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Disk to disk backup

ExpreStor ES 7500  offers a complete Virtual Tape Library  emulation solution

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Systex ES 7500

The ExpreStor 7500 Series from Systex, offers a complete Virtual Tape Library (VTL) emulation solution. It can work with your existing disk storage array from EMC, IBM and other leading vendors, or can be supplied with a ready integrated ExpreStor array from Systex.

The ES 7500 (2U high) VTL appliance provides up to 32 TB of data storage in as little as 5U total rack space when used with an ES 4000 Series array from Systex, which uses low cost SATA drives.

Powered by IPStor, the industry leading network storage software platform from FalconStor Software, the integrated VTL software supports up to 50 concurrent backup/restore sessions and emulates tape libraries with upto 640 tape cartridges.

The ExpreStor VTL family offers an incredibly high-performance solution to backing up data, is aggressively priced and available worldwide.

  • compatible with backup software from leading vendors including:- BakBone NetVault, CA BrightStor, HP Data Protector, Legato NetWorker, Tivoli Storage Manager, Veritas NetBackup etc
  • emulates tape libraries from leading vendors including:- ADIC, HP, IBM, Overland, StorageTek etc
  • OS compatibility:- Windows NT, 2000, Solaris, HP-UX, Netware, Linux etc
  • connection:- Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre-channel or ultra320 SCSI

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