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This is an archived page which shows details of a 3.5" Memtech SSD featured here on as it looked in 2004.

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low profile, high capacity  3.5" IDE military temperature range solid state disks from Memtech
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Memtech AT3550 Wolverine

The AT3550 solid-state flash drive is an UDMA-66 compliant IDE memory module offered in an extremely low profile 3.5 inch drive form-factor. The drive is completely solid state, with no moving parts. This contributes to the unit's exceptional ruggedness and wide operating temperature range; with no moving parts, there is no mechanism for mechanical wear-out. Being 100% IDE compatible, no special drivers or flash file managers are required to interface the drive.

It is a virtual drop in replacement for standard rotating media. The primary storage media in the drive is sector-erasable NAND E2PROMs (Flash). Using these devices, Memtech is able to deliver up to 60 Gbytes of uncompressed, non-volatile solid-state storage in an extremely small, rugged form-factor. The access time for the drive is under 0.1 millisecond, which permits thousands of transactions to occur per second. Cached read data performance is 26 Mbytes/second, and cached write performance is 20 Mbytes/second.

The Kicker™ Hold Up Circuit, using ultra-cap technology, meets all the requirements for a robust and reliable solution. Combined with some innovative firmware control, back- EMF and surge current suppression and power monitoring, the Kicker™ virtually eliminates the chance of corrupted data in the flash array due to a power loss.

The AT3550 is available now in standard capacities ranging from 2 to 60 Gbytes. The AT3550 low profile solution of 1 to 12 Gbytes capacities is available in a 16mm height and up to 20 Gbytes capacity within a 20mm height restriction.

  • 12 Gbyte capacity in 16mm (0.63")
  • 60 Gbyte maximum capacity
  • Full -55oC to +125oC military temperature range
  • 3.5" drive low profile form-factor
  • UDMA-66 compliant IDE interface
  • 16 byte CRC/ECC and Active Remap for exceptional data reliability
  • Kicker™ Hold Up Circuit
  • Active Remap™ Data Reliability Feature
  • 5 volt, low power operation
  • Completely solid state - no moving parts
  • 2,000G operating shock
  • 20G operating vibration
  • 0.1 millisecond random access time
  • 26 Mbyte/sec cached Read performance
  • 20 Mbyte/sec cached Write performance
  • 8 year product warranty
  • 8 million erase/write cycle endurance

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