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Sanbolic, Inc is a Watertown, Massachusetts-based company that provides software for simplifying and sharing SAN storage. Sanbolic's product extends the capability of Windows applications by allowing SAN storage to be easily administered, expanded and reassigned, while supporting shared data access to improve application availability and/or application scalability. Further information about Sanbolic can be found on its website

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Serial Attached SCSI  ssds
Megabyte had already mastered serial SCSI
for RPM storage - so SAS SSDs were a breeze.
Classic Storage Articles
Sometimes we've published articles here on which set the tone for massive changes in the storage market. And the best of these articles still remain popular many years later. Here are some examples.

SAN Applications - published in 1999 was the first to integrate ideas about the new possibilities of "storage area networks".

A Storage Architecture Guide - published in 2000 - paved the way for new thinking about NAS.

SATA Raids the Datacenter - published in 2004 proposed that market segregation of hard drives into "enterprise" and "consumer" HDDs by interface type was a mythical barrier that would soon break down.

SSD Market Adoption Model - published in 2003 and updated in 2005 - described in detail how SSDs would create new markets.

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