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LUMBERTON, NJ, OCTOBER 5, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies (Nasdaq: INRG), a leader in scalable storage networking solutions, announced today that it has promoted John Schwab to the position of Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Schwab has served as INRANGE's Corporate Controller since September 2000, managing the company's financial reporting and playing a key role in the integration of the three INRANGE acquisitions completed in 2001. Prior to joining INRANGE, Mr. Schwab was with Arthur Andersen LLP in a variety of roles.

Mr. Schwab replaces Jay Zager, who is leaving INRANGE after serving as its Executive Vice President and CFO since May 2000. Mr. Zager, who helped take INRANGE through its successful initial public offering in September 2000 and its first full year as a public company, will be working with Mr. Schwab through the middle of October to effect a smooth transition. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

October 05, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. will continue increasing its European presence with its NeoT series tape library, on display at Storage Expo 2001 October 17 and 18, at the NEC, Birmingham, England on Stand No. 515. Overland will introduce its new Neo LXN4000 - the second product in the company's Neo series family. The LXN4000 can take up to four DLTtape or Super DLTtape drives, together with four magazines capable of holding 15 DLT/Super DLT cartridges each. This new product can be mixed with the existing LXN2000 module to provide a cost-effective tape library of up to 240 tapes.

Overland's Neo series LXN4000 establishes new benchmarks in modular tape library design and high availability in tape automation. By supplying up to 24 TB of capacity, enterprise performance, and an advanced feature set, Neo is the ideal solution for both large and small operating environments. The 10U-high LXN4000 tape library base module supports up to four drives and up to 52 media slots. When configured with four modules, each multi-module library system operates as a single virtual library, and may be provided with either DLT8000 or Super DLTtape drives for optimal compatibility, performance, and capacity up to 24 TB. ...Overland Data profile, ...Storage Expo

October 4, 2001 - Gresham Enterprise Software, the storage management software division of Gresham Computing, is unveiling its new LAN-Free product, EDT -DistribuTAPE™ v6.3 at Storage Expo 2001, which is being held at the NEC on the 17-18th October. EDT-DistribuTAPE v6.3 allows StorageTek tape drives and libraries to be shared amongst multiple Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) servers and now for the first time, TSM LAN-Free Storage Agents, eliminating the need to have dedicated tape drives for each TSM instance and saving significant money in hardware costs.

The show will also be used as a platform for the company to present its new channel strategy in conjunction with Tivoli and StorageTek, in addition to further product announcements. Gresham Computing will be exhibiting on stand number 325....Gresham Computing profile, ...Storage Expo

Burnaby, BC - October 4, 2001 - MERLIN Software Technologies International, Inc. today started shipping the Essential Server, a high-performance network server with fully integrated data backup and recovery. The Essential Server is a cost effective, user installable system that does not require expensive IT technical support. It is designed to meet the data storage, backup and recovery needs of small to mid-size enterprises, regional offices and corporate departments.

Merlin's Essential Server is the first, fully-integrated solution that combines hard disk storage, tape drive, and CD-RW along with proven backup, mirroring and recovery software. It's a cost-effective, easy to install and manage alternative to building a solution based on Microsoft® Windows NT.

"Reaching commercial release is an extremely important milestone for the company," said Robert Heller, President and CEO of Merlin. "Our beta-test program was an unqualified success, confirming the Essential Server is a product that businesses need. I'm happy to report that all beta sites have endorsed the product. In addition to providing complete data protection, back-up and availability, the Essential Server doesn't require IT technicians to install, operate or maintain it. Essential Server takes care of itself while it takes care of your data."

"We are very excited to be able to offer the Essential Server to our client base," said David Bull, owner and president of MicroAge Vancouver, a value-added reseller with 70 offices across Western Canada. "It fills a real need in the small and mid-size enterprise market for a cost effective and intelligent storage and backup appliance. Essential Server is an innovative product and there's nothing like it in the market today."

"We installed the Essential Server in minutes and it's performed perfectly," said Stacey Bodnaruk, owner of Reactive Design, a local graphic and website design company.

"The product is eye-catching, very solidly built and really solves our problem for easy and reliable data storage and backup. We're keeping the beta unit."

"In our business, ensuring the security and availability of our client's data is critical," says Joyce Wishart, managing director of Need a Little Help Bookkeeping Services, one of the largest bookkeeping services in Vancouver. "We looked at implementing a Windows NT-based solution for file sharing and backups but were introduced to the Essential Server through our computer reseller. The Essential Server saved us over $3,000 compared to the NT solution, it's cost effective and the implementation hasn't disrupted our business."

The Essential Server is available immediately through selected resellers. The complete solution, including tape backup, starts below $3,000USD and is a perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses, regional offices, or corporate departments. ...MERLIN profile

October 04, 2001 - Raidtec Corporation today announced the availability of its SAN Virtualization Appliance, SNAZ SVA, for mid-range to enterprise SANs. Storage virtualization is an innovative technology that dramatically changes the way storage is deployed, used and managed. Virtualization allows heterogeneous servers to share a variety of storage devices transparently. SNAZ SVA connects to the SAN and presents all attached storage as one or more global storage pools. It allows any number of volumes to be created, expanded, assigned and replicated to any number of hosts. The asymmetric (out of the data path) storage virtualization architecture of SNAZ SVA provides a central storage management point, while data is directly transferred between the host computer and storage devices, thus facilitating truly heterogeneous SANs.

"The key drawbacks to symmetric (in the data path) storage virtualization architectures are the limits on performance and scalability, requiring more costly hardware resources and higher switch port counts to allow comparable levels of performance and redundancy to asymmetric storage virtualization approaches," stated Noel May, CEO, Raidtec Corporation. "SNAZ SVA provides scalability, higher performance, lower cost and increased reliability and security."

SNAZ SVA facilitates storage consolidation, disaster recovery management, online backup and clustering capabilities. It is ideally suited for corporate database, call centre, online transaction processing, real-time systems, enterprise B2B, ISP, ASP and almost any enterprise computing environment.

"The amount of data used by a company and its dependency on this data is increasing rapidly, creating the need to perform more frequent backup of more data in less time, requiring new techniques to protect the data from software or human error. SVA InstaView can be used for replication and migration of data to allow for non-interruptive online backup strategies and enterprise disaster planning and recovery," said Johnny Cardosi, President of Raidtec Corporation.

Raidtec has a series of white papers on storage virtualization, which are available on request. ...RAIDTEC profile

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - October 3, 2001 - BakBone Software™ (TSE: BKB), a global provider of storage management software, announced today the expectation of increased revenues for the company's second fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2001. These anticipated results demonstrate BakBone's growth and provide a positive outlook moving into the third fiscal quarter 2002. BakBone expects an excess of 35 percent revenue growth compared to the previous quarter ending June 30, 2001. For the current fiscal year 2002, BakBone management projects revenue growth to exceed 160 percent over the previous fiscal year ending March 31, 2001. As part of BakBone's strategy, the company had already reduced operating expenses and expects expenses for the quarter ending September 30, 2001 to be consistent with the prior quarter. BakBone is committed to maintaining the same level of operating expenses during the remainder of fiscal year 2002 as part of the company's path to positive cash flow.

"The second fiscal quarter of 2002 highlights BakBone's growth in key areas of our business. As we continue to keep our costs under control and move towards positive cash flow in calendar year 2002, we have successfully met our revenue goals," said Keith Rickard, President & CEO of BakBone. "As storage solutions continue to be a business critical area for companies worldwide, BakBone is well-positioned to take advantage of future growth opportunities." ...BakBone profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - October 3, 2001 - Seagate Technology now adds the power and administrative flexibility of the Linux OS to its SeaTools Enterprise Edition system diagnostic software. Seagate's Enterprise Edition is part of the SeaTools Suite, a group of user-invoked diagnostic applications that provide quick, easy and accurate diagnosis of hard drives within a system. By incorporating both Java-based and command-line mode versions, SeaTools Enterprise Edition for Linux can now be run with either its standard easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface or remotely via command-line for flexible remote server management.

Prior to the introduction of SeaTools, more than 40% of returned disc drives were actually discovered to have no problems found. Among those customers using SeaTools, "no problem found" drive returns were reduced by 80%.

The Diagnostic "D" in Seagate's 3D Defense System, Seagate's SeaTools Suite saves time, data, and money by keeping healthy disc drives in a system and eliminating unnecessary drive returns. ...Seagate Technology profile

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San Jose, CA & Haarlem, The Netherlands - October 3, 2001 - Trace Affex has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with DAX Archiving Solutions for the Trace Affex CD/DVD jukebox product line -- a Cygnet product line acquired by Trace Affex earlier this year. Under terms of their agreement, DAX Archiving Solutions will have the exclusive marketing rights to the id100/DVD100 jukebox product line manufactured by Trace Affex -- and will incorporate the jukeboxes into its smartDAX product line. Prior to the agreement, DAX was already using the jukeboxes in its network-attached smartDAX 100 and smartDAX 200 systems. The two companies will also explore the possibility of manufacturing complete smartDAX 100 and smartDAX 200 units, including net-attach hardware and software, at the Trace Affex facility in San Jose. The agreement took effect on October 1, 2001.

"This partnership makes sense for both companies," said Dave Kalstrom, president and CEO of Trace Affex. "Our id100/DVD100 jukeboxes have had wide acceptance in the industry. With their additional, powerful capabilities, the smartDAX products will create even more demand. As a result, we expect market penetration to significantly increase."

"Our partnership with Trace Affex will be mutually beneficial," agreed Kees Machielsen, president and CEO of DAX Archiving Solutions. "Ricoh Silicon Valley recently qualified the smartDAX 100 and smartDAX 200 for the Ricoh eCabinet product line. In addition, we will be introducing a new product, the eCabiDAX 100, that combines our smartDAX 100 capabilities with those of eCabinet. Ricoh expects a wide market for eCabinet, which is the first intelligent electronic filing system for archiving, sharing and finding important papers, faxes, digital files and e-mails."

The smartDAX product line from DAX Archiving Solutions consists of extendable DVD-based digital online systems that provide data archival and retrieval in UNIX, Windows and Macintosh environments. It integrates hardware and software, and offers a powerful set of archiving features that are software transparent, cost-effective and secure. smartDAX units can be combined to provide virtually unlimited TBytes of digital archive space. The combined units appear to the user as one giant hard disk or file system, and can be accessed as easily and almost as quickly as a CD-ROM drive. One smartDAX appliance or a single server, providing one access point for all clients in the network, can control all units. smartDAX is, in fact, the optimum combination of network-attached RAID technology integrated with DVD jukebox hardware and software....DAX Archiving Solutions profile, ...Trace Affex profile

See also:- Jukeboxes

SANTA MONICA, Calif., October 3, 2001 - Xdrive Technologies announced today an agreement with Microsoft, to include the Xdrive Online Storage Service as a Web Service accessible via Microsoft Windows XP. Designed to address increasing user needs for more sophisticated storage and collaboration, the Xdrive service can be accessed via the Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard. By choosing this option, users of Windows XP can store and share their personal and business information on Xdrive’s hosted storage services network, which is currently available to users in more than 30 countries.

Windows XP is the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, scheduled for release on October 25, 2001.

Xdrive’s service uniquely provides users of Windows XP with the ability to upload, download, and share their files from anywhere, at any time using any wireline or wireless Internet-ready device including personal computers, PDAs, WAP phones and public Internet terminals.

“Xdrive’s solution, available as an option via Windows XP’s Web Publishing Wizard, provides an efficient and universal way for users to store and share files,” said John Frederiksen, General Manager for Windows at Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased to be working with Xdrive to empower people to move beyond disconnected applications, services and devices to complete computing experiences that redefine the relationship between people, software and the Internet.” ...Xdrive Technologies profile
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Guest Nibble


by Jean-Jacques Maleval Editor of StorageNewsletter

Hewlett-Packard is expected to acquire Compaq for a sum approaching $25 billion, to form a sizeable entity worth nearly $87 billion. For the moment, we know only that the current executive VP, sales and services of Compaq, Peter Blackmore, will lead one of the four operating units of the new HP, heading a $23 billion business division including servers, storage and software.

The biggest question, now to be answered: - Compaq and EMC each claimed first place in the worldwide storage industry. The issue is now moot: the new HP is clearly the winner.

Questions that still remain:

  • Hard disk drive manufacturers must now deal with a massive (and enormously influential) OEM customer for PC, server and storage system drives. Will this mean further price drops?
  • What will be the new group's final choice for erasable DVD: HP's DVD+RW or Pioneer's DVD-RW, to which Compaq has already committed?
  • On the tape side, you have HP, which makes both drives and libraries, and Compaq, which doesn't manufacture them at all in this sector. Is there a risk of fall-out in the current list of Compaq's OEMs? Overland and Quantum could have legitimate cause for concern.
  • As for SANs, HP is primarily implicated at the high end, with partner HDS - with which the company recently extended by three years an OEM agreement for the Lightning 9900. Will this arrangement hold to the end?

    What will become of the Compaq/IBM accord that allows Compaq to resell high-end Shark systems, and Big Blue to propose StorageWorks solutions? Between HDS and IBM, a choice will have to be made. Compaq has its own, very nice mid-range line of StorageWorks established in the wake of its acquisition of Digital Equipment. Yet its storage subsystems are not compatible with HP's.

One choice is the following arrangement:

  • HDS for high-end storage subsystems that need connecting to mainframes;
  • StorageWorks for the mid-range. It seems unlikely that HP would resell IBM. Moreover, the Compaq/IBM deal was not exactly a success. Did Compaq sell even one Shark? VersaStor should be the core of the agreement, but IBM has had enough. It will also be hard for the two to agree upon a single strategy in matters of virtualization software, especially since each is already well along with its own offers: Compaq has been working on VersaStor within its Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA), which was recently expanded, while HP has just acquired StorageApps (see below), which will likely be absorbed in its Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM) initiative.

Things will be easier with iSCSI, which is only just emerging, and for which both Compaq and HP have declared their intention of entering the market with products by 4Q01, for the former and 2Q02 for the latter.

How exactly will the two different corporate cultures marry? How, exactly, can personalities as diverse as Compaq's Mark Lewis, VP of Compaq's Enterprise Storage Group, and Nora Denzel, VP and GM of the HP worldwide storage organization, co-habitate? And just how will the two companies' customers respond to their suppliers' nervousness about the future of their storage systems acquisitions?

Ultimately, we should expect considerable difficulties between the teams of both companies, and more importantly, some particularly painful human and technological choices. We can also expect EMC, IBM, HDS and all other NAS and SAN players to take full advantage of the restructuring period, however temporary it may prove. For once, one plus one may work out to less than two, at least in the short-term.

...about the author:- Jean-Jacques Maleval is the Editor of StorageNewsletter. First published in February 1998, it's a 16 page monthly news report on the storage industry.

See also:- View from the Hill - # - Compaq's proposed merger with HP

Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems, Inc, founded in 1978, manufactures the RAM-SAN family of solid state disks for storage networks:- "the World's Fastest Storage".

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