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Sierra Logic

Sierra Logic is leading the Serial ATA revolution with its sophisticated semiconductor and firmware solutions for enterprise storage vendors (OEMs). Sierra Logic's technology enables these vendors to offer an innovative class of storage products to their customers at significantly lower prices than existing Fibre Channel or SCSI platforms, without compromising reliability, manageability, or performance. Sierra Logic's customers include Dot Hill Systems Corp., Engenio Information Technologies, Inc., NEC Corporation and Xyratex Ltd. Headquartered in Roseville, California, Sierra Logic can be reached at:,, and (916) 772-1234.

  • August 29, 2006 - Emulex and Sierra Logic, Inc. announced today the two companies have signed a definitive agreement whereby Emulex will acquire Sierra Logic
Serial Attached SCSI
Serial Attached SCSI on
Megabyte found it difficult
adapting to the newer thinner
Serial SCSI connections.
read the  SAS article from InfoStore
Serial Attached SCSI - is it worth the wait? - article republished from InfoStore magazine

Here at we've had a magazine page dedicated to SAS since 2001.

SAS products have been shipping to users since 2005 - but the market has been stuck in a prolonged "innovator" phase. As the SAS market is poised to advance to the "early adopter" phase - I thought it would be good to have an article (which is less technical than those we've previously published) to introduce the benefits of this technology to more readers. This article is republished here with the kind permission of InfoStore - Asia's leading storage magazine. the article

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