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Since 1987, GD California has been building alliances with manufacturers and customers in order to solve legacy product problems. GD California currently maintains over 3,000 different products, including STD, STD32, VME, S-100, SBUS, MBI, MBII, QBUS, UNIBUS, SBX and SCSI boards as well as Complete Systems. GD California's promise is "Never To Discontinue A Product."

profile from deatured press release December 8, 2003

Editor's comments:- among the thousands of regular CPU cards and interface modules which GDCA maintains - I was able to find at least 1 SSD - a 6U VMEbus compatible 2.5GB flash card - originally designed and marketed by DY-4 Systems - SVME/DMV-570-105. I'm sure that many others will be added to this list.

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"the defense or medical industries have a limited market share of the overall market pie, in terms of the consumption of components. So if there is a substantial demand for newer technology and competitive pressures, the older (smaller) piece of the pie has to be EOL’ed — since long term support takes away valuable resources that can be focused on the latest innovative products from the OEMs."
from GDCA's blog - COTS, EOL and Manufacturing, Obsolescence (June 2013)
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