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Tapasol Limited, founded in 2007 and based in Cork Ireland , provide automated server provisioning solutions. With our solutions based on the Tapasol provisioning engine a client can build a server from bare metal to business ready with a single command and no more than 5 minutes effort. Our solutions integrate the complete software stack into the solution thus ensuring than minimal interaction is required during the installation. The Tapasol provisioning solution also forms the basis for a disaster recovery solution. We support both SPARC & X86/64 architectures and Solaris & Redhat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

editor's comments:- Tapasol's headline theme is - "Building Servers in Hours not Days".

The company is looking for resellers / partners in the USA. Managing Director, Dan Hayes ( lists these advantages of their technology.

  • No need for highly skilled engineers to do the installations.
  • Reduces the install time by upto 85%.
  • Reduces the operator interaction time by upto 98%.
  • Installation is from a single piece of media, DVD or from another server.
  • Same instruction and operator interaction for every server installation.
  • Installation image can be electronically transferred around the world.
  • Solution provides the basis of a disaster recovery solution.
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downloaded data from his crystal ball
directly into Microsoft Excel.
Z's Laws - Predicting Future Flash SSD Performance
A few months ago a reader asked me a very good question.

"Is there an industry roadmap for future flash SSD performance?"

That prompted other questions like...
  • How fast are flash SSDs going to be in 2009?, 2010? or 2012?
  • What are the technology factors which relate to flash SSD throughput and IOPS?
  • How close will flash SSDs get to RAM SSD performance?
There wasn't a simple answer I could give at the time. Clues lay scattered all across this web site and in my many one on one discussions with readers about the market...
But I agreed there should be a single place on the web where these answers could be found.

Forget Moore's Law. That gives you the wrong answer, and this article explains why. the article

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