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Flashback Data

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Flashback Data (founded in 2004) is an industry leader in data recovery, computer forensics, and other data services. We provide advanced data services to businesses and individuals who have experienced data loss and other data disasters. Flashback Data's business is built on our advanced technical knowledge of data structures and engineering experience. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, cost-effective solutions and extremely fast turn around times.

  • editor's comments:- Flashback Data's blog has an article which says they were listed as being 1 of the top 5 DR companies in the US - despite being one of the youngest companies in the review process.

    They say - "We find it very interesting that other data recovery competitors continue to market themselves as the oldest recovery company. Recovering media back in 1980 gives no relevance to recovering data from media developed in 2010."
image  for this article shows Megabyte the mouse bashing a goblin with a hammer
principles of bad block management in flash SSDs
The technique illustrated above only works if
the hammer has magic properties. In all other
cases - the algorithmic approaches and
error budgets described in the article
produce better results.
SSD Data Recovery Concepts and Methodologies
It's hard enough understanding the design of any single SSD. And there are so many different designs in the market.
broken barrel image - click to read this data recovery article If you've ever wondered what it looks like at the other end of the SSD supply chain - when a user has a damaged SSD which contains priceless data with no usable backup - this article - written by Jeremy Brock, President, A+ Perfect Computers - who is one of a rare new breed of SSD recovery experts will give you some idea. read the article

profile updated by vendor March 29, 2004

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