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Storage news - January, 2000

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Hitachi resells Adaptec's Ultra160 SCSI adapters

Editor:- January 31, 2000 - Adaptec today announced that its Ultra160 SCSI host bus adapter will be offered as a recommended option within Hitachi Ltd.'s HA 8000 server series.

Hitachi has chosen the Adaptec Ultra160 host bus adapter for entry level to enterprise servers. Ultra160 SCSI doubles the transfer rate of Ultra2 SCSI without sacrificing compatibility. The Hitachi HA8000 series is a line of high-performance PC servers designed to meet the needs of Internet business. The Hitachi HA8000 PC server series with Adaptec Ultra160 technology will begin to ship on March 1, 2000. SCSI HBAs, SCSI SSDs

EMC to support Windows 2000

Editor:- January 31, 2000 - EMC plans to make data storage products for Microsoft's Windows 2000 - according to a report on

The products, designed for small- and medium-size businesses, include servers that run computer networks, and equipment and software that stores data, like that used for spreadsheets, e-mail and Web pages. The companies plan to unveil the alliance tomorrow. RAID systems

Simtek aims nvSRAMs at RAID controller oems

Editor:- January 30, 2000 - Simtek today announced that its nonvolatile static RAMs have been designed into a number of RAID controller manufacturers' boards.

Demand is accelerating for mass storage systems that support large corporate networks and the massive data store-and-forward requirements of Internet Service Providers and Internet e-tailers. These RAID systems use a number of hard disk drives (generally 4 to 10 in a single chassis) with a controller board designed to distribute data between the disks. These controllers require superior reliability, along with high speed, to "remember" where the data was distributed on the drives, so that in the event of a power interruption the system can recover without a system fault. Simtek's nonvolatile static RAMs have been designed into a number of RAID controller manufacturers' boards that are now starting to ramp up production after development and pre-production testing were completed in 1999.

"Simtek's nvSRAM products provide the performance and data storage integrity required by this application, making it a perfect solution for these manufacturers," stated Douglas Mitchell, Simtek's president and CEO. "These Fortune 500 companies are forecasting to ship hundreds of thousands of systems into this rapidly growing market in the year to come. We are excited to be involved in this dynamic portion of the office automation and Internet business and we're pleased to have been chosen as a key supplier to such a strategic market segment." Flash Memory Chips & nvRAM

Dot Hill supports Linux Locks

Editor:- January 27, 2000 - Dot Hill today announced - that its SANnet storage solution, is the first and only Fibre Channel RAID system to support the University of Minnesota's Linux-based Global File System (GFS) device locks (dlocks) within its RAID controller firmware.

The result is an extremely high performance storage solution with carrier-class reliability for Linux-based GFS applications such as email, news, Web servers, and bandwidth-intensive video applications. "Having developed dlocks in conjunction with the University of Minnesota underscores our commitment to Linux," said Ken Pitz, Dot Hill's Vice President of Marketing. "As more of our customers implement Linux within their enterprise, we intend to continue to provide them with the most fault-tolerant data storage solution available."

Komag Ships 10GB Per Platter Product Family to Maxtor

Editor:- January 26, 2000 - Komag today announced that the company is in high volume production of disks capable of storing more than 10 gigabytes per platter for Maxtor Corporation's DiamondMax Plus line of 7200 RPM disk drives.

"The rapid improvement in storage density enabled by higher capacity disks has been important in helping our customers reach both lower costs per gigabyte and increased drive performance. In the fourth quarter of 1999, Komag shipped more than 3 million disks, that in conjunction with giant magnetoresistive heads, are capable of storing at least 10 gigabytes of information per platter," said T.H. Tan, president and chief executive officer of Komag, Incorporated.

Kingston launches 260MB notebook HDD on PC Card

Editor:- January 26, 2000 - Kingston Technology today announced a new 260MB PC Card hard disk storage upgrade, the DataPak™ 260.

The DataPak 260 is a PC Card Type II compliant hard disk drive with a native storage capacity of 260 Megabytes uncompressed . Kingston's DataPak 260 is a Type II PC Card designed to accommodate the slots found in a growing number of today's Ultra Slim notebooks, digital cameras and PDAs. "The popularity of handheld devices is driving the electronic industry to develop high capacity digital storage," said Chris Wong, product manager, Kingston. "Kingston's objective in evolving high-capacity storage cards is to provide consumers the flexibility to store more images, MP3 and information."

nStor to resell Exabyte tape drives

Editor:- January 25, 2000 -Exabyte today announced that nStor has joined the Exabyte Solutions Partner (ESP) reseller program.

nStor has certified Exabyte's Mammoth-2 (M2) tape drive for inclusion in its storage area network (SAN) architectures called SAN-Sational Storage Solutions. "Exabyte's M2 tape drives and libraries provide high-performance, manageable and affordable tape solutions that seamlessly integrate into our SAN solutions," said Jeff Clark, director of product marketing for nStor. "Utilizing innovative, feature-rich technology and the ability to scale from a single drive to a full library with faster speeds, M2 is an excellent choice for those who are not satisfied with current DLT performance."

Microboards to resell Hitachi DVD-RAM

Editor:- January 25, 2000 - Hitachi today named Microboards Technology . as a North American distributor for the GF-1000 Series DVD-RAM drive.

Microboards Technology will carry Hitachi's standard rewritable DVD drives, which were recently named as an "Editor's Choice" on CNET's web site, as part of its comprehensive portfolio of optical storage solutions.

CO COMP becomes Storage Area Networks

Editor:- January 24, 2000 - Citadel Environmental Group announced today the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding shares of CO COMP - a Colorado-based data storage solutions provider.

The acquisition was made on January 21, 2000 for a combination of cash and Citadel preferred shares. The business will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Citadel under the name of Storage Area Networks (SAN), the Company's primary asset focusing on data storage solutions for a variety of expanding market segments, including "" companies, Internet Service Providers, and the U.S. federalgovernment.

DVD Anywhere wireless router for tv

Editor:- January 24, 2000 - today announced that its DVD Anywhere 2000 wireless broadcast system allows anyone to connect their PC's with TV's without rewiring or remodeling

The DVD Anywhere 2000 makes it possible for aficionados of DVD to truly enjoy their movie experience in front of the best television in the home, instead of a typical size computer monitor. The key to why this system is so unique is in its use of 2.4 gigahertz technology to wirelessly transmit audio and video up to 100 feet away.

NovaStor expands sales force

Editor:- January 24, 2000 - NovaStor today announcedit has appointed 3 new sales account executives to handle the increased sales volume in North, Central and South America.

Brian Albertson, Carlos Gonzan and Leanne Seeley are responsible for maintaining and building direct relationships with major accounts in their assigned territories.

Court says ISPs must do more to stop DVD piracy

Editor:- January 22, 2000 - A judge has ordered Web site operators to stop disseminating a program that makes it easy to copy DVD movies and audio discs, a victory for the digital video and film industries.

A DVD trade group sued the Web site operators, alleging theft of trade secrets.

JVC names Cutting Edge a top VAR

Editor:- January 19, 2000 - Cutting Edge announced today that it has been named one of JVC Digital Storage System's top resellers.

Cutting Edge has been working with JVC for more than two years to provide its customers with the most advanced CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM libraries that speed data access and availability to users throughout an organization. "We are happy to be working with JVC to help customers get quick access to critical information," said Deborah Inman, president of Cutting Edge. "JVC's status as a leader in CD/DVD storage products gives us the ability to provide comprehensive storage solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer."

WD said it will exit the enterprise hard drive business

Editor:- January 19, 2000 - Western Digital today announced that it will exit the enterprise hard drive business.

"We are exiting the enterprise hard drive business because our share has been declining in a market that is getting increasingly competitive with fewer suppliers required, yet which demands continued major investments to be a dominant player, " said Matt Massengill, Western Digital's president and chief executive officer, who emphasized that Western Digital would remain a major supplier of desktop and home entertainment hard drives.

...Later:- That decision proved to be an astute business move for WD. It rode out the 2000 to 2003 storage market recession, learned more about other emerging markets and re-entered the enterprise HD market in February 2003 with its SATA compatible Raptor.

In the period (2000 to 2010) there were no random IOPS speed improvements in enterprise hard drives - because RPM rates stayed flat. And SAS SSDs, SATA SSDs and PCIe SSDs were starting to nibble away at the hard drive slots pre-populated by the top 4 server makers. In October 2010 WD reported it had shipped more HDDs in the 3rd calendar quarter than Seagate.

SBS Technologies Announces Record Results for (calendar) Q4 1999

Editor:- January 18, 2000 - SBS Technologies today announced results of its 2nd quarter of fiscal 2000 ended December 31, 1999.

The Company reported that sales for the quarter grew 20% year on year to $32.4 million, compared to $26.9 million for the second quarter of the prior fiscal year. Net income for the quarter was $3.9 million, compared to $2.8 million of reported net income for the same quarter of the prior fiscal year.

...Later:- You have to bear in mind there was a recession on at the time - and revenue growth was rare. See also Storage Winners and Losers from the 2000-2003 IT Recession

EMC ships FC SAN for AIX

Editor:- January 17, 2000 - EMC today announced immediate availability of the EMC Fibre Channel Interface Kit for AIX.

The new interface kit enables servers running IBM's AIX operating system to connect via switched Fibre Channel into an EMC Enterprise Storage Network (ESN). See also:- FC SANs

VMIC's new Fibre Channel HBAs

Editor:- January 17, 2000 - VMIC announces the availability of a complete line of host bus adapters (VMIxxx-5660 family) based on QLogic ISP 2100a series chip.

VMIC's Fibre Channel products are based on state-of-the-art RISC processors that provide all the benefits of intelligent Fibre Channel technology. VMIC's family of host bus adapters are designed to operate at distances up to 10 km via low-cost manufacturing configuration options that support copper, multimode, and single-mode optics and supports mission-critical enterprise applications.

Multiple Companies Agree to Develop Advanced DRAM Technology

Editor:- January 17, 2000 - Samsung today announced that:-it has joined with Hyundai Electronics, Infineon, Intel, Micron and NEC to cooperatively develop a high-performance advanced DRAM technology targeted for potential applications in 2003 and beyond. reviews VXA drive

Editor:- January 17, 2000 - has published a new article - VXA drive - First impressions - in which the author Ed Kleban reviews ease of installation, documentation and performance of this new Ecrix tape drive from the perspective of a Mac user.

TrueSAN Recruits Marc Birnkrant as Chief Operating Officer

Editor:- January 12, 2000 - TrueSAN Networks today announced it has recruited Marc Birnkrant to the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Marc will assist with developing and managing TrueSAN's infrastructure and service offerings. Marc Birnkrant brings to TrueSAN 16 years of management experience concentrated in the mass storage arena.

Plasmon completes Cygnet 12-inch Library Business Acquisition

Editor:- January 10, 2000 - Plasmon has announced the completion of the acquisition and full transfer of the 12" format optical library manufacturing business from Cygnet Storage Solutions of San Jose to Plasmon's US sales and marketing headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.

Plasmon acquired the 12-inch optical storage library business from Cygnet for the sum of $3.65 million US in July of 1999. One of only two large format library manufacturers in the world, Plasmon is incorporating their 12-inch optical TrueWorm Technology drives and optical media in these mass storage libraries.

Qualstar launches 19TB tape libraries

Editor:- January 10, 2000 - Qualstar announces a pair of new high-capacity members of the TLS-6000 Series Automated Tape Library family, the TLS-68120 and the TLS-68240.

Storing up to 19.2 terabytes of data on up to 240 DLTape™ cartridges, these libraries are designed to back up the largest available network servers. The TLS-68120 comes with up to eight DLT 8000, DLT 7000, or Benchmark DLT1™ tape drives, and up to 120 tape cartridges. The TLS-68240 also comes with up to eight drives, but it can handle up to 240 tape cartridges. Both of these libraries have a native data rate of up to 172.8 GB/hour. These models can also operate in a compressed data mode with typical compression ratio exceeding 2:1. Both are available with Qualstar's new Fibre Channel interface option.

Memorex enters the flash memory market

Editor:- January 4, 2000 - Memorex made its formal entry into the Flash Memory arena with both CompactFlash™ and SmartMedia™ offerings.

Memorex CompactFlash and SmartMedia memory cards and accessories will be available February 15, 2000. Memorex CompactFlash cards will be available in 8, 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 and 128MB capacities with SRPs ranging from $39.95 to $399.95. An USB CF reader will be offered with a SRPs of $44.95 and a PC card adapter for $12.95. SmartMedia cards will be available 8, 16 and 32MB capacities.

Ships 100,000th 7133 Serial Disk System

Editor:- January 4, 2000 - IBM announced it has shipped its 100,000th 7133 Serial Disk System - representing 8 petabytes of storage - to Summit Bancorp, a leader in financial services.

The high performance and scalability of the 7133, as well as its ability to attach to multiple Unix and Windows NT servers, have helped it achieve this sales milestone. "The 7133 is a key member of IBM's storage portfolio, the most extensive product portfolio in the industry, ahead of such competitors as EMC and Hitachi," said Andy Hurter, business line manager for IBM's disk storage systems.

...Later:- in the 5 to 10 years following this announcement serial interfaces (such as SATA and SAS) became the standard way to go for directly attached hard drives in products as diverse as notebooks and mainframes. And banks became popular popular reference sites for SSD vendors too.

See also:- this way to the petabyte SSD, Storage news
Sometimes the future course of a market is determined as much by what didn't happen as by what did.
SSD's past phantom demons
winchester disk
Hard disk drives on
Megabyte discovered that a magnet could
come in really handy for a hungry explorer.
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In the year 2000 no one caught a cold from the Y2K bug - but 3 things did happen which would shape enterprise server performance for the next 16 years.

1 - hard drives reached the latency limit set by waiting for a 15K RPM rotating platter (they never got faster)

2 - 64 bit processor clock speeds reached almost their maximum clock speeds (they got more cores but the cores didn't get faster)

3 - in the RAM market - the fastest server motherboard memory latencies in 2000 were very similar to what they are today (in 2016)

We all know that SSDs came to the rescue of latency constrained advances in computing which had been stalled by (1) and (2) above.

With some help from software the next target is (3).

Why's DRAM so bad?

Most of us thought that DRAM was the gold standard for latency you can rely on (unlike that cheap flipperty gibbet flash).
DRAM's indeterminate latencies and the virtual memory slider mix - a new blog (March 2016) from
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