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Platypus Technology - (circa 2004)

Headquartered in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, Platypus Technology was founded in 1999 in Sydney, Australia. The company is architecting highly secure and redundant solid-state storage systems that deliver hundreds of times more performance than hard disk drives. As conventional storage products fail to address critical performance demands, and RAM prices plunge, solid-state storage has emerged as the fastest, most cost-effective way to remove I/O-bound data bottlenecks. Platypus' breakthrough performance-centric approach to storage is causing the industry to widely embrace solid-state as an economic alternative. The company has established a strong U.S. presence since moving its corporate headquarters to New Hampshire while the research and development team remains in Sydney. The company maintains a U.K.-based office as well as relationships with a network of distributors and resellers servicing the U.S., European and Asia Pacific markets. Platypus can be found at

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Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market

many years ago - in SSD market history
Platypus Technology Announces Channel Strategy to Aid Delivery of Solid-State Storage to the Masses

Editor:- December 3, 2001 - Platypus Technology today announced a multi-faceted channel strategy for its high-performance SSD accelerator systems aimed at expanding the potential of solid-state storage across a wide variety of industries.

Platypus' DRAM-based SSD systems are used for speeding up the delivery of e-commerce databases, email servers, delivering streaming data, and obtaining maximum application performance. Due to their dramatic price/performance offerings, Platypus' high-performance storage systems allow organizations to take full advantage of the existing infrastructure's cost and performance potential.

"We are pleased to have discovered a vendor, Platypus Technology, that has delivered a product with the reliability required by database operations, the speed of solid-state media and a price range that finally makes deployment of significant amounts of solid-state disk plausible for a broad range of business users," said Mark Farnham, President of Rightsizing, Inc. "To best serve our clients in our Oracle performance tuning line of business, we have developed a strategic relationship with Platypus and will be recommending their solid-state disk devices to our clients who have systems limited in performance by the slowness of traditional disks."

Platypus' storage innovations free applications from the I/O bottlenecks caused by hard drive-based storage, allowing mission critical files to run from silicon, rather than from rotating platters. These DRAM-based storage products provide many inherent benefits over the hard disk drive-based storage alternatives, including massive data transaction rates, faster access times and lower power utilization, and all without the risks of moving parts.

By integrating Platypus storage, businesses can access and serve data dramatically faster, whilst maintaining their current server infrastructure and without incurring higher CPU-based software licensing fees.

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