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later... - sale agreed - see footnote
Editor:- June 18, 2018 - ACSL publisher of today announced it is offering its web property for sale.

Megabyte was ithe subject of a news story for a changeThe sale transition plan includes the critical date (December 25, 2018 an easy one to remember) when all web advertising commitments on the site will have ended and after which date the web site content will be frozen until a new owner can take over the site for their own operation expected to close in early CY 2019.

If you know the SSD and memoryfication markets then you'll know which since its launch in 1998 has been "leading the way to the new storage frontier".

Among other things was the first publication to recognize and promote the tremendous disruptive growth potential of SSDs and the memoryfication of computing architecture. Since the 1990s its readers have been accelerating the growth of this industry and setting its direction and agenda.

Speculating about an ideal buyer for - one possibility is it could be a vendor in the storage market (including past content contributors and advertisers) who may wish to rebrand and leverage the website's reader draw for use as an information resource or blogging site.

Other possibilities include organizations which have a strong affinity to the market (such as publishers and market research companies).

Zsolt Kerekes - founder and editor mouse in chief said about the impending sale...

"In my 40 years career in the electronics industry the past 20 years at have been the most rewarding and enjoyable. It's been a privilege to work closely with people who have made it their life's work to make the computing industry better by their genius, deep thought and thousands of incrementally hard fought for resource investments and technology advancements. And I have been carried on the shoulders of my wonderful readers who have inspired me and instilled their trust."

Want to talk about buying an iconic website?

How to learn more...

If you think you may be seriously interested then communicate directly for confidential soundings by email - - with the subject line - "sale of". Your initial email must be from your company's domain and must say who your are.

Re the communications verification and filtering process - Zsolt Kerekes said - "I expect that selling a web site - should be a simple thing to do - similar to selling ad space - which is something I have always done directly without any 3rd parties getting in the way. The difference being - this is not a time slice - or a salami slice of a web page - but the whole thing. First I'll try to understand who your are and what you're hoping to achieve. And we'll quickly see in a few emails if it really make sense for both sides. If so we'll talk some more and narrow down the options."

here are some anticipated FAQs

Q - What difference will this make to readers?

A - Readers may notice little or no difference in content (apart from occasional notices about this sales process) between now and upto December 25, 2018 as the management will remain in place and the mice will be working hard towards a tidy resolution. After December 25, 2018 - in the interests of trust and transparency there will be prominent signposting on the web site to indicate if there is any changed status of the site.

Q - What does the sale of include?

A - It depends on who's buying it and for what purpose. ACSL intends to be flexible in its response - with deliverables ranging from rights to all content, branding, domain and closely linked domains down to a domain only deal.

Q - What will happen to ACSL after the sale?

A - ACSL will exit the computer guides publishing market.

Q - What if no suitable sale can be agreed?

A - The sales process is part of a transition to retirement plan by the owners of ACSL. If no sale is agreed - then the site will be frozen with its legacy content for a number of years as a record of the storage market from 1998 to 2018.

That's it for now. Any questions of your own? - just ask.

update... - sale agreed

Editor:- November 26, 2018 - ACSL, publisher of, announces it has agreed to sell its publication (web site and content) to Foremay a leading company in the SSD market.

Earlier this year (in June 2018) ACSL announced that Zsolt Kerekes who founded the publishing company in 1991 was planning to retire in December 2018 and that was being offered for sale.

Zsolt Kerekes said - "My time at has been the most interesting in my 40 years in the electronics market and my readers played a big part in speeding up the adoption of SSDs. I'm delighted that my past scribbles about the SSD market might still be regarded as having some lasting value."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The new ownership is expected to close before the end of the year.

storage search banner

"Sorry to hear about StorageSearch...
It was a real institution for the industry.
Thank you for your fantastic contribution
to an industry that is now mature and on its own..."

Zophar Sante, VP of WW Marketing and Sales - BiTMICRO

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To be or not to be?

Mice or mouseless? - that is the question.
If you trawl the archives of Shakespeare's scribblings (even the fake plays and musicals) I'm pretty sure he didn't have anything to say about the role of mice as icons on a data storage web site. Although he did have a lot to say about life, changes, revolutions, dynasties and successions.

So why the question? - mice or mouseless on

I'm retiring.

I will stop updating on December 25, 2018. And I'll freeze the site after that date - pending the formal closing of the sales process.

The web property is for sale - and I'm looking for a new owner.

Mice or mouseless will be one of the branding questions to be determined by the new owner in 2019 - whoever they may be. As part of this plan I have also told advertisers that the web ad model (which has worked so well since 1996) is now EOL. This means the site will be offered for sale without any ties.

PS - if you know a storage company which might want to buy this web site - please tell them to take another look.

PPS - unlike the story - selling Toshiba - and other past SSD company acquisitions - which were big stories I don't expect that the sale of this little web site will get huge coverage in other media. And I'm not going to make a song and dance about it.

But I will keep you posted about significant developments - such as closing date for offers etc on these pages.

And finally - thanks for the generous feedback I've had privately from past contributors and readers via regular email. I'll treasure those.

I also had some comments which you can see shared via linkedin. Here are some extracts:-
  • "I sincerely enjoyed your unique mix of humor and deep thoughts on the past, present and the future of the storage market." - Bartosz Górecki
  • "You and your input will be missed." - Woody Hutsell
  • "Congrats on the move toward retirement! The site has been a value that will be sorely missed and your contributions to it!!" - Scott Shadley

retirement plans
Megabyte was looking at various retirement options
having been the same age as the hard drive market for
some considerable time but looking more youthful than
you might expect thanks to a secret wear leveling formula.
another view of retirement

But he hasn't stopped writing yet. Just when you thought the SSDmouse would fade away quietly he scribbled something about - RATIOs - and the value of comparing one thing you might not understand so well to the size of a more familiar nother. Is "nother" even a real word? Compared to "controllernomics" and "memoryfication" it is - according to the internet (in which we trust).