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Gadzoox Networks - (2002)

Since 1996 Gadzoox Networks has led the industry in market "firsts" and continues to drive the Storage Area Network (SAN) entry-level market with innovative Fibre Channel switching technology. The company has consistently delivered a time to market advantage to major OEM customers enabling them to create clear business value for their customer base. Gadzoox Networks is a voting member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), with corporate headquarters located in Santa Clara, California.

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  • editor's note:- Gadzoox has ga-gone... - March 3, 2003 – Broadcom today announced that it has acquired a substantial portion of the assets of Gadzoox Networks, Inc
Infiniband on
Megabyte was going to catapult himself
into faster motion using infinitely strong
rubber band technology.
Can You Trust Your Flash SSD's Specs & Benchmarks?
Editor:- I've noticed is that the published specs of flash SSDs change a lot -from the time a product they are first announced, then when they're being sampled, and later again when they are in volume production.

Sometimes the headline numbers get better, sometimes they get worse. There are many good reasons for this.

The product which you carefully qualified may not be identical to the one that's going into your production line for a variety of reasons...
ssd specs article And here's another thing to worry about...

The enterprise flash SSDs which you benchmarked yourself - may surprise you by running much slower when deployed in your own applications due to common "halo" errors which are implicit in the set ups of many performance test suites which were originally designed for HDDs. the article

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