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Storage news - 2003, January week 5

Megabyte's selection of storage news
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article:- What is Data Recovery?
Storage Reliability / Storage Testers & Analyzers
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Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
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San Diego, CA - January 31, 2003 - A new Ultra320 SCSI Host Bus Adapter, which interfaces the vast majority of new and legacy SCSI devices to a host's PCI bus, is being introduced today by Paralan Corporation. The Model P79320 Host Bus Adapter, or HBA, supports SCSI peripherals with seamless backward compatibility, from SCSI-1, Fast, Ultra, Wide Ultra, Ultra2 through Ultra320 - both single-ended and multimode LVD/MSE. The Ultra320 HBA is especially suited for workstations, servers, and high-end power users. Up to 16 SCSI IDs are supported.
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Paralan Launches Ultra320 SCSI HBAs

Storage Access Changes Name to Bluepoint Data Storage

3PAR Demonstrates Solid Momentum in Utility Storage Space

StorageTek Expands Midrange Tape Drive Portfolio

ATTO Technology Supplies Fibre Channel-to-SCSI Bridge for Quantum Tape Libraries

Stornet Solutions and Solunet, Inc. Announce Partnership - Offering End-to-End Storage & Networking Solutions

COLT Telecom Releases Briefing Paper on Managed Storage Solutions

Toshiba Storage Device Division Improves the Performance of Its Popular Desktop CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combination Drive

Hitachi Data Systems Gives Lightning RAID Series a Respray and New Engine

Initio Announces Full FireWire Support for ATA-6 High-Capacity Drives

Missed Storage Visions 2003 Conference? Buy the Book

earlier news (archive)
fibre channel
Fibre-channel adapter cards
Megabyte found that Fibre-channel was a really quick way of getting around.
Nibble: How Much Should You Pay for a NAS System?

The complicated (and correct) way to figure this out, is to generate a systems spec, write an RFQ etc, send it out to a load of suppliers and wait weeks to see what they all have to say.

But getting detailed answers sometime in the future is not why you use the web for researching stuff is it?

What you really need is a ballpark figure in one click which you can work into your budget, which you meant to research ages ago. And your boss wants it - this afternoon!

Fortunately there is a quick and dirty estimate.

And by the time you actually get approval to spend the money, technological advances will have greatly increased the margin of safety in your original cost estimate. Because storage is always getting cheaper.

The answer comes from a press release issued by Spinnaker Networks in January 2003, in which they said they had beaten the 2¢ / Megabyte cost barrier for enterprise class NAS.

So that solves your problem. But this raised the question in my mind. Is this really the best way to quote storage price metrics anymore?

You may be surprised we're sensitive about this cents per megabyte idea at all. But on reflection, you'll see why. After all how would you like it if a word which sounded phonetically like your name was bandied about in this way? Forseeing that the cost per megabyte would one day drop so low, our own intrepid editor, Megabyte, moved into the publishing business a long time ago where he's now highly valued and commands respect as a big cheese around the web site.

Seriously though - here's a request for all you marketers out there.

How about quoting a "cost per gigabyte" in future? This is a much more useful unit of storage... and money.

Instead of saying "2¢ / megabyte" - we'd say "$20 / gigabyte." Anyway that's my two bits worth.

See also:- NAS
COLT Telecom
COLT Telecom Group plc is a leading European provider of business communication services including Managed Storage Solutions.
On the host side, the P79320 interfaces with 32 or 64-bit (up to 133 MHz) DMA bus master PCI and PCI-X. With all Ultra320 peripherals, the HBA can maintain a full, sustained parallel data transmission rate of 320 Mbytes/sec. To facilitate installation, there are no jumpers or switches to set for a standard installation. On-board Status LEDs provide system information to the installer, including Bus Activity, Terminator Status and Board Status. news image Paralan HBA
The P79320 HBA is ported to a number of operating systems, including Windows NT®, Windows 2000 and XP Pro, Sun Solaris, Linux, UnixWare and others. Complete software tools and utilities are provided. The P79320 single piece price starts at $299. For OEM applications, Paralan can build to suit, with modifications or design alterations to match the customer's specific needs. ...Paralan profile

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, - January 31, 2003 – BluePoint Data Storage, Inc., formerly Storage @ccess Technologies Inc., today announced that it has completed its previously announced name change and 6:1 reverse stock split. BluePoint's post-reverse split shares began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange today under the symbol "BLP". As a result of the reverse stock split, share certificates representing pre-reverse split shares are no longer good delivery. Shareholders will receive a letter of transmittal, which is to be completed and returned to the Company's transfer agent with their old share certificates in order to receive certificates for post-reverse split shares. Equity Transfer Services, Inc. has been retained to manage the exchange of stock certificates.

"As we begin 2003 we find ourselves with a new corporate name, poised and positioned for unprecedented growth in the new year," said Paul Sachse, President and CEO. "It has required some heavy lifting in this very tough economy," continues Sachse, "but with 3 consecutive months of reaching our revenue targets, our average deal size growing, and nearly all of our revenue being derived from the installation or initiation of recurring revenue contracts, we are executing the recurring revenue business model promised to our investors while delivering cost-relevant services to our customers." ...BluePoint Data Storage profile

Editor's comments:- if you have a generic sounding company name and sometimes spell it in a ridiculous fashion (@ccess) that weakens your brand identity and makes it hard even for your customers to find you. By coincidence a good marketing article on this subject was published today see - Marketing Nomenclature, and the Naming of Names. It looks like the marketers at BluePoint still haven't learned these lessons. On the plus side, however, a name starting with the letter "B" does get listed earlier in directories like our SSP page.

Fremont, CA, US - January 30, 2003 - Today, 3PAR™ reported strong, steady order growth since the last business update in October 2002, more than doubling its customer base. The company has also successfully established new relationships with world-class system integrators and corporations like HP, which have already yielded incremental revenue to 3PAR. Lastly, the company has demonstrated storage system leadership with enhanced SPC-1 benchmark results and Storage Magazine's Product of the Year Award. Despite continued downward pressure on IT spending, 3PAR demonstrated solid sales momentum, acquiring new customers at a steady pace. To date, 3PAR has reported 13 orders for its Utility Storage servers, with availability of 3PAR's product announced just four months ago. These sales represent penetration in new customer accounts, significant repeat business, and deployment of scores of terabytes in mission-critical datacenters. ...3PARdata profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo - January 30, 2003 - StorageTek today announced the general availability of HP's new LTO Ultrium Generation 2 tape drives for StorageTek L180 and L700 tape libraries. StorageTek began shipping the LTO-2 in limited availability last month.

The LTO-2 drive joins StorageTek's extensive tape drive portfolio, which remains the industry's widest selection of advanced tape drive technologies for midrange and high-end environments. Delivering 400GB capacity per cartridge and transfer speeds of up to 70MB/sec compressed, LTO-2 tape drives set a new standard for performance and capacity in midrange environments. LTO-2 tape drives are fully read and write compatible with the first generation of LTO Ultrium tape drives, enabling customers to leverage and protect their investments in earlier LTO technology and simplify migration to this new tape drive.

Priced at $13,750 in the StorageTek L180 and L700 libraries, the HP LTO Ultrium Generation 2 Ultra 3 SCSI tape drive is available immediately. LTO Generation 2 Fibre Channel drives should be available for the L180, L700 and L5500 libraries in the second quarter of 2003, priced at $17,500. ...StorageTek profile

AMHERST, N.Y. - January 30, 2003 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today that they have signed an agreement to provide Quantum Corp a next-generation Fibre Channel-to-SCSI 2-Gigabit bridge.

The FC420 is part of Quantum's Prism Storage Architecture, an optional feature that enables Fibre Channel connectivity in the ATL M-Series libraries. Unlike other automated tape libraries in the mid-range market, Quantum puts a premium on performance, not just capacity, when referring to library density. For this reason, Quantum chose the 2-Gigabit bridge to accommodate the performance increases realized in next-generation super drives.

The FC420's Fibre Channel interface provides a simple method for connecting multiple servers to the ATL M2500 scalable mid-range tape libraries. Using the Prism Fibre Channel option for SAN connectivity avoids the need for large volumes of data to be transmitted at much slower speeds over the local area network. The latest bridge from ATTO connects to any kind of Fibre Channel topology: point-to-point, arbitrated loop or switched fabric.

"Quantum is dedicated to providing our customers with advanced performance in the mid-range tape automation space. In order to protect our customers' future requirements, we wanted a Fibre Channel bridge that would accommodate future performance increases which we are seeing from tape drive manufacturers," said Steve Burrows, M-Series product line manager for Quantum's Storage Solutions Group. "We chose ATTO's FC420 because it meets our customers' needs for performance, reliability and interoperability." ...ATTO Technology profile, ...Quantum profile

ENGLEWOOD, CO - January 30, 2003 – StorNet Solutions announces a partnership with Solunet, Inc., the largest independent provider of wide area networking solutions, to offer the best products and service for complete enterprise networking and storage solutions.

Solunet and StorNet Solutions are portfolio companies of Sun Capital Partners, Inc., a leading private investment firm. Commenting on the announcement, Michael Phelan, President and CEO, stated, "This partnership will provide customers with all of the networking and storage required for an enterprise data protection solution. Solunet provides networking services as well as products, such as routers, data switches, wireless equipment, DSL equipment, fiber optic cable, and voice equipment. Together, we can start with an unbiased assessment, design a scalable solution, train the customer and provide complete support." ...Solunet, ...StorNet profile

Editor:- January 30, 2003 -a new 8 page (pdf) briefing paper is published today on the subject of "Managed Storage Solutions", from COLT Telecom and BI-Tech Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of CNT.

Storage and management of data is a growing problem for organisations of all sizes. Most organisations lack the internal skills and past experience to deploy an enterprise-wide network storage infrastructure on their own, plus the cost of implementing their own dedicated storage network is prohibitive.

While the first two pages in the paper are just pretty padding (designed to look good if you print it out) it's worth persisting with the download because the next four pages in this pdf document include a good analysis of why you might need managed storage with a solid internet backbone and why it's complicated doing it yourself.

This follows on to the last part, which descibes the joint initiative from COLT and BI-Tech Solutions to supply such service, which they claim can reduce total IT infrastructure spend by up to 25% while ensuring the solution meets all new regulatory requirements for data recovery and data compliance. This version of the service is aimed at users in Europe, but COLT does also have resource and a sales office in the US which you can follow up if you're on that side of the pond. As with all our articles, you can access it directly with one click, without the risk of supporting the "opt-in" SPAM industry. the article, ...CNT profile, ...COLT Telecom profile

IRVINE, Calif. - January 29, 2003 - Toshiba Storage Device Division improves the performance of its popular desktop CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination drive.

Toshiba's new SD-R1312 CD recordable combination drive is also available as a desktop PC upgrade kit. Now shipping to OEM customers and distribution channels Toshiba Storage Device Division adds the 32x10x40x12 SD-R1312 desktop CD recordable combination drive to its industry-leading optical product line. Supporting faster write speeds for CD-R and CD-RW, Toshiba's SD-R1312 combines CD write and DVD playback technology, allowing desktop users to create and write CDs, watch picture-perfect movies and share files between home and office or among friends and family.

The SD-R1312 desktop combination drive is also sold as an upgrade kit, providing users with an affordable way ($130) to add CD recording and DVD viewing functionality to existing desktop computers. The simple add-on kit comes with all the software and peripheral hardware needed for immediate use. ...Toshiba profile

SANTA CLARA, California - January 29, 2003 - Hitachi Data Systems today unveiled enhanced capacity, connectivity, and throughput options for the Hitachi Freedom Storage™ Lightning 9900™ V Series, which the company claims is the undisputed leader in high-end RAID systems. These enhancements, combined with the second-generation Hi-Star™ crossbar switch-based architecture and virtual storage ports enable enterprise customers to lower their TCO through massive consolidation of their storage systems.

The Lightning 9900 V Series is now available with 146GB drives, which provides total usable system capacity of 128TB in a RAID-5 configuration. Connectivity and throughput Connectivity has also increased, offering up to 32 FICON channels and 64 Fibre Channel connections at 2Gb per second.

In addition, the Lightning 9900 V Series features Virtual Storage Ports (VSPs) for SAN environments that provide unrestricted connectivity by enabling 128 different server platforms or operating systems to access the same physical 2Gb/s Fibre Channel port. In essence, each server has access to its own "virtual private storage" with complete data security. This provides true multi-tenant support for 4,096 different servers by isolating the effects of one server's storage domain from affecting other servers' storage.

The Lightning 9900 V Series continues to feature the massively parallel processing Hi-Star crossbar switch-based architecture, introduced with the original Lightning 9900 Series in June 2000. This second generation architecture delivers unparalleled bottleneck-free performance with up to 15.9GB/s aggregate bandwidth. HDS claims that no other platform available today can meet the performance scalability across application loads and capacity delivered by the Lightning 9900 V Series. ...Hitachi Data Systems profile

SAN JOSE, Calif - January 29, 2003 - Initio Corp. today announced that its FireWire bridge chip fully supports the storage industry's latest high-capacity ATA-6 disk drives. The INIC-1430, Initio's fastest bridge controller, delivers full ATA-6 support in a single-chip solution, contrasting other FireWire bridge developers whose chips require external circuitry to reach ATA-6 performance levels. With full ATA-6 support in FireWire-connected drive enclosures, users can be assured they can take advantage of the industry's newest, highest-capacity drives. ATA-6 drives from leading manufacturers can now can be bridged smoothly and economically to a FireWire with the INIC-1430 at transfer speeds upto 400 MB/sec. ...Initio profile

SAN JOSE, Calif - January 28, 2003 - If you weren't able to attend the Storage Visions 2003 conference earlier this month, a bound book of the conference presentations is now available. The book has 300+ double-sided pages and costs $195 plus shipping ($10 domestic and $40 international) and can be ordered online.

The Storage Visions 2003 Conference addressed data storage requirements for companies involved in creating multimedia content and distributing it to consumers through high speed data transfer systems. The conference contained 16 in-depth sessions, panels and keynote talks. These sessions were organized by Visions Conferences and the Multimedia Research Group, Inc.

Over 70 companies were involved in the sessions, exhibits and keynote addresses. The conference was sponsored by 24 companies and organizations including Seagate Technology, NDS, Computer Technology Review, United Entertainment Media, FCIA, MPEG-4 Forum, SMPTE, iVDR Consortium,, and Keynote speakers included Michael Maas of the IBM Digital Media Group; George Wiley of Qualcomm, Ken Morse of PowerPC, Rob Pait of Seagate, and Lowell Moulton of Sony.

...Looking ahead. The conference organizers are now soliciting conference sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers for the 2004 event. ...Storage Visions

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