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Nanometer Storage

Nanometer Storage is dedicated to developing next generation high capacity data storage hardware products for the information technology sector. Incorporating new developments in the emerging fields of nanotechnology and nanoscience, Nanometer Storage is developing data storage hardware products that compete directly with hard drives, optical storage and flash memory.

  • editor's comments:- Nanometer Storage is in stealth mode and hasn't announced any products yet.

    The tone of the blurb on its web site suggests they're working on 3.5" form factor storage devices that will offer more capacity than hard drives or SSDs.

    Many similar sounding claims were made in the past by optical storage companies. However, Nanometer Storage says their product is going to compete with optical too.

    If and when any more tangible communications emerge on this subject - I'll let you know.
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Michelangelo found David inside a rock.
Megabyte found a solid state disk.
Data Recovery Will Recession ReCenter Data Recovery to China?
Editor:- February 5, 2009 - if you stop and think about how the credit crunch may affect the data recovery market - you will see a paradox emerging.
On the one hand - I expect that demand for these services will increase - because users will extend the interval at which they replace their systems - thereby taking them closer to the right hand edge of the bathtub curve.

On the other hand - when a failure does occur - particularly in the SMB / SOHO market - users may shop around more to find lower cost suppliers for these services.

How will these contrary needs be resolved?

Data recovery is a very labor intensive business. As we have already seen in many industries - China has natural competitive advantages because of the lower hourly cost for skilled technicians. This may lead to Chinese based companies eventually displacing US and European service providers in non-sensitive / and non-server markets where it's feasible to ship the disk(s) in a box for the recovery to take place.

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