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Permabit is a recognized leader in data efficiency technology, enabling OEMs to leverage their R&D investment, increase margin, accelerate time to market and achieve competitive advantage. Permabit Albireo software massively improves performance and efficiency of data creation, transmission and storage. Solutions built with Albireo are being delivered by leading hardware, software and service providers. Our partners include Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), LSI, and StoneFly. Permabit was founded in 2000 by a technical and business team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information, visit:

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Editor's comments:- September 2013 - Permabit entered the SSD software market in the 1st quarter of 2012 when it launched a low latency dedupe engine (pdf) which was optimized for flash SSDs and which is scalable to millions of dedupe operations per second.
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The ability to switch deduplication and/or compression On/Off is a must-have capability that is requisite on enterprise implementations, and one that is already serving OEM’s licensing Permabit solutions today!

Permabit blog re Pure's IPO (October 2015)

Permabit shrinks data in new boxes from BiTMICRO
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Editor:- October 20, 2015 - Permabit today announced that its inline dedupe and compression software is used in BiTMICRO's new rackmount SSD white boxes - which include a 1U iSCSI appliance (20x 2.5" TB SSD shown at FMS) and a 3U fast SSD server (8x PCIe SSDs) which is due to be shipped this quarter.
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Permabit has shrunk the market by $300 million
Editor:- September 30, 2013 - Permabit today announced that its flash and hard disk customers have shipped more than 1,000 arrays running its Albireo (dedupe, compression and efficient RAID) software in the past 6 months.

"We estimate that our partners have delivered an astonishing $300 million in data efficiency savings to their customers" said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit who anticipates license shipments to double in the next 6 months.