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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

This is an archived page which shows (below) details of the Kylin III PCIe as it appeared here on (in Q4 2012).

When this product was launched in September 2012 - I said "this new SSD from RunCore is in a different performance class to earlier generations from the company which were frankly nowhere near the best of breed in speed. Although PCIe SSDs is now a very crowded market - it gives buyers another viable (Top 20 SSD companies list) supplier to choose from."
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Kylin III PCIe
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Editor:- September 24, 2012 - RunCore today launched its fastest yet PCIe SSD - the Kylin III PCIe.
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RunCore Kylin III PCIe RunCore's Kylin III PCIe is the company's 3rd generation of PCIe SSDs.
  • raw capacity options:- 450GB, 785GB and 1.6TB
  • R/W speeds (4KB blocks) upto 3GB/s and 2GB/s respectively
  • R/W IOPS - 700K / 500K (4KB)
  • R/W IOPS - 3 million / 1.4 million (512B)
  • 8-Lane PCIe 1.0 & 1.1a protocol
  • R/W latency - 65 / 12 microseconds (512B)
  • power consumption:- is under 7W (idle) and upto 50W (max)

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