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The Spur Group

The Spur Group is a leading Revenue-Side Consulting® firm that works with technology companies and suppliers on sales, marketing and channel innovations. Based in Redmond, Wash., The Spur Group works with a broad array of technology companies, including VMware, Microsoft, Google, Cisco and many others. You can reach The Spur Group at or 425-885-0684.

Editor's comments:- October 2013 - The Spur Group came to my attention recently as a result of a branding report they released this month about the enterprise SSD market.

Their activities seem to span the marketing services spectrum from:- visibility generating companies - like those listed in the SSD PR agencies and consultants list and stretch across to include the brand related measurement and reinforcing aspects of storage market research companies.
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"why are so many companies piling into the SSD market - when even the leading enterprise companies haven't demonstrated sustainable business models yet?"
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