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A privately held Limited Liability Company founded in 1999 and located in Boulder, Colorado, hyperI/O LLC designs, develops, and markets disk I/O performance measuring and monitoring software utility solutions targeted to help address the fundamental performance gap between computer systems and storage I/O. hyperI/O LLC has designed, developed and currently offers a premier, unique software solution called called hIOmon, the File I/O Performance Monitor.

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Iin March 2010 - hyperI/O announced that its hIOmon software supports the collection of Microsoft "TRIM" related SSD metrics - which can be captured during normal, everyday application use and without any OS, file system, file, or application changes required.

In November 2011 - hyperI/O announced availability of its Disk I/O Ranger software analysis tool for Windows environments. The company says this will help users diagnose and understand disk storage access performance problems and to to verify that QoS levels are being met at the application/file/device level. It could also simplify the evaluation of auto-tiering SSD appliances by collecting real-time metrics.
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re - Your article on "Where are we now with SSD software?"
Hello Zsolt,

I just read your article today (May 29, 2011) on "Where are we now with SSD software?". I found it to be a very interesting read.

In particular, you have touched upon several important items, such as reasons why the software industry has taken so long to wake up to the idea of SSDs - and moreover, the "many questions still remaining to be answered" that you listed at the end of your article.

Indeed, it does appear that we are entering into an exciting time for SSD software. Thanks again for being at the forefront on this important topic.

Best, Tom West, President hyperI/O
"The way that random write IOPS test software is written can produce results which inflate the results...."
the Problem with IOPS in flash SSDs