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Storage History - 2002, March week 4a

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Overland Brings Infiniband to Tape Market

ADIC Announces Pathlight 5000

Adaptec and IBM Ink RAID Licensing and OEM Agreements

Nexsan To Show Award-Winning Products At NAB 2002

Overland is Fastest Growing Supplier of Tape Libraries

Freeman Report, Tape Library Outlook 2002

FalconStor and INRANGE Partner on Storage Networks

Dantz Ships Retrospect Backup 5.0 for MAC OS X
iSCSI on
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Guest Nibble:-

by Bob Abraham, President
Freeman Reports

Tape Library Market Snubs Economic Slump

LTO Libraries Steal Spotlight with Runaway Growth in 2001, 2002

OJAI, California - March 27, 2002 - Despite the sluggish global economy of 2001, the tape library industry achieved unit growth of 3% and revenue decline of only 4% compared to 2000 according to the newly completed Freeman Report, Tape Library Outlook 2002. Total demand for tape libraries rose to 63,500 units in 2001 and is projected to climb to 134,800 units in 2007, a compound annual growth rate of 13%. Revenue fell slightly to $2.15 billion in 2001, but will recover quickly and rise steadily to $3.6 billion in 2007, a growth rate of 9%. Total unit shipments and industry revenue will both see strong growth this year vs. 2001.

"LTO libraries took market share from every competing technology in virtually every market segment. LTO libraries were the only category to show growth in 2001, more than offsetting the combined declining shipments of all other categories," says Robert C. Abraham, author of the report. "The increasing adoption of SAN and NAS network storage solutions continues to be the dominant driving force in the growth of automated tape libraries."

LTO Libraries Delight Users, Stun Competition

"The magnitude of the growth of LTO libraries in 2001 was impressive, especially in a slumping economic environment," observes Abraham. Library manufacturers quickly adopted these leading edge compact drives and demand for the libraries leaped from less than 700 units in 2000 to 13,200 units in 2001 as many performance-oriented users choose not to wait for Super DLT or AIT-3. Shipments will grow another 53% in 2002 to 20,100 units and to 55,000 in 2007, a compound growth of 27%. Factors underscoring this strong growth projection include an early market entry, multiple sources for the key library components, a well defined technology migration path, a wide range of library offerings, and competitive pricing.

Despite a significant decline in shipments, DLT libraries retained top volume position in the tape library market in 2001, and will the lead through 2007. DLT libraries commanded a 57% share of 2001 unit shipments, down 12% from the previous year. This percentage will erode to 41% by 2007 due primarily to the continued intrusion of LTO libraries. LTO libraries comprised 21% of unit shipments in 2001 and will match DLT's 41% share of units in 2007. Eight-millimeter libraries accounted for 16% of the 2001 units and will essentially hold that portion of the market through 2007.

Libraries incorporating half-inch cartridge drives, Magstar MP drives, and high performance helical scan drives account for the remaining 6% of unit shipments in 2001. These combined units will comprise 2% of the 2007 total. Shipments of tape libraries using DAT drives ceased in 1999. The market for QIC/SLR libraries has failed to develop and comprise a negligible part of the tape library market.

Revenue Rankings Quite Different

The much higher prices commanded by half-inch cartridge tape libraries allowed them to continue their historic lead in industry revenues in 2001. These models accounted for 42% of library revenue in 2001, down from 52% in 2000. That share will drop to 19% in 2007 as LTO library revenue, which accounted for 20% of 2001 revenue, surges to 40% of 2007 revenue.

"The market for half-inch cartridge libraries is being impacted by the emergence of LTO libraries. Erosion of this segment is also driven by the effects of volume stacking, a feature found in mainframe computers which allows greater utilization of media cartridges, thus requiring smaller or fewer libraries", observes Abraham. DLT libraries comprised 30% of the industry's 2001 revenue. Modest growth will enable DLT's revenue share to grow to 32% by 2007. Together, DLT and LTO technologies will account for 82% of library units and 72% of library revenue by 2007. "Large capacities, high transfer rates, fully standardized media and formats, and a wide spectrum of product offerings will account for the popularity of these two technologies," states Abraham. ...Freeman Reports

Rave Computer
Rave Computer Association, Inc., based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is an elite global OEM specializing in custom hardware and software integrated solutions including fit, form, function alternatives, private labeling, multi-vendorintegration and legacy product management.
SAN DIEGO, Calif. - March 28, 2002 - Overland Data, Inc. today announced it has formed a strategic alliance with InfiniCon Systems to collaborate on InfiniBand-based solutions for Overland's Neo series tape libraries.

The companies have agreed initially to begin interoperability testing of Overland's Neo 2000 and Neo 4000 libraries with InfiniCon's ISIS shared input/output (I/O) system. InfiniCon's ISIS architecture will permit Overland's tape automation systems – operating in Fibre Channel-based storage environments – to be seamlessly accessed by servers enabled with InfiniBand, an emerging high-speed interconnect standard for data centers.

"We're ahead of the curve on this one," said Bob Scroop, vice president and general manager, Storage Resource Business Unit, Overland Data. "Working with InfiniCon will help make it possible to more quickly and cost-effectively integrate InfiniBand technology into our tape libraries in preparation for tomorrow's highly scalable, highly manageable data centers based on InfiniBand."

Storage is viewed as a market primed to embrace the performance benefits of the InfiniBand architecture, which can provide the high-throughput and low latency interconnect essential for accessing and retrieving business-critical data under today's information workload.

"Our relationship with Overland points to the very practical value that InfiniCon's shared I/O architecture brings to vendors and enterprise customers alike," stated InfiniCon Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bill King. "Because ISIS makes it easy for InfiniBand servers to co-exist with existing networks and applications, users of Overland's Neo tape series can implement higher performance backup/recovery solutions, through a data center infrastructure that is significantly simpler to manage." ...InfiniCon Systems profile, ...Overland Data profile

Redmond, WA - March 27, 2002 - ADIC announced today the introduction of its next-generation storage network appliance, the Pathlight™ 5000, designed to provide managed connectivity in dynamic, mixed computing environments.

The ADIC Pathlight 5000 provides flexible, secure, high performance connections between servers and storage resources, linking independent devices with dissimilar protocols and operating systems into a single, centrally managed system. The Pathlight 5000 is the first SAN appliance specifically designed to support today's grid computing deployment models. Its combination of features includes auto-selecting 1 Gb or 2 Gb link speed, centralized management tools for single-point control, and the capacity to provide flexible mapping for up to 2048 storage addresses (LUNs) with built-in access security.

"Storage networks have created a new set of solution deployment models that can save data center managers time and money by giving them much more flexibility and efficiency," said Bill Britts, ADIC Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The Pathlight 5000 is a key enabler for unlocking those possibilities. A common application combines high availability with high value by letting users link inexpensive, disk-less compute resources, regardless of protocol or operating system, to a secure, centralized Fibre array."

The Pathlight 5000 enables a wide variety of storage network devices, including servers, disk and tape systems, to operate together within a managed environment. It connects devices that use different protocols, lets dissimilar operating systems share the same SAN, provides dynamic mapping between servers and disk volumes, and controls access to storage resources within a SAN to provide full security. IT architects use the Pathlight 5000 to combine heterogeneous devices into a single, centrally managed environment in order to obtain the highest possible value and utility from their data center resources.

Management of the Pathlight 5000 is provided by the ADIC Management Console (AMC) which enables local and remote management of all the Pathlight 5000s and connected paths, hosts, and devices from a single view. The AMC's clear graphical interface allows administrators to observe all connected devices, monitor their connectivity status, and quickly change the links between them. Its integrated notification tool reports events via SNMP and its own email alert system. The ADIC Management Console MIB allows third-party management tools to take advantage of Pathlight 5000 capabilities. ...ADIC profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 27, 2002 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced licensing and OEM agreements with IBM that it expects will lead to approximately $200 million in new revenue opportunities for Adaptec over the next three years.

According to the agreements, Adaptec will supply RAID products to IBM for its xSeries servers and license IBM's ServeRAID™ technology for use in its PCI RAID and external RAID products.

"We're pleased to work with Adaptec and extend our relationship to encompass RAID technology for eServer xSeries servers," said Susan Whitney, general manager of IBM's eServer xSeries.

Robert N. Stephens, president and CEO at Adaptec, said, "We are looking forward to working with IBM on its current and future products. IBM's ServeRAID team and technology will enhance our leadership position in internal RAID and provides an important building block for our external RAID solutions." ...Adaptec profile, ...IBM profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - March 27, 2002 - Nexsan Technologies today announced that it will be showing its award-winning InfiniSAN product line, including its ATAboy2 and InfiniSAN™ D2D backup solution, at NAB 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 6-11.

Nexsan will be in two locations at NAB - with partner Penta Labs, booth #L3444, and as part of All Mobile Video's new "Crossroads" digital production truck in Sony's booth #L515. Nexsan's ATAboy2 advanced ATA-based RAID system will be featured together with partner Front Porch Digital's Video Archive System Technology in "Crossroads," a state-of-the-art mobile digital production studio housed in an expanding 53-foot truck. ATAboy2 delivers 2.2 TB of RAID-5 disk storage in just 3U of rack space, ideal for the broadcast industry where space is a premium.

"The chance to demonstrate the role of high-availability storage for extremely large files in a production environment, which is one of our core competencies, will be a not-to-miss event at NAB," said Nexsan senior executive vice president Diamond Lauffin. "Our rack-mounted full-featured, easy to manage storage makes an appreciable difference in this type of working environment, and our partners will help us show that." ...Nexsan Technologies profile

SAN DIEGO - March 27, 2002 - Overland Data Inc. today announced that its shipments of both DLT- and 8-millimeter-based tape libraries containing fewer than 40 cartridges grew faster than any other supplier during calendar year 2001.

Overland shipped 16,600 DLT-based units and 4,200 8-millimeter-based units during 2001, representing a 35% increase and a 295% increase, respectively, compared to the prior year.

Freeman Reports, a California-based research firm specializing in the computer storage industry, reported that as a consequence of its rapid growth, Overland's market share in the DLT-based space grew from 37% in calendar year 2000 to 57% in 2001, and in the 8-millimeter-based space Overland's market share grew from 14% to 45%. Overland is now the #1 market leader in both of these mid-range spaces. ...Overland Data profile

OJAI, California - March 27, 2002 - Despite the sluggish global economy of 2001, the tape library industry achieved unit growth of 3% and revenue decline of only 4% compared to 2000 according to the newly completed Freeman Report, "Tape Library Outlook 2002".

The report presents an in-depth analysis of the industry, providing market shares and forecasts of worldwide shipments and revenues for twelve classes of tape libraries. Shipment, installed base, and revenue data are given for each year from 2001 through 2007.
Specifications for 142 tape library models are summarized. Pricing trends are analyzed, and expected technology shifts and product directions are outlined. Significant issues affecting mar-ket growth are examined; underlying market forces and interactions with competing stor-age products are assessed. Key findings are highlighted by 45 illustrations and 72 tables.

"LTO libraries took market share from every competing technology in virtually every market segment. LTO libraries were the only category to show growth in 2001, more than offsetting the combined declining shipments of all other categories," says Robert C. Abraham, author of the report. "The increasing adoption of SAN and NAS network storage solutions continues to be the dominant driving force in the growth of automated tape libraries."

Freeman Reports - Tape Libraries
Worldwide Market Projections
Unit Shipments (Thousands)








Magstar MP












Half-Inch Cartridge




Helical Scan








Freeman Reports - Tape Libraries
Worldwide Market Projections
Revenue ($ Million)








Magstar MP












Half-Inch Cartridge




Helical Scan








Tape Library Outlook complements other annual Freeman Reports on computer tape storage markets. Compact Tape Outlook assesses the market for compact tape drives and autochangers, and Performance Tape Outlook assesses the market for high performance tape drives.

The 190-page Tape Library Outlook is available from Freeman Reports at a price of $3,095. Additional copies are priced at $295 each. ...Freeman Reports

LUMBERTON, NJ, and MELVILLE, N.Y., March 27, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. and INRANGE Technologies today announced that FalconStor's IPStor will support storage networks based on INRANGE's Virtual Storage Networking™ (IN-VSN) architecture.

IPStor has successfully completed qualification testing for interoperability with the 64-port and 128-port models of INRANGE's IN-VSN™ FC/9000™ Fibre Channel Director. With this announcement, customers have more flexibility to create cost-effective, resilient storage networks to support the demands being placed on today's enterprise data centers for 24x7x365 reliability and availability. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...INRANGE Technologies profile

ORINDA, CA - March 26, 2002 - Dantz Development Corporation announced today that Dantz Retrospect® Backup v5.0, one of the most eagerly awaited software applications for Mac OS X, is now shipping.

With several editions and continued support for Mac OS 9, Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 is the only comprehensive backup software suite available for Mac OS X.

"Nearly every Macintosh ships with an incredibly reliable, multi-purpose CD-RW drive or SuperDrive," said Tony Barbagallo, Dantz's vice president of marketing. "To take full advantage of the potential of these drives, users need equally reliable backup and restore software. Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 is the backup strategy that Mac users need, and it supports the storage hardware that they already own."

Designed to protect Mac OS X systems with absolute accuracy and reliability, Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 properly backs up and restores all Mac OS X files and information, including both the data and resource forks of multi-part files, HFS+ metadata, UNIX-style permissions and group ownership, and hard-linked files. Automatic scheduling ensures that backups run even when no Mac OS X user is logged in, and Retrospect client software allows entire networks of Macs to be backed up and restored across the LAN.

Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 supports more storage devices than any other backup software available for the Mac OS. Hard disk drives, Apple CD-RW drives, CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drives, SuperDrives and other writable and rewritable DVD drives, tape drives and libraries, and removable cartridge drives are all supported by version 5.0.

Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 in English is now shipping to distributors and should be available through catalogs and resellers during the first week of April. New product and upgrades are available immediately from the Dantz online store. ...Dantz Development profile

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