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storage news - 2001, May - week 1

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Nibble:- The Nun's Story...
How can you stop the ever rising demand for storage in your organization?

My sister went to a convent school in the 1970's and the nuns who taught there had an interesting idea about how to contain the growth in the rising demand for paper based storage...

Firstly, pupils were constrained to write in their exercise books using only pencils. Ink was not allowed.

When you finished an exercise book, you showed it to your teacher who made a note that you had finished an exercise book, and then supplied you an eraser...

You rubbed out all the pages and started again...

In the digital world of today, we can learn from this example as follows...
  • At the start of each new financial year, delete all your old invoices, purchase orders etc to save disk space.
  • At the start of each month, tell all your employees to delete all their old emails. (Most of the people who sent them probably don't work in those companies any more, because of the recession.)
  • Tell your sales people to delete all customer records which are more than a month old. If you've already invoiced their orders you don't need this historic information. On the 80:20 rule, your sales people already remember who your most valuable customers are, anyway, and recording this data in your CRM system threatens their job security and takes up unnecessary storage space.
  • Tell your customer services people to delete all records older than 90 days. Because your company invents new products and services every time your VP of marketing visits a new trade show, the information about your obsolete products is no longer relevant.
If you can achieve all the above, then congratulations! You've found out how you can stop your network storage budget running completely our of control.

You'll be an MIS hero and will soon get promoted to CFO. Then you can stop looking at publications like STORAGEsearch which only make your present life more complicated.

Your company will be featured on the front cover of Fortune magazine, in a special storage budget exposé article. EMC's revenues will decline, and the Byte family will get proper jobs as laboratory mice in the rodent extermination tester market.

Or maybe none of the above will happen...

Postcript on the convent school...

In case you were worried... The nuns didn't completely ruin my sister's education because she later went to a better school, and found a career as a programmer in a major telco. Her kids will be reaching school age in a few years time, but I don't think a convent school is on the short list.
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Why should you care what happens in an SSD when the power goes down?

This important design feature - which barely rates a mention in most SSD datasheets and press releases - has a strong impact on SSD data integrity and operational reliability.

This article will help you understand why some SSDs which (work perfectly well in one type of application) might fail in others... even when the changes in the operational environment appear to be negligible.
image shows Megabyte's hot air balloon - click to read the article SSD power down architectures and acharacteristics If you thought endurance was the end of the SSD reliability story - think again. the article
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BlueArc Corporation Completes $72 Million Funding Round

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - May 7, 2001 BlueArc Corporation today announced the completion of a $72 million round of financing led by Weston Presidio and previous BlueArc investors Celtic House International, Apax Partners & Co., and Patricof & Co. Ventures.

Also joining this round of funding are Dell Ventures, EUROQUBE, New York State Retirement Co-Investment Fund, J.P. Morgan Partners, and Fort Washington Capital. The investment will be used to drive the growth of BlueArc in the extremely fast moving network storage market. Since the company's founding in 1998 BlueArc has secured over $100 million in funding.

BlueArc recently introduced the BlueArc Si7500, the world's first network storage system capable of true multi-gigabit throughput (2000 Megabits/second), at PC Forum 2001. The Si7500, powered by BlueArc's revolutionary SiliconServer™ architecture, brings together the ease-of-installation and management of a NAS system, and the scalability and speed of a SAN. The Si7500 utilizes the SiliconServer architecture to scale to tens of thousands of concurrent user connections, with 99.999% solid-state reliability and 250 Terabytes (TB) of storage capacity behind a single server. Additionally, the Si7500 provides users with significantly lower total cost-of-ownership that can translate up to an 80% saving of customers' capital investment over time. ...BlueArc profile

TANDBERG DATA introduces the new ValuSmart Tape 80 drive

Oslo, Norway - May 7, 2001 - Tandberg Data ASA today announced the introduction of the Tandberg ValuSmart Tape 80, the first half-height DLT tape drive.

The new drive increases value to customers by offering the same capacity and performance as the Tandberg DLT1 tape drive in a 5.25 inch half-height format. Storage servers or workstations can be backed up on a single tape cartridge housed in the server itself. The ValuSmart Tape 80, developed by Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc. offers leading edge price/performance metrics, backward read compatability with the popular DLT1 and DLT4000 formats, and uses DLTtape IV media. Additionally, the recently introduced Tandberg SDLT220 will read data written on the Tandberg ValuSmart Tape 80, extending DLT scalability throughout the entire enterprise. Virtually all of the popular backup software packages are supported by default because the command set is already established by existing DLT products.

The Tandberg ValuSmart Tape 80 boasts a 40GB native capacity (80GB compressed) and a 3MB/second native transfer rate (6MB/second compressed), providing enterprise reliability and performance at low-end server pricing. The Tandberg ValuSmart Tape 80 drive will be available as an internally configured unit and as a tabletop drive at the end of June this year. ...Benchmark Storage Innovations profile, ...Tandberg Data profile

Executive Software Releases Diskeeper 6.0

Las Vegas, Nevada – May 7, 2001: Executive Software today announced the media prerelease of Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition.

Already the fastest, smartest and most efficient network defragmenter in the world; Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition includes advances that enable it to defragment even faster than its earlier version.

Out performing all other commercially available defrag utilities, an independent test report being released by the CEO of NSTL at Networld+Interop this week also reveals that Diskeeper defragments a disk significantly more thoroughly and from 300 to 500% faster than even the disk defragmenter included in the Windows 2000 operating system. And, according to earlier independent tests, Diskeeper provides system performance gains on Windows NT / 2000 by as much as 200 percent.

Despite the increase in speed, Diskeeper, the number one selling defragmenter for the enterprise according to PC Data, "uses only one third of the memory and one fifth of the CPU resources when compared to other defragmenters," noted Joe Osgood, product manager at Executive Software. "Our technical advances with speed were just too good to wait until the next full version release. Processes that might have taken hours now can be done in a couple minutes!"

Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition also includes new boot time defragmentation technology to safely defragment system files in about the time it takes for a typical system boot. This feature eliminates down time and follows strict safety guidelines set by Microsoft. ...Executive Software profile

See also:- Refragmenter software

WQuinn's StorageCentral in Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 2.0

May 7, 2001 — Reston VA — W. Quinn Associates, Inc.™ ("WQuinn"), the leading provider of enterprise storage resource management software, announced today that Microsoft has released its Server Appliance Kit (SAK) 2.0 to manufacturing with WQuinn's StorageCeNTral storage resource management (SRM) technology embedded in the kit.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft of Microsoft Corp. highlighted the release to manufacturing of the Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 2.0 today at the Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Developers Conference 2001 Tokyo. WQuinn originally announced its strategic alliance with Microsoft on March 5, 2001, an agreement which involved Microsoft licensing WQuinn's StorageCeNTral SRM technology for inclusion in Microsoft's Server Appliance Kit 2.0. The technologies covered under the terms of the agreement include StorageCeNTral's patented real-time quota monitoring and enforcement, "best practices" storage utilization reporting, and screening of unwanted file types such as MP3 files from writing to server appliances built on the Server Appliance Kit 2.0. ...W. Quinn Associates profile

Vixel Launches Highest Performance 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel Fabric Switch

Las Vegas, NV, May 7, 2001 – Vixel Corporation today announced the launch of its 2 gigabit per second 9000 Series Fibre Channel Fabric switches, doubling the speed of the interconnect devices necessary for today's mission-critical SAN applications.

Vixel will debut its 9000 Series switches at NetWorld + Interop in Las Vegas, May 7- 11, 2001. General availability for the new 9000 Series switches will be June 28, 2001. The 16-port 9300-HA (High Availability) model lists for $22,700. Vixel's 2 Gb/s 9000 Series switches offer full duplex speeds of up to 400 MB/s at each port. ...Vixel profile

Cereva Highlights Internet Storage at Networld + Interop

Las Vegas, NV, May 7, 2001 - Cereva Networks™ Inc. will demonstrate the unique benefits and advantages of purpose-built Internet Storage systems when Networld + Interop 2001 opens tomorrow at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Located in booth #7949, Cereva's presentations and products will underscore the inability of conventional enterprise storage to support Internet applications and to meet the scalability and profitability needs of Internet data centers (IDCs) and content providers.

Cereva, based in Marlborough, Mass., has developed a revolutionary storage system designed specifically for the needs of these IDCs. Combining high-speed networking, massively parallel processing and intelligent storage in a single, flexible system, the solution will enable Internet data centers to greatly accelerate Web-content delivery, reduce infrastructure and operating costs, and significantly improve return on investment. Today, Internet data centers and content providers are challenged by continuous, unpredictable subscriber growth, spikes in traffic, infrastructure and management complexity and content diversity. This has resulted, in part, from trying to retrofit enterprise storage systems to support Internet applications and content. Cereva's product will converge such technologies and protocols as SAN, NAS and native HTTP and FTP, together with streaming media and other content-distribution capabilities, in a single, modular, massively scalable platform - all specifically developed to address these unique challenges. ...Cereva Networks profile

Adaptec's New ATA/100 RAID Products

MILPITAS, Calif., May 4, 2001 - Adaptec, Inc. today unveiled two new ATA RAID controllers, the Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A, an ATA RAID 5 controller offering advanced RAID functionalities; and the ATA RAID 1200A, Adaptec's first low-profile ATA RAID 0/1 card.

The new products make data protection more accessible for price-sensitive, entry-level server customers using ATA drives.

"Adaptec's expansion into ATA products represents the company's vision to put RAID on every server," said Lee Caswell, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Storage Solutions Group.

The ATA RAID 2400A, shipping now, is the industry's first ATA RAID controller to offer online capacity expansion, an advanced feature currently only available in SCSI RAID products. The four-channel ATA/100 controller features an Intel i960RS/100 processor and can manage up to four hard drives at once. It offers full OS support, including Windows Me, NetWare, Linux, Free BSD, and SCO Unix, in addition to Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. The product comes with Adaptec's Storage Manager Pro RAID array setup and management software utility (widely used across Adaptec's RAID product line), and a three-year service and support warranty. Estimated retail price for the ATA RAID 2400A is $350. ...Adaptec profile

Continuous Computing Launches High-Availability NAS Appliance

SAN DIEGO, May 4, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU) today launched its Hi-File™ high-availability NAS appliance for both enterprise and telco Central Office applications.

Using CCPU's unique high-availability middleware technology, upSuite™, Hi-File features transparent sub-second fail-over and transparent file system replication over TCP/IP. The result is an extremely reliable data storage device that requires a minimal amount of management.
When deployed in pairs, Hi-File provides unsurpassed availability and performance with a low total cost of ownership. Hi-File provides sub-second transparent fail-over to network clients by enabling IP address fail-over and file handle fail-over. Consequently, network clients continue to use the same IP address and the same file handles after a failure. Network clients are completely unaware that a failure has taken place. Continuous Computing, HA NAS
"Hi-File is designed to be deployed in pairs. It's for applications where reliability and high-availability are critical, such as data centers or telephone Central Offices," explains CCPU Product Marketing Manager, Adam Stevenson. "This is a unique network appliance that offers complete fail-over and data replication and beyond five 9s of availability. It offers a better and faster solution than alternative products at a fraction of the total cost of ownership."

In addition to being NEBS compliant, Hi-File offers either -48 Volt DC or AC power supplies to meet strict telco standards. The current configuration of Hi-File consists of twelve hot-swappable 36 Gigabyte hard drives for a total of 432 Gigabytes. Other features include dual SCSI chains, three 10/100 Ethernet ports, optional dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and two expansion slots. Hi-File includes a RAID manager and supports NFS, CIFS and HTTP.

Hi-File is immediately available to both OEMs and end-users. Single systems have a list price of $19,995. Pairs of Hi-Files are available for $38,995. ...Continuous Computing profile

Drop-in Replacement for Hard-to-Find Narrow SCSI Disk Drives Now Available

PHOENIX, AZ. May 3, 2001 - Adtron Corporation now offers a form-fit-function replacement for hard-to-find SCSI narrow 2.5" and 3.5" disk drives in capacities to 20 Gbytes.

These storage systems can be factory configured to match the geometry and command set of the original SCSI disk drives they replace. The products incorporate an IDE disk drive with proprietary Adtron electronics to fully emulate the operation of a narrow SCSI disk drive. The SCSI command set supports consistent system operation and eliminates costly disk drive requalification with each new disk drive generation.

Alan Fitzgerald, President of Adtron, comments, "These products extend the availability of SCSI narrow hard disks to 2 to 3 years instead of the typical 4 to 6 month life cycle of SCSI disk drive models. An OEM should experience significant cost savings through the elimination of large quantity last time buys and the resulting inventory carrying costs, and by eliminating system redesign to transition their products to wide, ultra wide, or LVD SCSI products."

The 3.5", 10 GByte capacity drive, S35I2-10G, is priced at $350.00 USD per unit in OEM quantities of 1,000. Lead time is stock to eight weeks ARO. ...Adtron profile, SCSI SSDs

LSI Logic first to validate Ultra320 SCSI interoperability

MILPITAS, Calif., May 3, 2001 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced the industry's first successful validation of Ultra320 SCSI interoperability and packetized protocol, an accomplishment that moves next-generation SCSI performance from conference room debate to marketplace reality.

In collaboration with leading disk drive makers IBM, Quantum and Seagate, early testing of LSI Logic's Ultra320 SCSI silicon shows that the goals for improved signal integrity, reduced bus overhead, and dramatically better throughput performance were achieved.

"This isn't an announcement about alliances and plans for future testing… we've completed six months of testing to prove true Ultra320 interoperability and packetized protocol with the leading drive vendors. Our homework means we can deliver to the market a more complete solution, sooner and with high confidence," said David Steele, director of product planning and management for LSI Logic.

Using an Ultra320 SCSI controller, LSI Logic becomes the first SCSI vendor to validate the key features as specified in the SPI-4 (SCSI Parallel Interface version 4.0) draft standard specification for Ultra320 SCSI. In addition, LSI Logic has had 0.18-micron Ultra320 buffer silicon in the lab to complete extensive signal integrity transceiver testing across a wide spectrum of system configurations, through a variety of cables, backplanes and terminators with the disk drives. Using Ultra320 SCSI technology from LSI Logic, businesses and commerce will be able to move critical data faster and with increased reliability. Ultra320 technology is ideal for high-bandwidth and data-hungry workstation and server applications such as multi-media and on-line transaction processing. Users will benefit from the improved signal integrity enabled by pre-compensation, paced transfers, skew compensation; and by reduced protocol overhead as enabled by packetized protocol, Quick Arbitrate and Select (QAS), Retained Training Information (RTI) and data streaming. ...LSI Logic profile

ISCSI Versus Fibre Channel? - Eurologic Systems Hosts Panel Discussion

May 03, 2001 - Eurologic Systems will host a breakfast and panel discussion next week at Networld+Interop 2001 - on the various views in the storage industry on the direction of network storage.

A variety of new network storage infrastructures are rapidly emerging, among them Fibre Channel and iSCSI. Each has its own benefits. The discussion will focus on answering the question: Is storage infrastructure converging, or will one standard dominate? Enjoy breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., followed by the panel discussion from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Industry experts participating on the panel include: Moderator: John McArthur, Vice President, Storage Research, International Data Corporation Panel Members: WHEN: Wednesday, May 9, 2001 at 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time

WHERE: The Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

CONTACT: Registration: Kay Brewer, Eurologic Corporation phone 978/266-9224 ...Eurologic Systems profile

Sanrise Closes $203 Million Since Inception in May of 2000

DUBLIN, Calif., May 2, 2001 — Sanrise Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries, a privately held global managed storage service provider, announced today that it has successfully completed the second closing of its Series B equity round in the total amount of $115 million.

This substantial round positions sanrise™ as a dominant force in the managed data storage arena, and brings the total amount of equity, debt and lease facilities issued, raised and committed to $203 million since the company's inception in May of 2000.

The infusion of funds will accelerate the build-out of sanrise's global fiber optic data storage network infrastructure, expansion of its global operations, further offshore development initiatives, and continued growth of the company's highly skilled, professional teams in North America, Europe and Asia.

"This unprecedented round of funding is a tangible demonstration of the high level of confidence of the investment and technology communities from market leaders such as Morgan Stanley, VERITAS and Exodus," said David Schneider, sanrise President and CEO. "sanrise is clearly poised for industry leadership."

The Series B investors include: ACON Venture Partners, a Texas Pacific Group affiliate; Comdisco Ventures, a division of Comdisco, Inc. (NYSE: CDO); Crosspoint Venture Partners; Exodus Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXDS); GATX Ventures, Inc., a subsidiary of GATX Corporation (NYSE: GMT); Global Innovation Partners; Greenbridge Partners LLC; The Greenspun Corporation; Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, Hitachi Ltd. (NYSE: HIT); Lighthouse Capital Partners; Morgan Keegan (NYSE: MOR); Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Equity Funding, an affiliate of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (NYSE: MWD); Oasis Ventures; and VERITAS Software Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTS).

"sanrise has created a flexible and scalable storage solution delivering the speed-to-market required by rapidly growing enterprises, both established and emerging," said Seth Neiman, managing general partner of Crosspoint Venture Partners, the company's principal venture investor, which also provided sanrise with Series A funding in May 2000. "With advanced technology, market readiness and a dynamic business model designed to sustain growth and profit, sanrise is ideally positioned to capitalize on a tremendous market opportunity and claim significant market share in this space." ...Sanrise profile

Ateonix Unveils Compelling NAS Economics for the SMB and Workgroup Market

Fremont, Calif. - May 02, 2001 - today Ateonix Networks, Inc. introduced its NASAS-2040(TM) NAS appliance.

The NASAS-2040 appliance's diskless server architecture provides high reliability and an upgradeable Flash ROM-based OS. This feature also allows separate purchase of the NAS server appliance and off-the-shelf storage (disk drives) delivering compelling economics to OEMs, the channel and end users.

The NASAS-2040 appliance delivers breakthrough economics in the NAS market with a solution that can grow along with business and data needs, including:
  • Highly reliable, field-upgradeable OS based in Flash ROM;
  • Just-in-time, field-installable and upgradeable, off-the-shelf storage;
  • Storage capacity in each unit from 0 to 512GB (four 128GB disks);
  • High-density storage in 1 U form factor for rack mount configurations;
  • Less than 15 minutes installation and configuration time;
  • Self-contained, Web-based administration, management and upgrade;
  • Standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet port;
  • RAID 0,1,5 support, Dynamic and Static IP support, and cross-platform file systems support.
"Right now, SMBs and workgroups are paying a premium for storage if they want to address long-range storage options, and their usage predictions are often just guesses," said Ben Chen, chief executive officer and president of Ateonix Networks, Inc. "Our NASAS-2040 appliance allows them to add drive space when they need it, and they never have to return the appliance for upgrades. It allows them to take advantage of market-driven storage costs to provide the capacity that their networks need."

NASAS-2040 appliances are available today for qualified OEM and Distribution partners, with volume shipments in the second half of 2001. The NASAS-2040 appliance is priced at $1,800 and special discount schedules are available for volume buyers. ...Ateonix Networks profile

CNT Introduces Remote Managed Services For Tivoli Storage Manager

MINNEAPOLIS and SAN FRANCISCO - May 2, 2001 - CNT today announced the availability of a new Managed Services offering: Remote Managed Services for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

With this offering, CNT becomes the first independent provider of storage services to offer remote management and monitoring for backup and recovery infrastructures based on TSM. This service offering delivers to clients the ability to outsource backup and recovery operations without having to outsource their primary data storage. Remote Managed Services for TSM provides monitoring and management of backup applications, processes and platforms of infrastructures employing TSM. Depending on need, clients can select from three service levels: silver, gold and platinum. A comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) documenting CNT's commitment is established with each client.

Data storage is doubling every 15 months, according to a study by Reality Research (March 2001). This same study pointed out that backup/recovery dominates as the number one issue confronting IT managers today. As data grows, the number of candidates trained in storage management applications has not kept pace.

"CNT is committed to helping our clients succeed - as the value of data continues to climb, the monitoring and management of that data has taken on new meaning. Our new service offerings in the remote monitoring and management arena are designed to position CNT as an extension of our clients staff, a true partner in their success," says Rob Beyer, vice president of managed services at CNT, "and, when combined with our Electronic Tape Vaulting Service, clients now have the opportunity to build comprehensive remote recovery infrastructures." ...CNT profile, ...Tivoli profile

PowerFile Introduces C200E Enterprise Edition™ Jukebox

New York – May 2, 2001 – PowerFile announces the PowerFile C200E Enterprise Edition, a PowerFile C200 DVD/CD jukebox combined with OTG Software's SmartStor® Archive software, to bring an enterprise-level storage solution to the enterprise workgroup environment and small-to-medium size businesses.

Priced at $4,999, the C200E Enterprise Edition provides up to a terabyte of storage and is an economic alternative to any NAS solution and is easily scalable to deliver additional storage capacity. Using a specially designed version of the award-winning C200 Studio jukebox, PowerFile integrates OTG Software's SmartStor® Archive read-only software into the Enterprise Edition. This provides single drive letter access, directory and file cache abilities, and Windows and Macintosh client support. With SmartStor® Archive read-only software, C200E Enterprise Edition owners can tailor their storage needs to their growth while maintaining seamless, immediate file access through a customized PowerFile and Smart Storage intuitive interface.

"We have created an enterprise storage jukebox that benefits both the end-user and the IT professional responsible for enterprise storage," said Chris Stevens, PowerFile's founder and CEO. "The PowerFile C200E is multi-platform, reliable, easy to install and use, and provides more storage per dollar than any other product."
  • Seamless integration of PowerFile and OTG Software specific interface
  • Directory and file caching for immediate file and meta data access
  • Dual DVD/CD-ROM drives for reading two discs simultaneously
  • Single drive letter access for multiple users
  • IEEE-1394 connectivity; no SCSI IDs or termination
  • No client software needed, unlimited Windows and Macintosh client access
  • 200-disc capacity with up to a terabyte of storage
  • Scalable: three ports for daisy-chaining
...PowerFile profile

Network Storage Solutions Introduces Journaling File System (JFS), Failover

Chantilly, VA - May 1, 2001 - Network Storage Solutions (NSS announced the release of Version 4 of its award-winning SPANStor™ NAS operating system.

The new release features a journaling file system (JFS) and support for Failover functions between primary and secondary servers. Both are critically important to companies requiring fast and uninterrupted access to corporate data and files. Designed to deliver high throughput as well as enhanced client performance and reliability, SPANStor with JFS provides a highly scalable, log-based file system for high performance systems. JFS also offers users improved structural consistency, uncorrupted data recoverability, and much faster restart times than non-journaled file systems in the event of system failure. Its quick restart capability can restore a file system to a consistent state in a matter of seconds.

The Failover functions in SPANStor provide even greater assurance of data availability by allowing one NAS appliance to monitor the health of a second appliance, taking over network storage operations should problems occur. This is achieved via a sophisticated combination of redundant system and network heartbeat monitors. With the new functionality, NSS is even more attractive to users who cannot tolerate any downtime, such as ISPs or ASPs. The company also continues to attract other high-storage users challenged with identifying affordable, scalable, reliable, high-performing, and easy-to-manage solutions to mounting data storage concerns. Should a system crash occur, JFS uses database journaling techniques to restore a file system in seconds.

"JFS provides our users with even better structural consistency, uncorrupted data recoverability, and faster restart times," said Brad Clemmons, President and CEO of Network Storage Solutions. "Adding JFS is further validation of NSS' commitment to providing highly scalable, robust, enterprise-class performing NAS appliances at the most affordable price points on the market." ...Network Storage Solutions profile

Rimage Delivers New Intellectual Property Protection Methodologies to Customers

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 1, 2001 - Rimage Corporation has today announced the availability of multiple intellectual property (IP) protection methodologies to its customers.

The first part of the two-part initiative will provide a gateway between Rimage's Perfect Image Producer software suites and IP copy protection software from major vendors and is immediately available. Rimage customers will be able to purchase copy protection software from major vendors such as Eastman Kodak Company and Tribeka, which will interface with the Rimage Producer family of high throughput, automated CD-R publishing systems. Rimage has worked with Kodak to tailor the Kodak copy protection offering for the Rimage Producer product family. Rimage plans to offer the copy protection software through its normal distribution channels.

The second part of the initiative will employ Encrypted Digital Fingerprint, a proprietary watermarking capability with every Rimage Producer system that ships. Unlike other available watermarking methods, EDF delivers a true forensic capability by embedding indelible and undetectable watermarks throughout the CD format and the content of the discs. EDF watermarks persist through subsequent copy operations to deter illegal mass duplication of software and other proprietary materials by leaving a forensic trail back to the original recipient of the content.

"The EDF capability is designed to survive mass duplication or re-creation or adaptations of software because indelible and persistent digital fingerprints will be embedded onto discs hundreds to thousands of times," said Ken Klinck, vice president of sales and marketing. EDF will be fully implemented by mid-June. ...Rimage profile

See also:- CD & DVD duplicators

TrueSAN Strengthens Customer Support with IBM Global Services

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 1, 2001 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc. today announced it has contracted IBM Global Services to help deliver customer support and services for TrueSAN enterprise storage networking solutions.

According to the agreement, TrueSAN will offer its customers access to IBM's installation services, onsite hardware support services (7x24, 4-hour target onsite response or 5x9 Next Business Day onsite response) and help desk and remote technical support services to help ensure that mission-critical applications are kept online. The agreement, effective immediately, combines TrueSAN's network storage solutions with support coverage from IBM Global Services, the largest IT services and support organization in the world. With this agreement, TrueSAN can focus vital resources on engineering breakthrough storage technologies while offering customers product support services performed by IBM. ...TrueSAN Networks profile

StorageSoft Announces ImageCast V4.5

LOUISVILLE, Colorado, May 1, 2001 — StorageSoft Inc., software developer of drive utilities used to configure, deploy and manage PCs, with distribution of over thirty million copies worldwide, announced today a major upgrade to the company's PC deployment and image management software, ImageCast v4.5.

The new version of ImageCast is an ideal solution for Windows 2000 deployments. By using ImageCast, system administrators can accelerate the migration of an entire corporation to Windows 2000 and remotely install Office 2000. ImageCast provides all of the necessary tools for preparing the system for imaging, including a Windows 2000 Preparation Utility that clears errors from the hard disk and verifies that each partition is within the imaging parameters before starting the deployment process.

ImageCast is ideal for gathering hardware inventory, backing up and restoring multiple PCs and provides disaster recovery, thereby reducing PC ownership and support costs for corporate IT. Using ImageCast with a desktop migration utility such as Miramar's Desktop DNA will save the administrator additional time in reconfiguring personal desktop settings, as administrators can migrate individual desktop personality information from one central console. ...StorageSoft profile

Videopropulsion and Genroco in Discussions to Re-Merge

SLINGER, Wisconsin, May 1, 2001 - VideoPropulsion, Inc. (OTC BB: "VDOP"), which was spun off from GENROCO, Inc. (OTC BB: "GRCI") ten months ago, has begun negotiations to merge with its former parent subject to approval by shareholders, finalization of an agreement endorsed by each of the boards, and completion of filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The surviving company is expected to take on the VideoPropulsion name and stock symbol, and focus its efforts on providing hardware and software products for the emerging interactive television and high definition digital video image processing market.

Subject to board approval, Barbara R. Pick is expected to remain President and Chief Executive Officer of VideoPropulsion. Carl A. Pick, who has been President of GENROCO and Chairman of the Board of both organizations, is expected to continue as Chairman of VideoPropulsion, once affirmed by the board. "The combined resources and infrastructure of the two smaller firms will assist VideoPropulsion attempting to seek a leadership role in the deployment of interactive digital TV content and delivery," exclaims Barbara Pick. "We anticipate offering unique and powerful 'glass to glass' solutions involving moving video from the glass of the movie camera lens to the glass of television screen." ...GENROCO profile

Editor's comments:- the outlook for most US computer companies is a lot different today than it seemed a year ago. This release shows a management that is willing to adapt to the new realities.

High Velocity Systems Announces Bullet 600 Interoperability with QLogic

Danbury, CT –May 1, 2001 – High Velocity Systems today announced the successful completion of testing of its Bullet 600 hub for compatibility with several Fibre Channel products manufactured by QLogic Corporation.

High Velocity's Bullet 600 was successfully tested by QLogic in its on-site SANtrack interoperability testing facility with the QLA2200 and QLA2300 Series SANblade Fibre Channel host bus adapters and the QLogic SanBox 8 and SANbox 16 switches.

High Velocity's Bullet 600, is an easy-to use six port, high-speed Fibre Channel hub used in Fibre Channel networks to provide high-speed data transfers among network storage devices. High Velocity maintains a list of compatible Fibre Channel equipment on its website at

"In today's Fibre Channel community, interoperability is the key to implementing successful Fibre Channel storage systems," said Charles Palanzo, Director of Product Development for High Velocity. "Our Bullet 600 hub is simple to operate and configure but is often used in more complicated configurations to increase port count and lower overall system cost. Completion of successful interoperability tests with QLogic, a leading provider of SAN infrastructure, allows end-users the flexibility of safely selecting an affordable hub for use within more complex networks."

"The Bullet 600 provided an easy expansion to our SAN Test Line and should provide a cost-effective means for customers to expand their Storage Area Networks," said Jeff Nesler, director of technical services and support, QLogic Corporation. "We tested heavy data throughputs with high end Fibre RAIDs and JBOD's with no issues." ...High Velocity Systems profile, ...QLogic profile

Xythos Announces $6.3 Million in Series A Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 01, 2001 - Xythos Software, Inc, today announced that it received $6.3 million from IDG Ventures, Softbank Venture Capital and other investors.

Both IDG and Softbank contributed $3 million each. Xythos develops sever-based file management software that provides secure file storage and sharing functions over the Web, leveraging businesses' existing storage network infrastructures.

Xythos was founded in 1999 with the vision of utilizing the Internet to provide secure file access to any user from any Web-enabled device. It is pioneering the server-based file management industry by utilizing the new WebDAV standard. While HTTP is the standard protocol for Web page presentation, WebDAV extends its functionality to provide secure file writing and sharing capability, helping businesses "Webify" their file management. In addition to extending end user file utility, Xythos software also helps businesses leverage their storage network investments by operating universally across diverse storage and server architectures and operating environments, including a wide variety of SAN and NAS implementations.

"Customers are demanding standards-based solutions to maximize IT efficiency and minimize their total storage costs," said Kevin Wiggen, Xythos founder and CEO. "Whether businesses choose to outsource their storage and file management needs to hosted service providers or continue to use their own data centers, Xythos WebFile Solutions can help them be more productive."

Xythos will use its Series A funding to expand and accelerate the introduction of its WebFile solutions and increase research and development at its new headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The company markets its products directly to corporate IT departments, as well as through hosted service providers (HSPs) and Web applications developers.

Corporate enterprises are demanding solutions to assist in file management on complex storage networks, due to several factors, including the e-business phenomenon and employees that need remote access to data on laptops or PDAs. As a result, IT departments are implementing storage management solutions or outsourcing to xSPs. IDC predicts the storage management software market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 15.9% from a 1999 value of $5 billion to a 2004 value of $10.4 billion, as more storage software comes to market to meet the needs of HSPs and enterprise IT departments. Xythos' technologies meet the demands of HSPs and enterprises by seamlessly fitting into any existing storage network and running on any platform. ...Xythos profile

Agaté's Q. Now Available for Apple Macintosh Community

CERRITOS, California, May 1, 2001 - Agaté Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of support for Apple Macintosh operating systems 9.x, making Agaté's Q. USB storage device compatible with these Macintosh computers and allowing for the cross-platform transfer of data between Macintosh and PC.

The new compatibility is consistent with Agaté's strategy to move the Q. into wider arenas of customer use, and is in direct response to demand from the Macintosh community for this function.

"Mac users are some of the most innovative and forward-thinking we have encountered," said, John Madigan, President and Chief Operating Officer for Agaté. "Agaté is thrilled with the high level of interest we consistently receive from this group." Macintosh users of Agaté's Q. USB storage device can now transfer their data onto the device through the USB port, and then transport that same data to a PC where it will be available through the USB port. "Agaté sees this enhancement as a milestone in data mobility and convenience, of particular advantage to professionals and students moving data between operating environments," continues Madigan. ...Agaté Technologies profile

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