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Ingrasys Technology

Ingrasys Technology Inc. is a leading network storage developer delivering high performance terabyte-class NAS systems as well as CD/DVD caching & archiving systems with faster, more reliable disk to disk storage. Ingrasys Technology Inc. is a global leading developer in the network computing technologies. Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, the company has presently more than 180 employees worldwide. Over 70% are engineers specialized in network computing technologies developments. Based upon its own innovative SlimServer™ technologies, Ingrasys has maintained a steady growth on the business toward the global market. To effectively manage the growing business, Ingrasys also affiliates with strategic partners in major territories worldwide, such as EU, U.S., Middle East, Australia, Asia, and Mainland China.

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  • editor's note:- Ingrasys advertised here on during 2003 and 2004. Their banner ad, below, ran in March 2003. Clicking on it takes you to the original landing page archived from that period.
Ingrasys banner ad on March 2003
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