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FirewireDirect offers the most extensive line of FireWire/1394/iLINK devices available anywhere, and an upcoming line of 1394B or FireWire 800 products, sold through their on line store and through selected resellers and distributors worldwide. They have emerged as the unquestioned leader in FireWire and SCSI RAID Storage Solutions, and offer a wide ranging line of hard drive, CD and DVD storage products. In addition to their major line of storage solutions, they have offered an award winning line of FireWire PCI products, FireWire networking devices, 1394 CardBus adapters and a complete selection of FireWire cables and adapters since they opened in 1999 as the first FireWire only store online. More information about the company and their line of FireWire products can be found at their web site at

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Megabyte was sworn to secrecy.
a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup has been reporting on the enterprise D2d market since the concept first began.
This article plots the main events in the market transition from the heady days when tape backup was at its height - through to the situation now where most corporate data is backed up using disk to disk backup. click to read the article - a Short History of  Disk to Disk Backup
In October 2006 - D2d was the #1 subject viewed by Storage Searchers. the article, Hard disk drives, Backup Software

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