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Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a FORTUNE 500® company, is a global leader and innovator in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications. Broadcom® products seamlessly deliver voice, video, data and multimedia connectivity in the home, office and mobile environments. With one of the industry's broadest portfolios of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip solutions, Broadcom is changing the world by Connecting everything®. For more information, go to

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editor's notes:- Nowadays Broadcom doesn't have strong links to the storage market - and certainly not to SSDs. But in days of storage yore - they did once have a RAID controller product line and related SoCs, adapters and software. See the June 2004 news archive for a related story.

And in May 2009 they made a (rejected) bid to buy Emulex.

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Avago agrees to acquire Broadcom
Editor:- May 28, 2015 - Avago today announced it will acquire Broadcom for approximately $37 billion.

Editor's comments:- both companies are peripheral to the SSD ecosystem (no pun intended) insofar as they supply communications and interface chips which connect SSDs and SSD boxes rather than having anything too much to do with memory related controllers.
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There are many segments for enterprise flash arrays which aren't listed or even hinted at in standard models of the enterprise market. Many of these missing market segments don't even have names.
Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise is published by ACSL