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Softek's Nonstop Data Mobility™ offerings provide a simple, unified solution to moving data without disruption within the enterprise environment — a critical component to IT operational practice — and work on any storage, any platform and over any distance with zero downtime or performance impact. Integrate Softek's Nonstop Data Mobility solutions into your IT architecture and you will improve your ability to keep data online, mitigate risk of data loss or corruption, reduce costs, manage data across mixed environments, and optimize storage while still meeting all business continuity requirements. The industry leader in host-based data migration, moving over 40 petabytes for Fortune 1000 companies since 1996, Softek Storage Solutions Corporation is an independent software company based in Northern Virginia. Global partners include EMC, Fujitsu, HDS, HP, IBM, and Sun, in addition to distributors and resellers worldwide. For further information, visit

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a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup has been reporting on the enterprise D2d market since the concept first began.
This article plots the main events in the market transition from the heady days when tape backup was at its height - through to the situation now where most corporate data is backed up using disk to disk backup. click to read the article - a Short History of  Disk to Disk Backup
In Q4 2006 - D2d was the #1 subject viewed by Storage Searchers. the article, Hard disk drives, Backup Software

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