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LOUISVILLE, Colo., Sept. 21, 2000 - StorageTek today announced the immediate availability of the StorageTek L20 Tape Library, the latest addition to its L-Series tape libraries. Designed specifically for the distributed Windows NT, Novell, Linux and Unix environments, the L20 represents an expanded market focus for StorageTek because it allows small- to mid-size businesses and work groups in enterprise environments the opportunity to use the advanced information management capabilities of StorageTek tape libraries. The L20 will be sold primarily through channel partners, marking StorageTek's entrance into an aggressive, partner-focused channel program. Small businesses have the same storage and resource issues as large enterprises. Many have yet to realize the benefits of automation, however, because there have been few appropriately sized options for the distributed computing environment. That scenario changes with the entrance of the L20.

The StorageTek L20 Tape Library provides capacity of up to 2.2 terabytes (uncompressed) of data and is targeted at the distributed Windows NT, Novell, Linux and Unix marketplaces for small- to mid-range open systems implementations. It supports DLT, SuperDLT and LTO Ultrium technology drives, or any combination. The L20 is available worldwide through StorageTek and StorageTek channels. Pricing for a 20-slot L20 configuration with one DLT drive and standard SCSI-3 interface is $15,500. Drives and Fibre Channel interfaces are priced separately. ...StorageTek profile

DALLAS, Texas, September 21, 2000 - Interphase Corporation today announced it has been awarded Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT certification for its new Fibre Channel device drivers. The certification was received after the company's PowerSAN™ Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and newly developed device drivers passed stringent testing by Microsoft Corporation's Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL). The purpose of the Windows Hardware Quality Lab is to ensure the compatibility of third-party hardware with Microsoft Operating Systems. Earning the "Designed for Windows 2000" and "Designed for Windows NT" logo confirms that the new PowerSAN adapters and software have been verified by Microsoft to provide compatible and reliable operation in the latest Windows environments. With WHQL certification, the new Interphase drivers will be included on future Windows 2000/NT distribution CDs from Microsoft. ...Interphase profile

COSTA MESA, Calif.- (BUSINESS WIRE) - Sept. 21, 2000 - Emulex Corp. announced the opening of an engineering design center in Longmont, Colo. The new facility houses an independent engineering team including software, hardware and ASIC development, in addition to a staff dedicated solely to testing and quality assurance programs.

"Emulex has enjoyed explosive growth and is aggressively hiring top engineers. We plan to embrace the wealth of technical talent in the Boulder/Longmont area and actively recruit engineers with diverse and leading-edge skill sets," commented Ron Quagliara, senior vice president of research and development and CTO at Emulex. "Emulex will also work closely with the local technical colleges and universities in an effort to broaden the company's talent pool. Additionally, the new site is closer to many of our key customers and both current and potential strategic partners." ...Emulex profile

Editor's note:- I'm clueless about geography, but even I know there's a lot of storage companies in Colorado, (we've got some advertisers there). So this move (for a Californian based company) shows real commitment to the storage market. See also - Sun resellers & compatible manufacturers in Colorado

Los Angeles, CA, 109th annual meeting of the Audio Engineering Society, Los Angles Convention Center, Booth #919, September 20th, 2000 – Rorke Data, Inc. has been chosen by Broadway Sound, a division of Broadway Video, Inc., for the installation of a SAN for their New York based audio post-production facility. Rorke has been contracted to install 5 Digidesign Protools Mix Plus Stations for use in several digital audio applications. The company will be using the systems for editing and mixing for all types of television programming including cable television promos, commercials, long form programming, original music and sound effects. The flexibility and reliability of their SAN allows these projects to be interchanged throughout the facility. Spearheading the contract is Rorke's signature product, StudioNet-FC, which will offer fibre-channel storage to fulfill all of Broadway Video's digital audio post needs.

"Rorke's Fibre Channel solution offered a sophisticated advantage over other storage networking systems", says David Radin, V.P Engineering at Broadway Video. "Although we had previously used other proprietary networking systems for audio, StudioNet-FC impressed us with its ease of installation, reliability, and cost effectiveness. As our storage needs grow it will scale with us while delivering high bandwidth to our workstations."

The system installed by Rorke, addressed Broadway Sound's problem of having hundreds of gigs of data sitting on each workstation's hard drive and then moving selected projects to other rooms for revisions at later times. The system solved the problem by having all audio data stored in one location that is easily accessed for modification, and provided a central store for effects and music used throughout the facility. ...Rorke Data profile

BOULDER, COLORADO and TORONTO, ONTARIO, SEPTEMBER 20, 2000 - Tantia Technologies and JAWS Technologies, Inc. are pleased to announce a five-year revenue-sharing agreement that includes joint technology development and marketing initiatives aimed at the web-based storage market. JAWS currently holds various rights to incorporate Tantia's Harbor Backup and Recovery software into its Secure Network Storage Services offered over the Internet. This new agreement will extend those rights for a further five (5) years, include revenue sharing provisions, and allow JAWS to develop customized interfaces and feature sets for users of its vertical storage applications. The agreement also calls for JAWS to be granted unlimited international Internet distribution of its Secure Network Storage Services in exchange for Tantia receiving various rights to JAWS' L5 encryption technology.

By utilizing web-based managed services such as JAWS' Secure Network Storage Services, organizations gain access to millions of dollars worth of storage hardware and software solutions, with little up-front costs, for a low monthly fee. According to JAWS, this type of web-based service-bureau model will become the standard for companies operating below the cost and resource threshold they require to purchase their own IBM S/390 platform-based backup hardware systems. Those companies will also realize additional cost savings associated with the purchase, implementation and management of backup and recovery software packages needed to run those hardware systems. According to industry analysts such as IDC, such web-based managed service providers should capture a significant share of the $17 billion a year information-sensitive companies are estimated to spend by the year 2003. ...Tantia Technologies profile

Editor's note:- see also web based storage

September 19, 2000 - Redmond, WA. The Hill School uses ADIC's StorNext NAS appliance to simplify its data management tasks and make its networked educational materials easier to store and use. One of the country's most prestigious private secondary schools, The Hill School is an institution that combines a century-old tradition of academic excellence with an equally strong commitment to innovation-where Latin, Greek, and calculus share the curriculum with multi-media publishing and web development. Each of the school's 500 students and all of its faculty are equipped with Dell laptop computers, its network connects them with high speed Gibabit Ethernet technology, and all the courses leverage digital technology to make teaching and learning more effective. The Hill School is continually finding new ways to make technology support education. The school's two-year-old program to digitize all its video materials is a prime example.

"Digital video lasts longer, is easier to edit, store and access, and allows for interactivity-critical for effective learning," explains Rick Bauer, The Hill School's CIO. Today, all of the school's interactive materials for French, German, Spanish, and Chinese, along with much of the school's other video resources and records of its own institutional history, are in digital format. The size of the digital video files and their rapid growth, however, presented a challenge for the IS department-the school's program has already amassed more than 500GB of content and is expecting more. "Initially, we burned CDs and put as many files as we could on our video server, but as the collection grew we kept having to add capacity-expensive and time consuming-and we still had to manage hundred of CDs. It was a real pain. We knew that NAS would be easier to install and maintain, but we had so much data that the costs would have been much too high-especially when we're dealing with static data that we don't need instant access to."

ADIC's StorNext NAS appliance presented an elegant solution by combining tape technology as the primary storage medium with active disk caching in a simple, plug-in NAS appliance. According to Bauer, "now we keep all the video files on our StorNext appliance where they can be accessed directly over the network using the same file system interface that everybody already understands. When files will be used often, we stage them to the video server. Otherwise, they reside on StorNext, which fits neatly in our rack system in only 6 rack units. It's a great system. The big files are off active disk, we don't keep backing them up, they're logically organized in Windows directories, we no longer dig through piles of CDs, and yet we have access to any of the files in about a minute. And StorNext is easy to use and gives us plenty of room to grow."

In addition to video, the StorNext capacity is being used for other large static files that are accessed infrequently. "It holds PowerPoint presentations and the image files we use with Norton's Ghost software to configure our nearly 900 computers. Image-based configuration lets us set up new systems in just a few minutes-handy when you're putting together 500 identical laptops or getting back to ground zero after somebody has messed up the settings. But we needed space for 25 or so separate, multi-gigabyte image files that we don't use very often. It's a perfect application for the StorNext appliance-the files are always accessible but they don't clog up active disk."

At the same time The Hill School moved its static data to StorNext, it also upgraded its backup system, installing an ADIC Scalar 100 tape library with DLT8000 drives. Before, the IS staff backed up nearly 750GB on 20 Dell servers using directly connected DAT drives. "Now, we bring all the data to a central server and it's automatically backed up using Veritas' BackupExec and the Scalar 100. We backup everything once a week, do incrementals every night, and rotate tapes off-site regularly. The data is protected better, and we have time to do the really important things-like teach students and spend time with our families on the weekend." ...ADIC profile

San Jose, Calif. - September 18, 2000 - Connex™ today announced the availability of SANavigator™, an innovative SAN management tool that eliminates the complexity and vendor-specific limitations of existing SAN management products. SANavigator combines an automatic discovery engine with a visual topology display, producing a simple, safe and scalable SAN management solution that can remotely monitor and manage SAN installations from anywhere in the world with a simple-to-use Java-based console. The status of SAN devices can even be monitored at multiple locations through SANavigator's innovative event forwarding feature.

Connex' SANavigator is the first true vendor- and platform-independent SAN management application, freeing IT managers from the restriction of using separate, vendor-specific tools to manage multiple pieces of a SAN. The initial release of SANavigator is the only comprehensive SAN management application to support all Microsoft Windows platforms (98, NT and 2000). Solaris and Linux are also supported. As a pure Java application, SANavigator can quickly and easily be ported to any other OS that supports a Java Virtual Machine. Connex has completed interoperability testing for SANavigator for compliance with all leading suppliers of SAN connectivity hardware, including Brocade, Crossroads, Emulex, Gadzoox, JNI, Qlogic, Pathlight, Vixel and others, ensuring comprehensive support for any customer's SAN installation.

Utilizing a graphical user interface designed specifically for enterprise storage management, SANavigator automatically discovers every device attached to a storage network, including both SAN and supported NAS resources. The SANmap™ component of SANavigator then presents an intuitive visual map of the SAN showing all devices and their interconnections. This visual map makes it an easy task for an IT manager to review and analyze port utilization and both physical and logical data paths. The user can then simply select any mapped device to create or modify the data path, allowing a manager to establish new data path zones, create redundant paths and other management routines, completing with just a few mouse clicks a process that previously took several hours. Device-specific control software can be launched simply by clicking the device icon. SANmap provides a real-time display of the entire SAN topology. As new devices are added to the SAN, they show up automatically in the display with no changes required to the software or configurations. Network managers gain immediate access to all properties of the new device.

All SAN topology data is preserved from one SANavigator session to the next. In addition to the on-screen visual map, Connex makes it easy for SANavigator customers to utilize the mapping data in other applications, as the information can be exported in standard file formats, including comma-delimited files for simple importation into databases or spreadsheets used for asset tracking. SANavigator is fully interoperable with other network management applications that support industry standard protocols SNMP and SMTP. An error logging area can be kept visible in a console window, with device or port failure triggering an SNMP trap in real time. Users can easily customize SANavigator to monitor a variety of SNMP conditions, including duration for timeouts and intervals.

Connex designed SANavigator as a highly scalable solution, capable of supporting simple SAN installations as well as the largest enterprise SANs. SANmap can easily display multiple subnets in a single window, providing users with a graphical overview of the entire enterprise. This unique feature of SANavigator is particularly attractive not only for large corporate users who are running multiple SANs, but for service providers charged with managing several customer sites. ...Connex profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 18, 2000 - Overland Data, Inc. announced today that AIT* LibraryPro™ automated tape library has been certified for use with Connected's TLM new Internet-based eSupport services and software For companies who depend on desktop PCs or who have a growing army of mobile and remote workers, protecting corporate data, keeping PCs operating, and minimizing help desk burden is ensured and simplified with Connected TLM. Available as an Internet service, or deployed in a company's data center, TLM utilizes Overland's AIT LibraryPro to efficiently store this data.

Steve Richardson, Overland's vice president of marketing, stated, "The need to protect corporate data in any location is always a major concern. Connected TLM and the AIT LibraryPro together form an excellent solution that utilizes the power of the Internet to capture this data regularly so that it is available to be restored in real time, anywhere."

By combining its award-winning data protection technology with new system repair capabilities such as complete hardware and software asset discovery, instant remote diagnosis and self-healing, Connected TLM enables IT departments and help desks to easily manage onsite or remotely located PCs. Connected TLM leverages the Internet to automate PC support, a task that until now, depended on manual policies and procedures. Connected's eSupport technology is designed to silently and securely capture all PC information on a regular basis and efficiently send it to a central server, enabling any file, application or system to be automatically retrieved or repaired.

Overland's AIT LibraryPro, can be scaled from one to nine modules for a maximum configuration of 8.55 terabytes native capacity (up to 22.2 TB with compression) and throughput of 388 gigabytes per hour (up to 1.0 TB/hr. with compression) using Sony AIT-2 drives. ...Connected profile, ...Overland profile

Editor's notes:- see also - article:- The Cost of Owning and Storing Data - by Overland Data, Web storage

Wayne, NJ and Bethesda, MD September 18, 2000 – JVC Digital Storage Systems Division has chosen OTG Software, Inc. as its strategic partner to deliver email storage solutions using JVC's DVD-RAM and CD-R libraries. The ongoing JVC-OTG partnership serves a growing marketplace of corporate and industrial customers who are seeking a comprehensive, one-stop solution for mass email storage and filing. Using JVC's award-winning DVD storage system and OTG's next-generation EmailXtender software, customers can realize a reliable solution that is both economical and scaleable for future technology. JVC's DVD-RAM and CD-R jukeboxes will be bundled with OTG's EmailXtender software, resulting in a complete end-to-end solution.

OTG's EmailXtender is the company's new email management software, recently launched at PC Expo in June 2000. JVC's MC-7000 Series DVD-RAM Library Systems, are available in 100, 200, and 600 disc capacity options. (Unlike magnetic tape which has a lower storage life, and read write limits, DVD-RAM media can be overwritten in excess of 100,000 times per disc.)

In a business world that is increasingly reliant on email, there is a burgeoning corporate need for efficient and reliable methods of storage and retrieval. Meeting this need is OTG's new email management, EmailXtender, which is specifically designed to make email a better business tool. EmailXtender provides fast access to stored emails, eliminates size restrictions on messages and attachments, and enables quick email restoral after virus attacks. EmailXtender extends the message stores of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino/Notes, increasing server reliability and uptime. The product automatically moves data off the email message server and into the storage system, automatically capturing and indexing all incoming and outgoing email. The stored emails can then be easily retrieved via any web browser or Microsoft Outlook plug-in. EmailXtender uses enterprise level security and only authorized users have access to the complete archive.

"With the exploding demand for email storage, the combination of OTG's email archiving software with JVC's high performance storage libraries will deliver an easily implemented solution," said Jack Faiman, vice president of JVC. "We chose OTG because of our successful relationship with xVault, which OTG acquired this year and integrated its technology into its EmailXtender product. With this new JVC/OTG bundle, we can now offer storage for large volumes of email on our DVD-RAM libraries." JVC Digital Storage Systems Division, ...OTG Software profile

Princeton, NJ—September 18, 2000 — Dataram Corporation today achieved CMTL (Computer Memory Test Labs) Gold certification for its 128MB, 256MB and 512MB memory modules for use in Intel's SBT2 server. Dataram is offering three capacities, all registered, ECC, 133MHz SDRAM. DTM60158 (128MB), DTM60125 (256MB), and DTM60133 (512MB) are available immediately. SBT2, Intel's first server board to support PC133 memory technology, supports a maximum memory capacity of 4GB and has 4 DIMM sockets. PC133 is the newest memory technology for Intel since RDRAM.

"PC133 offers a 33% performance increase over PC100. It is also a viable option before the new Double Data Rate (DDR) technology fully emerges," states Robert Kanoff, Dataram's Marketing Director.

The SBT2 is a server board designed to make e-business activities and applications more reliable and to give the systems higher performance. This scalable and highly available server board supports dual Pentium Xeon processors and up to 4GB of PC133 ECC registered SDRAM memory. The memory capacity allows for support of a wide cross-section of server applications including, database, web and messaging servers. Additionally, the SBT2 features seven available PCI slots: two 64-bit/66 MHz, one 64-bit/33MHz, and four 32-bit/33MHz. These features allow ample room for growth. Processors with bus speeds of 133MHz require memory operating at 133MHz for optimum performance. The higher bandwidth of PC133 memory fulfills the increasingly larger memory demands for workstations and servers. It is a new standard designed to keep memory up to pace with the quickness in which microprocessors are increasing in performance. ...Dataram profile

SAN DIEGO, CA., and CALGARY, AB., September 15, 2000 — BakBone Software, Inc. today reported financial results for the period ended April 30, 2000. The company also reported unaudited pro forma sales of almost CDN$9.9 million for the 12-month period ending March 31, 2000, and said it had achieved or exceeded a number of strategic goals as part of its formation. For the 45-day period from mid-March 2000, when BakBone was formally incorporated, through April 30, the company reported audited revenues of CDN$483,299. The company reported a net loss during that time of CDN$1.314 million dollars, equivalent to a loss per share of CDN$0.14. Much of the loss was incurred through corporate startup costs. Company officials noted the progress BakBone has made since the company was formally incorporated in March, saying that progress positions BakBone to compete in the rapidly-growing storage management software marketplace.

"We have put a global infrastructure into place, and have begun marketing our NetVault™ storage management software on a worldwide basis," said Tony Cerqueira, BakBone's Chief Executive Officer. "These reflect the kinds of strategic, internal objectives we have set for ourselves. We have either met or exceeded those objectives, with the goal of making BakBone a worldwide leader in our field." ...BakBone Software profile

Melbourne, FL - September 15, 2000 - M4 Data today announced the addition of LTO (Linear Tape Open) technology to its tape library product range. This announcement follows on from IBM's recent announcement of availability of LTO drives.

"By adding the LTO drive to MagFile, customers now have a real choice of tape technologies which will also include SuperDLT when available, ensuring their library investment is fully protected," said David Huntingdon, sales and marketing director for M4 Data. The MagFile range also offers Fibre attach modules and options for connection to SANs and allows remote Web administration. LTO is a new tape standard agreed between IBM, HP and Seagate, which provides 100 GB of uncompressed data at 10-20 MB/sec on a single 4" square cartridge. Due to its highly modular construction, and drive independent design, M4 Data's whole MagFile range will allow easy change to new drive technologies including the new LTO Ultrium and SDLT formats when available.

Ultrium is aimed at the huge market for backup, restore and archive data applications, generally found in network environments. Entry level products are available below $10K and are fully scalable in incremental stages up to 240 cartridges (48 TB compressed), in a standard 19 inch rack, providing the highest cartridge density on the market. LTO's high throughput allows back-up at over 100 GB/ per hour, per drive, with data compression, and also provides much faster access to data, making it very suitable for tape library applications. ...M4 Data profile

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