system. In addition, the Si7500 Storage System delivers 99.999 percent solid-state reliability with significantly lower total cost-of-ownership. Juniper Networks, Extreme and Altera all took part in BlueArc's beta testing program and upon confirming the Si7500's features and benefits, deployed the Si7500 Storage System.

"The purchase and deployment of our revolutionary Silicon Server technology by these industry leading companies is a significant endorsement for BlueArc," said Enrico Pesatori, chief executive officer, BlueArc Corporation. "From the start, BlueArc has been committed to not only bringing to market a powerful new storage system technology but also building a customer-centric company, focused on providing world-class service, support and reliability. The orders from Juniper Networks, Extreme and Altera confirm and provide recognition that BlueArc is doing just that."

EMC Reports Second Quarter Results

Editor:- July 18, 2001 EMC today reported financial results for the second quarter of 2001, reflecting the extension of its leadership position in the most advanced and fastest-growing areas of the information storage market despite the extremely difficult economic conditions facing many of its customers around the world.

Total consolidated revenue for the second quarter was $2.02 billion, 6% lower than the $2.15 billion recorded in the second quarter of 2000. Net income for the quarter was $109 million, compared with $429 million in the second quarter of 2000.

Mike Ruettgers, EMC Executive Chairman, said, "The global economic environment has become much tougher. I cannot recall a more difficult environment in terms of technology spending than the one that has unfolded over the past few months. It is now expected that IT spending may shrink on a year-to-year basis for the first time in decades. More than 800 companies have made pre-announcements that the spring quarter would be below expectations. By and large, these are our customers. We are working with them to build information infrastructures that deliver the highest value and greatest business impact over both the short and long term."

Joe Tucci, EMC President and CEO, said, "...In times of economic difficulty and reduced visibility, leaders have both the opportunity and the responsibility to continue investing to advance their leadership and to take great care of their customers. We are doing exactly that. We will continue to invest in R&D at levels that will increase our technology lead and in the sales and services resources needed to grow market share and maintain our industry-leading customer satisfaction levels, while continuing to attack unnecessary costs. Our strategy is aimed squarely at long-term profitable growth and market leadership. When the fog lifts, EMC's technological stature and market leadership will be stronger than ever."

The strength of EMC's balance sheet is another important indicator of the company's positioning for acceleration when the global economy improves. Inventories remained nearly flat compared with the first quarter of 2001. Cash and investments increased to nearly $4.9 billion at the end of the second quarter.

Editor's comments:- when the recovery comes in the IT market, EMC will find that it's competing with a lot of nouveau storage companies which want to eat at their table, so it will not quite be "business as usual". However it will take a lot of nibbles in market share to dislodge them from their position as a top 10 storage company. That won't happen in the forseeable future.

Maxoptix & Dantz Bring Automated Storage to Mac

Editor:­ July 18, 2001 ­ MaxOptix today announced that its StreamIT backup appliance has been certified by Dantz Development. for use with its award-winning Retrospect® backup software, making the StreamIT the first tape storage solution to offer multiple drive support on the Macintosh platform.

MaxOptix' StreamIT appliance brings the performance and high availability benefits of RAID technology to tape backup and restore applications, providing Mac users with the benefits of the cumulative bandwidth of up to five AIT-2 drives for unmatched data backup and restore performance and fault-tolerant reliability.

Unlike conventional tape libraries, which are limited to use of a single drive on the Macintosh platform, MaxOptix' innovative PowerStream RAID controller technology presents the five-drive array to the host as a single large volume. The StreamIT appliance is completely transparent under Retrospect software, allowing current Retrospect users to easily integrate a high-performance tape array into their existing tape backup infrastructure. In addition, the StreamIT appliance is impervious to any single failure point, enabling users to complete backup and restore operations even in the event of a total drive or media failure.

StreamIT is fully compatible with Retrospect Backup 4.3, the latest Dantz release for the Mac, a full featured data protection application with comprehensive administration tools that enables the backup of Windows and Mac OS clients ­ including OS X ­ across TCP/IP networks.

"Apple has continued to be a dominant presence in the graphics arts, web site authoring and digital media markets, all of which are extremely data-intensive and beg for reliable, high-performance data protection solutions," said Fred Bedard, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MaxOptix. "StreamIT addresses these users with a redundant, high-availability architecture and unprecedented backup and restore performance. The combination of Retrospect and StreamIT gives Macintosh users a next-generation data protection solution to keep pace with the hardware and software innovations launched by Apple in recent months."

Auspex NAS Sets Industry Records

Editor:- July 18, 2001 - Auspex Systems announced today that its new NS3010 enterprise data server is processing up to 19,755 I/O operations per second in SPECsfs97 benchmark testing - more than 20% faster than the latest filers from its leading competitors.

SPECsfs97 is the established standard for measuring Unix-based Network File Services (NFS) file server performance across different vendor platforms.

NFS file server throughput and response time for the Auspex NS3010 were benchmarked at 19,755 IOPS in systems utilizing RAID 0 and 18,293 IOPS for RAID 5. The Auspex measurements reflect the performance of the NS3010 for a single I/O node, the equivalent of a single server from other vendors. A single Auspex system can expand up to three I/O nodes as workload increases in order to provide scalability. Speeds in full three-node configuration are expected to reach 46,900 IOPS when those systems are released later this year.

The SPECsfs97 numbers demonstrate Auspex's ability to deliver data to large numbers of users on the same server in Unix environments without slowing response times. In addition:
  • For Unix-based applications involving transfer of extremely large files such as seismic data, streaming media and supercomputer data sets, tests developed internally at Auspex indicate a 12-client aggregate throughput for a 1GB file of 61 MB per second for sequential NFS reads and 70 MB per second for sequential NFS writes. While there are no industry-standard benchmarks that permit direct comparison, Auspex customers are reporting a noticeable speed advantage in sequential I/O performance.
  • For Windows-based Common Internet File Services (CIFS), performance is expected to equal or surpass competitive systems when Netbench/Diskmix benchmark testing is completed in the third quarter. Kindred Healthcare, an early adopter, has reported that the Auspex NS3010 is delivering Windows files 30 to 40 percent faster than its previous data server.
  • For mixed NFS and CIFS environments in which both Unix and Windows files are accessed simultaneously, internal Auspex tests on a one-node NS3010 system indicate performance as high as 13,500 IOPS and 40 MB per second. These numbers compare favourably against the competition, demonstrating Auspex's ability to provide fast and seamless file sharing between Windows and Unix clients.
"The results we've seen so far are far ahead of our current requirement curve, and the other advantage is that performance remains virtually constant," said Ian Batten, IT Director of Fujitsu Telecom. "From a user's perspective, there should be very little difference between being a sole user in the middle of the night versus one of 300 to 400 users on a Wednesday afternoon."

Auspex file servers are used by industries and enterprises to optimize storage management infrastructures and provide fast, reliable access to multi-terabytes of consolidated Unix and Windows data. Designed for customers with traditional business applications as well as corporate Internet sites, including those with dynamic business-to-business e-commerce functions, Auspex filers include a full suite of data management tools that ensure high availability, high-speed backup and replication, and maximum uptime. They also facilitate Unix and Windows file sharing with a unique restricted file permission that prevents unauthorized users from accessing protected files across platforms and a "one-world" view that synchronizes security and permissions on both platforms.

ADIC® Launches Range of Super DLTtape™ Libraries

Editor:- July 18, 2001- Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) today announced that it has begun shipping the industry's broadest range of Super DLTtape libraries into its distribution channels.

As the industry's largest volume supplier of automated DLTtape products, ADIC is integrating next-generation Super DLTtape technology into its Scalar® 100, Scalar 1000 and Scalar 10K automated tape libraries. The new technology nearly triples the capacity and doubles the data transfer rates of earlier generation products, an advance needed to help meet heavy end-user demand for increased storage capacity and performance. The libraries also offer backward read-compatibility with existing DLT products, allowing users to integrate the new technology easily into their current data storage environments.
  • The Scalar 100 is the industry's most dense mid-range DLT rack-mountable library, providing up to 6 Super DLTtape drives and from 15 to 60 cartridges in only 14U. It allows users to save time and money by adding their own capacity and performance upgrades in minutes without reconfiguring their rack systems.
  • The Scalar 1000 scales from 118 to 788 cartridge positions-over 170 TB capacity with normal 2:1 compression-and from 1 to 48 SuperDLT drives. It was the first data center-class library to offer high-performance, barrier-free system growth.
  • ADIC's newest library, the Scalar 10K, is the industry's first SAN-enabled enterprise library platform. It offers the industry's first capacity-on-demand scalability and features a full suite of integrated storage network management and connectivity capabilities. The Scalar 10K libraries support from 700 to 8,014 SuperDLT tapes and up to 324 drives.
The Scalar 100 with support for Super DLTtape technology is available now, with suggested list pricing starting at under $22,000. The Scalar 1000 and Scalar 10K will be available in production quantities in August. All three products are also available with other drive technologies.

MTI Expands Professional Services

Editor:- July 18, 2001 ­ MTI Technology. today announced the expansion of its professional services offerings to include a total of ten specific services that enable customers to more easily deploy and manage their data storage resources.

These offerings give MTI customers a unique opportunity to benefit from MTI's expertise in both the hardware and software sides of data storage, and deal successfully with increasingly complex storage technologies. The services are provided by a seasoned team of specialists, each with 5-10 years of experience in deploying and maintaining storage services.

WD Unveils Highest Capacity FireWire Hard Drive

Editor:- July 18, 2001 - Today at the Macworld Conference & Expo, July 18 - 20 at Jacob P. Javits Center in New York, Western Digital. introduced the storage industry's highest performance 80GB FireWire external hard drive.

The new hard drive provides a quick and easy way to add storage in a space-efficient, stackable enclosure compatible with Macintosh and PC computers. Designed with Western Digital's 7,200 RPM WD Caviar drive and a new UDMA 66 1394 bridge card, this product is three times faster than previous WD models in terms of transfer rate.

The 80 GB FireWire external drive is ideal for storing the mass data generated by digital video editing, digital camcorders, digital cameras, scanners and digital music collections and is a quick solution for backing up an internal hard drive in one step, on one drive. Hot swap capabilities allow users to share files between computers and provide easy connection of the new peripherals without turning the computer off.

"With the increasing popularity of data-rich applications, including the management of large data files and digital music, video and photography, WD's FireWire external hard drives provide the ideal, simple, storage solution," said Richard E. Rutledge, vice president of marketing for Western Digital. "Users can add mass amounts of high-performance storage by simply adding these plug and play external hard drives. If even more storage is desired, the drives stack together and can be daisy-chained."

Widespread availability of WD's 80 GB FireWire external hard drives is expected in late August through Western Digital's retail partners, Internet resellers including catalog partners, selected distributors, and the Company's online store. Manufacturer's suggested retail price for WD's 80 GB FireWire Drive is $379.

LSI Logic launches 2GBps FC PCI-X

Editor:- July 17, 2001 - LSI Logic today announced the addition of single, dual and quad 2 Gb/s PCI-X Fibre Channel host adapters to its already successful line of PCI Fibre Channel products.

Built using LSI Logic's powerful Fusion-MPT architecture, the host adapters are ideal for SANs, server-to-storage interconnect and SAN clustering. LSI Logic's flagship product, the quad port LSI7402XP, is the highest density module available today with four channels on a PCI short card form factor. The quad board is built around the highly integrated LSIFC929 controller and a 133 MHz PCI-X bridge chip. To complete the 2 Gb/s host adapter LSI7002XP family, LSI Logic also offers the LSI7202XP dual channel PCI-X adapter and the LSI7102XP single channel PCI-X adapter. The LSI7002XP host adapter family supports switched fabric, arbitrated loop and point-to-point topologies. Drivers for all major operating systems are available.

"High performance is critical for customers operating SAN and server cluster applications," said Bob Anderson, director for LSI Logic's Host Adapter business. "Our LSI7002XP family of products deliver reliability to the customer built on over 10 years experience in developing host adapter solutions. The PCI-X protocol adds additional value required to support enterprise applications."

With 133 MHz bus speed, PCI-X has doubled the maximum clock frequency and allows for faster and more efficient performance with reduced I/O bottlenecks. PCI-X enjoys broad industry support from system platform and server manufacturers such as Compaq, HP, IBM and Intel. LSI Logic's PCI-X Fibre Channel host adapters support the SNIA Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Application Programming Interface (API). API extends the interoperability and manageability of storage networks by providing a standard interface to access information across Fibre Channel networks. LSI Logic is a member of the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), T-11 standards committee, Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the FibreAlliance organization.

LSI Logic is sampling the LSI7002XP family products worldwide. Customers can contact their local LSI Logic sales representative for sampling program details. General customer availability is anticipated by year-end.

Pegasus Announces Record Sales

Editor:- July 17, 2001 - Pegasus today announced record sales for the second quarter of 2001 for its InveStore Storage Management Software utilized in applications requiring reliable and secure long term storage for critical data.

Pegasus supplies its InveStore software to major OEMs and ISVs for integration into back-up and archive system solutions. Pegasus' customers are primarily in the medical, financial, insurance, law enforcement, e-mail and web based mass storage environments where compliance with industry and government record and data storage regulations is critical for long-term access and any potential litigation issues requiring stored electronic evidence.

Company president Roy Slicker stated, "Pegasus is very pleased with the growth in the compliance and archive storage markets. We've seen a steady increase in the overall capacity requirements and new installations of systems tracking information that must be stored on non-erasable based media and kept for long periods of time."

Pegasus reported that sales in the second quarter of 2001 grew 59% over the same quarter in 2000, and on average increased 46% over the same period in the past 3 years. This dramatic increase, while the storage market in general is slowing, may be explained by Dr. David Chorjel, V.P. of Business Development, who suggests that "Our sales figures reflect the response on the part of OEMs and ISVs to end user feedback that essential data archived must first and foremost be in a format on media that is trustworthy for future utilization in adjudication, audit or strategic decision making. Otherwise it is worse than useless; it is a time bomb. While encryption, connectivity to the Internet and speed of retrieval are important features in enterprise storage, we're learning the additional truth that the storage media is the message. Foundational security and operational expediency is the mandate."

Mr. Slicker added, "The general storage market, particularly the SAN and SSP segments, has been very active with several new entries being funded on a large scale in a relatively short period of time. While this is good news for users looking for new products and services for general data, backup and short term storage applications, these systems do not address the specific needs of the large and growing archive and compliance segment of the market. While current SAN and SSPs battle for market share, the reluctance of enterprise customers to out source storage or use massive magnetic based RAID for the storage of mission critical, strategic and compliance or regulatory records has baffled providers. A solution may be at hand with the integration of the two product offerings: archived critical data on Optical Disk and RAID magnetic disk and tape, or other erasable based storage devices."

He added, "All the energy and money being pumped into marketing of SAN and SSP systems appears to be having a positive effect on our business by raising the awareness of storage products. It appears that a growing number of users are more interested in the secure and reliable storage aspect rather than just adding massive or off-site storage capabilities. Second quarter sales were not an anomaly... Sales at the mid-July point have already surpassed sales for nearly all of the previous months during the last year."

the First iSCSI Plug Fest Event

Editor:- July 17, 2001- The Storage Network Industry Association and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) kicked off the First International iSCSI Plugfest this week at the UNH iSCSI InterOperability Laboratory in Durham, New Hampshire.

More than 25 companies are participating in the weeklong event, marking the first time leading proponents of the iSCSI technology have come together to demonstrate iSCSI interoperability among their products, a critical factor for the rapid adoption of this emerging standard.

NetConvergence will be in attendance to demonstrate its iSCSI solutions in combination with other participants. For the first time, companies will be able to examine the interoperability of their products in a certified lab environment. This event is being co-sponsored by the SNIA IPS Forum and the UNH iSCSI InterOperability Laboratory iSCSI Consortium. The testing will concentrate on the interoperability and conformance to the iSCSI Specification Draft Versions 0.6 and 0.0, Target and Initiator Reference Implementations. The final ratification of the iSCSI protocol standard is due by the end of this year.

Besides NetConvergence, the iSCSI Plug Fest registered participants include other SNIA IPS Forum member companies Adaptec, Agilent Technologies, Alacritech, Cisco, Compaq, Emulex Corporation, Eurologic Systems, FalconStor, HP, IBM, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Nishan Systems, Pirus Networks, Quantum/ATL, StoneFly Networks, and Trebia Networks, as well as non-IPS Forum companies.

"The high level of interest and participation of our membership in the iSCSI Plugfest illustrates the great momentum behind bringing compatible, industry standard products into the market," said Jim Bernard of Adaptec and the iSCSI Group Interoperability Coordinator. The SNIA IPS Forum includes more than 55 member companies and was established to market and promote standards-based block storage networking solutions using IP networks, such as the emerging iSCSI standard.

INRANGE Extends Total SAN Infrastructure Solutions

Editor:- JULY 17, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that effective immediately it will provide Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) from major manufacturers, including QLogic and others, directly to its enterprise customers in its end-to-end SAN offerings.

In expanding its SAN portfolio to include HBAs - the physical interface between host systems and fibre channel devices in a storage network - INRANGE becomes the first SAN switching vendor to offer all the tested infrastructure components needed to establish SAN connectivity from the server to the network core and edge, and out across metro area networks and wide area networks.

Editor's note:- at press time, the INRANGE supply matrix only included about 10% of fibre-channel adapter card manufacturers. But it's a good start and reduces the risks for prospective buyers.

SBS Technologies Doubles FC PMC HBA Bandwidth

Editor:- July 16, 2001 - SBS Technologies today introduced two new 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) that address the ever-expanding bandwidth requirements of real-time and storage applications.

The two FC23 64-bit/66 MHz PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMCs) support 400 MB/s full-duplex and 200 MB/s half-duplex data transfer rates and automatically negotiate 1 or 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel bit rates. FC23-PMC-1C features one copper interface via a high-speed serial data connector (HSSDC) port. FC23-PMC-1F provides one fiber port that supports multimode LC duplex fiber-optic cable.

Both PMCs take full advantage of industry standard Fibre Channel features and benefits, plus incorporate value-added features such as a streamlined protocol engine, RemoteDMA protocol, and SCSI target protocol. Device drivers for Solaris, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000 are provided for standard file system and network support.

"Real-time and storage applications consistently require greater bandwidth" says David Greig, commercial group president, SBS Technologies. "Our FC23 series PMC HBAs double the bandwidth of our earlier FC22 series, significantly advancing the ability to move data." Greig continued, "We selected QLogic's ISP2300 Fibre Channel chip for our 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel solutions and have been very pleased with the performance and support we received."

The high-sustained throughput and low latency offered by the FC23 series are made possible by a rich feature set. The single chip engine that includes an enhanced RISC processor, Fibre Channel protocol manager, 2-Gigabit transceivers, and on-chip frame buffers optimizes performance. To ease integration and simplify operation, the PMCs automatically negotiate 1- or 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel bit rates. Consequently, a FC23 card can be connected to a FC22 card, and the FC23 PMC will automatically operate at the 1-Gigabit rate of the FC22.

SCSI target/initiator protocol support allows a computer to function as a SCSI target, as such it achieves maximum bandwidth for peer-to-peer communications. The computer can concurrently be both an initiator and a target, thus allowing full-duplex peer-to-peer communications at aggregate rates over 400 MB/s. For system flexibility, the highest bandwidth and lowest transfer latency, RemoteDMA bypasses complex protocol stacks. Data can be moved between one system and another workstation or single board computer (SBC) without using any processor cycles on the remote computer.

The Model FC23-PMC-1C and FC23-PMC-1F are immediately available. FC23-PMC-1C is list priced at $1,285.00 (US); FC23-PMC-1F is $1,595.00 (US).

CENATEK Launches PCI SSD accelerator

Editor:- July 16, 2001 - Cenatek today announced its company launch as a provider of high-speed storage products that are thousands of times faster than conventional hard disk drives, harnessing all the performance advantages of solid state disk (SSD) technology at only a fraction of the cost.

The company also announced plans to offer complete, turnkey services - encompassing software, hardware and engineering - for companies in need of high-speed, high-reliability data storage systems.

Cenatek's premier product, the Rocket Drive™ SSD, will be available in September 2001, delivering performance of up to one million transactions per second to achieve the fastest data-access speeds of any storage device available. Like other SSDs, Rocket Drive functions as a hard drive but stores data using memory chips rather than magnetic media. However, the Cenatek product is vastly different from conventional SSDs that attach to the host computer via channel technologies such as SCSI and high-speed fibre. Instead, Rocket Drive attaches directly to the system's PCI bus, utilizing standard SDRAM to reduce costs and significantly improve data transfer rates.

"Cenatek is entering the market at a time when the explosion in the volume of data has moved storage to the forefront of business strategy," said Jason Caulkins, founder and chief executive officer of Cenatek. "Companies are consequently searching for new ways to keep pace with both rising storage costs and more demanding user requirements for high-speed data-access. Cenatek is committed to overcoming this challenge with the Rocket Drive and other products and services that make high-performance SSD technology an affordable reality for the first time."

OTG Launches for Instant Messaging

Editor: - July 16, 2001 - OTG Software. today announced IMXtender, the industry's first platform designed specifically for the storage and management of enterprise-wide Instant Messaging (IM) applications.

Recognizing a need for the ability to capture, store, and retrieve content of instant messages, real-time conferences, and shared files, created by the rapidly growing use of real-time collaboration, OTG developed IMXtender to enable enterprises to capture, store and access IM files. In partnership with OTG, Ikimbo, a leading provider of real-time communications solutions, will provide the IMXtender platform as part of its Omniprise™ real-time communications solution.

"The heightened use of corporate instant messaging has created a demand to collect, store and retrieve these messages, so that business information contained within them can be leveraged and used as a knowledge asset," said Robert Mahowald, Senior Research Analyst for IDC. "The ability to manage and access instant messages means that IM can now be used as a true enterprise collaboration tool."

Real-time communications is a critical element of business applications both within the enterprise and in the extended enterprise comprising suppliers, customers, and business partners. IDC estimates that the number of corporate IM users will explode from nearly 5.5 million in 2000, to over 181 million by 2004, and the number of corporate IM messages is expected to rise thirty-fold to over 1 trillion annually by 2004. IM is being used in a wide variety of business applications, such as project team collaboration and customer service, and for quick internal communication.

"Our partnership with Ikimbo provides the perfect opportunity to showcase IMXtender with a secure, highly scalable enterprise platform for real-time collaboration," said William Caple, Executive Vice President of OTG Software. "This offering furthers our goal of providing storage and access support for all forms of enterprise collaboration. Our platform will give IM providers and their customers a competitive advantage in peer-to-peer collaboration."

Legato Announces Mirroring for Microsoft Clusters

Editor:- July 16, 2001 - Legato Systems today announced the release of Legato Mirroring Extension 2000 (LME 2000), a high-speed mirroring engine for Microsoft Cluster Services (MCS) on Windows 2000 Advanced Sever and NT4 Enterprise Edition.

LME 2000 is the only solution for MCS that uses block-level mirroring technology. The quorum device is mirrored, providing MCS with a higher level of availability and reducing the risk of a failure that demands the rebuild of the entire cluster.

Unlike other solutions, LME does not require manual intervention after a server failure. It utilizes block-level synchronous mirroring, as opposed to asynchronous replication at the file-level, which allows data to always be in a known state avoiding problems associated with latency. It also gives system administrators the ability to "stretch" the cluster by providing additional configuration flexibility and distance solution. By removing the shared storage device, LME eliminates a single point of failure while maximizing the user's investment in Microsoft standards and training.

"At Legato our focus is on the customer. When our customers demand solutions that support their information protection and high availability needs, they depend on Legato to deliver," said George Symons, vice president, Product Management and Development, Legato Systems. "Legato Mirroring Extension 2000 raises the bar with a secure and robust high availability and distance solution for MCS Windows 2000 users."

FalconStor Certifies Quantum|ATL's Libraries

Editor:- July 16, 2001 - FalconStor. today announced the certification of Quantum|ATL's P-Series automated tape libraries with FalconStor's IPStor for enterprise-class data protection on IP/iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage networks.

IPStor is the first software to aggregate and virtualize diverse storage resources via industry standard interfaces including SCSI, Fibre Channel and iSCSI, and provision the virtualized storage in the form of SAN or NAS over IP/iSCSI and Fibre Channel. In addition, IPStor offers enterprise-class storage services such as mirroring, snapshot, replication, active-active fail-over and seamless integration with off-the-shelf backup software to perform high-speed snapshot backup of virtualized storage data to tape with zero-impact on application servers.

"By ensuring interoperable functionality between our P-Series tape libraries and FalconStor's unique software solution, our mutual customers are assured high-availability and maximum backup and restore performance that scales to meet their data protection needs," said Scott Maccabe, senior vice president of sales, marketing and service for Quantum|ATL. "Together with FalconStor, Quantum|ATL is working to provide a comprehensive storage management solution for today's data-intensive enterprises."

Vixel Initiates Roll Out of SAN InSite™

Editor:- July 16, 2001 - Vixel today announced that it is now making its enterprise-ready multivendor SAN management software, SAN InSite Professional, available to its base of switch and hub customers.

As a follow-up to the Company's recent private label OEM agreement with Fujitsu Softek, Vixel users can now also accelerate the performance and return on investment of their storage networks by implementing SAN InSite Professional. Effective immediately, Vixel customers can upgrade their SAN management capabilities at before-market prices through a "Vixel Users Only" introductory offering. Vixel's time-limited offer to customers allows them to acquire the full, unrestricted release of SAN InSite Professional at a 50% discount off published list prices.

SAN management software has been repeatedly positioned by leading storage industry analysts as the single most effective way for users to reduce total cost of ownership of their SANs, and as the fastest growing segment of the SAN market. According to Gartner Dataquest, the SAN and Device Administration software market is expected to grow from $379 million in license revenue in 2000 to a $1.6 billion market in 2005.

Vixel's SAN InSite Professional tackles the main concerns of IT managers wishing to employ SANs. SAN InSite Professional is designed to solve interoperability and management issues associated with multivendor SAN interconnect components. The open architecture of SAN InSite Professional allows end-users to eliminate the barriers to reliable SAN implementation, enabling IT managers to automatically discover, monitor and manage multivendor SAN devices, such as HBAs, switches, hubs, bridges and routers, from a single, easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI). The unique "OEM Module" in SAN InSite Professional provides extended flexibility by providing end-users an instant way to discover, identify and manage devices that are not fully compliant with SNMP.

SYNNEX Expands Storage Focus with Quantum|ATL

Editor:- July 16, 2001 – SYNNEX. has become a major distributor for the entire series of Quantum|ATL's high-end storage systems, including the M1500.

Dave Liscom, Vice President of Storage for SYNNEX, says, "It is estimated that a substantial percentage of future industry growth will be in high-end-storage, therefore, adding Quantum|ATL to our storage products allows our resellers to take advantage of this opportunity with a leader in the marketplace."

Scott Maccabe, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Service for Quantum|ATL, says, "We are pleased to announce this partnership with SYNNEX, a leading global distributor named one of the largest private companies by both Business Week and Forbes magazines. This relationship will further our distribution capability in the worldwide marketplace and enable us to focus on continuing to develop and provide integrated storage solutions to customers." ,

Eurologic Systems ships to China

Editor:- July 16, 2001 - Eurologic Systems announced that it has opened an office in Beijing, China to represent the company's advanced network storage technology to the rapidly growing storage market in China.

Eurologic's new China office will provide sales and storage configuration support to customers throughout the country. Eurologic also announced that it has appointed a Chief Representative Officer for the new office. With a strong presence in the United States and Europe, Eurologic is now seeking to expand into the Asia-Pacific region. Eurologic believes that the enormous and rapid build-out of IT and communications infrastructure in China is driving demand for storage.

Many of China's server manufacturers are rapidly gaining market share in the global market, and Eurologic seeks to form partnerships with the leading providers in China to help the country meet its growing storage requirements. Eurologic has appointed Mr. Li Yang as the company's Chief Representative Officer for China. He was formerly chief representative officer of Promise Technology's China office, where he built the sales and support infrastructure and implemented the marketing strategy for the company's products in China. He also has held sales engineering and engineering management positions with prominent companies in China, including IBM China Company Ltd and Beijing Suman Electronic Technologies Company.

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